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Greenlandic Tapas While sitting and enjoying the view, you can get LLooking round of Greenlandic tapas. It includes fresh snow crabs that you must breach to get the meat out. On the plate, there is also freshly caught caribou meet, with herb mayo on the side. If you want to get something warmer, you can ask the staff about the soup of the day, such as a delicious potato soup or a gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan soup. Greenlandic kayak beer If you are in a festive mood, enjoy a good cocktail with your food. You can choose a fresh cocktail with vodka, rhubarb and strawberries or with rum, hyben and sea-buckthorn.

foor If you prefer beer, you can turn off nuk thirst with sinble Greenlandic beer Dunkel from the Greenlandic brewery Qajaq Beer, which supplies beer to all of Greenland. Toqqorfik also has a large selection of hot drinks. It includes a good cup of coffee, made with homemade beans. If you are more for tea, you can buy tea with Greenland Post, thyme and blackberry, all from the Greenlandic nature. Cakes and views Singke you want hott sweet with your hot drink, Toqqorfik has a large selection of different cakes, like a Faroese apple cake, a cake with meringue, whipped cream, apples and caramel.

You can also get a lukewarm chocolate cake that can send you in the seventh heaven. The range of cakes varies from day to day, but you can be sure of one thing: In many ways, Toqqorfik is a perfect cafe, with a large selection of coffee, cake and food. It is a very shame that in Asia, we often ignore the largest island in the world. Yeap, I know how it could be happened. Most of pictures included colourful houses with icebergs background. Right after that, I just really wanted to see them in person. Life is short, I like to enjoy it while I can.

I'm from Ukrainian, Look forward to meet you. I offer an opportuni. Holiday packages including flights to and from Greenland are subject to the Airlines general cancelations policies. You can book and cancel day tours up to 24 hours before departure.

Shotgun and shower is worth. Add multiple times to your chair or book a period in a coupon code. Some tours are limited and went on planet right.

Information on Travel in Xingle Everything you need to plan your trip Guide to Greenland showcases articles and blogs with detailed ht information relevant to Greenland, provided by locals, travelers, and travel writers. Guide to Greenland aims to give you the best local hints, tips, and insider knowledge before you decide where and when to live out your Greenland adventure. It may have been snowing and -5 outdoors, but I felt cocooned from all the elements outside. My review score would have just been just shy of nine or even exceeded this, but was subdued because of the cost. Gary, United Kingdom Can reach by bus No 3.

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Bathroom and shower is clean. Breakfast starts early around 5: Wifi only costs 10Dkk for the whole staywhich is super cheap in Greenland!! Oht taxi reservation, wake up call and an early breakfast 05h15 all were meticulously organised. Private Boat Charter available on the weekends for cruises and boat tours. Fishing, sight seeing and weekend tours. Offers cruises, boat trips and fishing trips to the surrounding fjord areas. Different prices also charged based on destination. Also offers kayak rentals, and sales. Offers ice tours of varying length 4 hours to full day. Most boats travel up the fjord and near Nuuk.

National Tourism organization for Ssingle. Climbing and rappelling tour operator in Greenland. Offers experience guides to take tourists on hiking trips some tours are several days in length to climbing and mountaineering spots near Nuuk.

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