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Save the Children headquarters attacked in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

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Inhe founded the Durrani Empire Afghan Empire after re-conquering the area.

The Afghan army has long used the city while going back and forth during their military campaigns into the Indian subcontinent. Induring the Second Anglo-Afghan Warthe British again invaded and set up camps in Jalalabad but withdrew jzlal years later. Seraj-ul-Emarat, the residence of Amir Habibullah and King Amanullah was destroyed in when Habibullah Kalakani rose to power; the other sanctuaries however, retain vestiges of the past. The mausoleum of both rulers is enclosed by a garden facing Seraj-ul-Emart. The Sulemankhilsa Pashtun family famous for their scientific research, is from Jalalabad. Other celebrated Pashtun families originate from the villages near Jalalabad too.

From to early s, the city served as a strategic location for the Soviet -backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

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In springtwo Mujahideen rebel factions lookingg by Pakistan and the U. However government forces managed to drive them out within two months, which was a major setback to the resistance fighters and the ISI. Al-Qaeda had been building terrorist training camps in Jalalabad. The city returned to Afghan government control under Hamid Karzai. The economy of Jalalabad gradually increased in the last decade. Many of the city's population began joining the Afghan National Security Forces. The husband changed on his return to Pakistan and began mistreating her.

He left home for days on end, he always took his mother's side in her quarrels with the daughter-in-law, he humiliated her in front of the family. The girl had a miscarriage and that was the end.

Looking in abad Married but jalal

The husband left her for good. The girl cannot earn her own daily lookin or even return to her jalap country. Our family approached the embassy but it didn't help. Formally, they are married and she needs his consent to go back to Kyrgyzstan. Besides, she is a citizen of Pakistan now These days, however, some foolish girls give in to the dreams of a better life and prosperity and forsake their Motherland.

Marrying Foreigners" ascribe international marriages to the foreigners' conceived well-being. Adyl uulu Bakyt of Kel-Kel said, "Had the love of the Motherland prevailed over greed, our girls would not have been marrying foreigners. Kyrgyz girls themselves maintain in the meantime that they marry foreigners because of the shortage of their fellow countrymen women do outnumber men in Kyrgyzstan indeed, and very many Kyrgyz men are working abroad.

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