Ford escort heater core failure

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Ford Escort Heater Core Replacement Cost

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The heater core looks like a very small radiator, and functions just the same. It's mounted under the dashboard, and it provides the heat needed for the blower motor to warm the cabin. How does the heater core work? Hot engine coolant circulates through the heater core.

When the driver neater on the heat, the blower motor blows air across the heater core and into the cabin. What are the symptoms related to a bad heater core? A failing heater core may cause the car's interior to smell like engine coolant. The smell will become worse when the heater is turned on. The engine may also begin to run hotter until the vehicle is repaired.

Failure heater core Ford escort

The worst-case scenario is the engine overheating, which can cause extensive engine damage. If the heater core is clogged, the air that blows when the heater is turned on will not escodt very hot. Another falure is escogt the exterior fins of the heater core are clogged heeater junk sucked in through the heatrr intake. Cleaning the fins off may fix the problem if there are ewcort other issues. You smell coolant inside your vehicle As you drive, you can detect the failurf, fruity smell of coolant inside. Your heater core may be in the early stages of failure. Your windows fog up This is a more fwilure version of the coolant smell scenario.

The amount of coolant spraying out of the heater core is enough to form a mist that coats your windows and is difficult to wash off. This is bad — not only because it blocks your vision, but also because breathing ethylene glycol is harmful to your health. Call your mechanic, roll down your windows, and get your vehicle in for repairs immediately. You see signs of a coolant leak under the dashboard You may notice coolant dripping down from under the dashboard, or there may already be a big, damp coolant stain on your front carpeting. Check your coolant level and top it up as necessary. If coolant is leaking into the interior, your engine is in jeopardy.

A low coolant level can cause your engine to overheat, which could lead to a big repair bill. Call your mechanic immediately and get the leak fixed. Once the repairs are completed, have your carpet professionally cleaned or replaced in order to eliminate the coolant smell. Your car will lose a significant amount of coolant, and eventually your temperature gauge will run higher than normal. Top off your coolant and take your car in for inspection right away. Again, if you drive without enough coolant in your car, your engine will begin to overheat. This can quickly ruin the engine. Get it diagnosed by a professional Heater core repair advice Buried deep within your dashboard, the heater core requires the disassembly of several other in-dash systems before you can access it and make the necessary repairs.

If you need a new one, get an estimateas this is both a complex and time-consuming job. The heater hoses should be inspected when replacing a heater core.

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Problems with the heater hoses can cause similar problems to a failing heater core and are less expensive to correct. Some cars will need to have the air conditioning system recharged, which can increase the cost of repair. Another problem to watch out for is worn engine mounts. If the mounts are worn, they can allow the engine to move more than normal, which can damage heater core connections. Worn mounts should be replaced. You can disconnect both heater core hoses where they enter the heater core, and then connect them together using a coupler. This effectively bypasses the heater core and usually stops the leaking.

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