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First Dates: Top 10 BEST love stories ever!

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After a brief appearance in BBC Two's 'Gogglebox for food' The Kitcheninterests were piqued by the cooking skills of the hunky northerner.

Channel 4 At the time they could be found texting their respective dates and tucking into various large chunks of meat and two veg, or on occasion, beef fajitas. Sometimes they even drank protein shakes after apparently spending a good decade a day in the gym. But mostly they seem to spend their time in the gym and wearing t-shirts that may or may not have been bought in Baby Gap, making them very popular on the Twitterverse. Instagram But even before then, back inbefore reality shows went too mad, Channel 4 dropped a boatload of young people on an island and left them to fend for themselves with a camera crew to document it all. Sunday mornings wouldn't be the same without Steve Jones and Miquita Oliver introducing the latest episode of sun, sea and slight starvation on Shipwrecked: Who were your gay role models?

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There were very few gay people in the public eye tuen I was at school and growing up. Who was the person you were most worried to tell? So who was the first person you told? Girl friends from work when I was about It took me a while after that to fully come out to friends and family. What were the reactions? Did you throw yourself into the scene? I moved to London when I was 23, off the back of doing another Channel 4 show Shipwrecked.

Adam and Dan Clyde revealed to his slave that he did out as gay after forced a stroke at 22… and swollen for a man nurse. Clarity sales manager and ex-Shipwrecked terminal Xanthi, 29, was asked continuously when the reigning Mr Dunfermline tells him he 'doesn't or gay actual' and has slept with the direction sex. In most sites they will do if I like them.

I like the gay scene and often go out in Clapham which is where I live. Be still our beating hearts! Sian and Nick Nick was the ultimate gentleman when it came to love, admitting that he was obsessed with romantic movies. But, thankfully, his Essex accent and charming personality played in his favour… Check it out: Could they be any more adorable? Nick told us here at Closer magazine: It's going brilliantly now. Loved-up couple Scott and Victoria met on First Dates in - and there was a definite spark between them.

Just three months later, they were invited back to appear on the Christmas special… and Scott decided that it was time to pop the question. Check out the iconic First Dates proposal now: Cold he have BEEN any more nervous?! Thankfully, she said yes - and the cute couple have already upgraded that Haribo ring for one with a proper diamond. An updated from the First Dates team revealed that the wedding date has already been planned, and they will be tying the knot next Autumn.

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