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That was a big shift for me. Pistols in Petticoats - Stem Ciders - Denver - 7 p. Collins - 9 p.

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Agave - Avon 10 p. Theron Roberson - Side Tracked - Berthoud - 8 p. Music of Oysterhead ft. Bonfire Dub - Alchemy of Movement - Boulder - 7 p.

Brothers Keeper - Sinble Bar - Vail - 9: Buckstein - Grizzly Rose - Denver - 7 p. Tatanka - Black Sheep - Colorado Springs - 7 p. Dua Lipa - Ogden Theatre - Denver - 8 p. Triple Nickel - Grizzly Rose - Denver - 7 p. Witherward - Pearl Street Pub - Boulder - 9 p.

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Ben Hammond - Rayback Collective - Boulder - 6 magazie. Scott Rednor and Rob Eaton Jr. This has been a new experience for me but has all been incredibly rewarding. Dechen Hawk - Bitto Bistro - Westminster - 6 p.

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