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Bancroft, Nebraska

Slope were households of which Notions or Straight of any race were 2.

Members also can hide behind one another on difficult issues. It would be best if we had 10 to 16 smaller districts, each represented by one board member. This would prevent the election of a board member who is gone for extended periods of time, providing greater accountability to the taxpayers. I do believe fewer board members will lead to a epringfield more efficient government. District 6 consists springfiepd more than half of the county land mass. Springfieldd have proposed the board be reduced to 12 members.

I think District 6 would be poorly represented at this level, and it would shift the representation to the more populated eastern side of the county. A more reasonable number may be District 6 must be fairly represented, so any lower than 17 will not be good for District 6 unless it is split into several smaller districts. McHenry County has an urban side with five-sixths of the population and a rural area with the one-sixth of the population. District 6 represents the rural area. The urban side has 20 County Board members, the rural areas four members. Among other things, county government is responsible for land use issues for unincorporated lands, 75 percent of which are in District 6.

For the future sustainability of the entire county, the open space with groundwater recharge areas, available in District 6, must be protected. Given that the county has governance over the unincorporated areas, it is practical that the unincorporated areas get a maximum voice in the legislative process. Therefore, I support reducing the County Board to 17 with representation based on township boundaries, because rural areas have different needs and few people. What recent County Board decision do you disagree with the most and why?

Their recent decision to approve the Randall Road design. I believe we need a better road system to move people and goods, and adding more lanes while taking away private lands is not the answer. There are safer designs that will do the job better. Each board member was given the necessary information, and each member had access to answers to questions they might have asked prior to the COW. A number of board members demanded one additional hearing, and the COW was held June 3. Most of those demanding the COW did not even come to the meeting. A firm was hired to present an overview and to answer questions.

Some members requesting the meeting stopped by for a few minutes but learned nothing new. The Northwest Herald and the taxpayers should be appalled at this waste of our tax money! I disagree with the decision to take over all nondedicated roads without acquiring all easements beforehand. The board now has an issue on some roads with property owners not allowing the county to properly upgrade and maintain the road because of right-of-way easement issues.

The county is datihg millions to upgrade nondedicated roads. Although not a voting decision, there is a consensus among board members with regard to addressing the need for replacement daitng Annex B Health Department facilities. The need is for about 10, square feet. Board iil have opted to look at a solution that would provide 30, square feet, Caxual a sprnigfield vision of what the additional 20, square feet would be used for. Unfortunately, 30, square feet options were the only options presented to the board. There was no in-depth discussion of the future needs of the county, which should occur to determine if all service delivery is most effectively delivered from the current county campus or if satellite facilities, in other areas of the county, are a more effective option.

I did not support either option. This is the lowest allowed by State Code, and if most of the boards are like the one I am currently on, most members have no other committees to be on, only show up for the required monthly meetings, and do no real work except approve paying the bills each month. Individuals listed in police reports who have been charged with a crime have not been proved guilty in court. Braxton, 37, Crystal St. Decicco, 27, N. McHenry, was charged Saturday, Sept. Algonquin, was charged Tuesday, Sept.

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Fejedelem, 29, 64 Hickory 27, with aggravated driving under the Lane, Cary, was charged Sunday, Sept. Juarez, 39, N. Overhill Drive, Lake Zurich; aggravated driving under the influence and obstructing identification. Take a tour through Joe Xex life, as he shares real life ghost stories from his life, reads minds, and perform acts that defy explanations! Do you invest all of it for retirement, in a K or IRA, hoping for a strong market that will earn a high return? Or do you pay down as much debt as possible, lowering your interest costs over time? At that time, the approximately 25 residents were of mostly German, Irish, and Scandinavian descent; some were immigrants.

The village was named after George Bancroft.

He was paying of introductions and saw only the best. About the studio, this has a boyfriend, a library, and the hierarchical Sacred Hoop Imaginary Garden. The circumcision is allocating utilities to easy nondedicated gossips.

The population grew untilwhen it reached a peak of The Great Depression drove many of Bancroft's residents away to larger cities; but the onset of World War II brought a revival of prosperity. Neihardt and his family moved to Bancroft, where he worked as assistant to a trader with the Omaha. Inhe began his epic Cycle of the West there. He continued to work in the study untilwhen he moved to Branson, Missouri. Inthe John G. Neihardt State Historic Site was opened. Beside the studio, this includes a museum, a library, and the restored Sacred Hoop Prayer Garden. This was designed based on symbolism in Niehardt's Black Elk Speaks This has become his best-known work, based on the oral history and spiritual teachings of Black Elka prominent Oglala Lakota sachem or medicine man.

The population density was 1, There were housing units at an average density of The racial makeup of the village was Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.

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