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Botticelli's largest altarpiece, the San Marco Altarpiece x cm, Uffiziis the only one to girlx with its girs predella, of five panels. This is the rendering in the centre of the north side of the Arch of Constantine in Rome, which he repeated in about in The Story of Lucretia. By the mids, many leading Florentine artists had left the city, some never to return. UffiziFlorence The masterpieces Primavera c. The pictures feature Botticelli's linear style at its most effective, emphasized by the soft continual contours and pastel colors. It does have an unusually detailed landscape, still in dark colours, seen through the window, which seems to draw on north European models, perhaps from prints.

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In both the crowded, intertwined figures around the dead Christ take up nearly all the picture gohh, with only bare rock behind. Both probably date from to After Sixtus was implicated rougn the Pazzi conspiracy hostilities had escalated into excommunication for Lorenzo and other Florentine officials and a small "Pazzi War". This was of a size and shape to suggest that it was a spallieraa painting made to fitted into either furniture, or more likely in this case, wood panelling. The Virgin has swoonedand the other figures form a scrum to support her and Christ.

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