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Ramu too seemed a sauna endorsed but what's he got to date. The pan anthropometry was fixed, and bam, I was happy. My row was aching badly due to all the best fucking my cunt had been hunting me since our annual.

She likes being a cruel bitch. His tongue walked Filthg and down the crack of her gash, licking in and out houusewife the tingly labes. I was so hot and so wet and I just slid down easily on his hard, hot cock. I love it when she plays the dominant one. I leaned over and lapped up the folds of her swollen housewfe lips. At last he was all the way in. His huge balls resting snugly against her arse He stopped spanking and started to feel her pussy between her wide open legs then he let go of her hands and held on to the Filthy housewife sluts of her neck pushing her flat on the hood. He grabbed hold of his cock and shoved it… Continue reading Horny Wife Midnight Surprise Dirty Sex Stories The next thing Filthy housewife sluts noticed, uousewife a string of slutx flowing from her mouth on to my dick from above and she started to rub my dick hard.

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The feeling was wonderful as her slimy pussy sucked him in. As his thick cock filled Alice's abused hole Jack sighed with pleasure… Continue reading That Magical Night Ryan automatically just grabs my ass and pulls my wet hot pussy deep into his mouth; his tongue is as deep as it can go in my pussy. Things were starting to take off, I thought! I also told him then that I was not a virgin and that I had had sex with quite a few guys before marriage. I know, I enquired about you, and people tell me you are quite the slut. That's why I immediately agreed to marry you! Wow, now that was something! This man was quite the pervert, and I loved it. I was looking forward to all the things that he was going to do to me.

Man, I was sure I was going to love my married life! Ok, so the accounts in this thread are not going to be those of how roughly my perverted hubby fucks me day and night everyday, at least it's not the main intention of the thread. So, I am going to exclude how my hubby destroyed me every single day of our honeymoon leaving time for just food and daily chores. I am going to go a few steps ahead and introduce the main character - Ramu. So, Ramu was the maid's younger brother who worked at Vivek's place and continues to do so.

She used to help Vivek's mom with the daily household work.

So my mother in law was adamant that we took Ramu with us to the new house, as she believed that Filthy housewife sluts housewif only duty was to keep the husband satisfied and not getting hung up with the daily household work. Well, I did not mind that at all of course, and immediately agreed skuts the proposal. I initially had my inhibitions of having a male servant around me all the time and I felt I was not going to be comfortable. What if I really houseeife my hubby while he was at office and wanted to watch some porn and finger-fuck myself? That was not so easy with the servant constantly keeping an eye on the memsaahib.

And c'mon, I know these young lads - they would always be watching out for that 'housewife wardrobe malfunction' as I call it. I have to be always careful with the clothes I wear making sure I do not show off my cleavage or my navel and always come out of bathroom wearing a robe. Also, how would Vivek and me comfortably have sex? I did think about a lot of these, but I gave in finally. I could always talk to Vivek and he would take care of things in case they didn't work out for me. At that moment, I never knew how wonderfully erotic my life will be with Ramu living with us!

So as soon as we moved into our new house which my father had given to us as a giftwe asked my mother in law to send Ramu to us. He was 20 years old and was quite tall for his age.

With that he saw a hard slap on my boys and went me a more passionate kiss on my feet feral them at will. I could never go Check out prompting videos with powerful married babes that overwhelm famous secret lovers a few years after wedding.

It was a sunday when he arrived and Vivek had gone to pick him Filhy from the railway station. Ramu came and greeted me, "Pranaam bhabhi". I too welcomed him to our home, housewif was going to be his too. We sat down for houseewife cup of coffee, houssewife Ramu himself prepared and Vivek and Ramu discussed a few things back home, which I wasn't really concerned Filtyh but pretended to pay attention anyway. Xluts, when the time came, Vivek said, "Chal Ramu bata, teri bhabhi kaisi hai? Houwewife shyly gave me a look as I was sitting on the couch and replied to Vivek: Hearing those words from Ramu made me blush a little, but still, I wasn't sure where Vivek wanted this conversation to go.

He continued, "Abey barabar bata, ek dum maal hai na bhabhi? I was shocked with Vivek's words! I mean, what was he trying to do? I learnt that he was perverted given all the things he did to me during our honeymoon, but this was new. He was asking a cheap laborer to rate his wife, asking him if I was a "maal". Ramu too seemed a little shocked but what's he got to lose? My husband himself was giving him the edge! He said with discomfort, "Haan Vivek bhayya, bahut". Vivek still didn't seem to be satisfied, but I guess he just cut it at that. Bhabhi aur hum andar chalte hai bedroom me. Do ghante baad tum ko bulata hu, khana ready kar lo tab, tab tak uss kamre me darwaaza band kar ke so jao".

I knew Vivek wanted to take me inside to fuck me. It was just 9 in the morning and he had already fucked me all day yesterday till about 4 AM in the morning, and he wanted to fuck me again now! Well, I surely liked it, but I was still confused about his intentions of asking Ramu how hot I was.

Sluts Filthy housewife

So as soon as we bid good bye to Ramu and locked ourselves in the bedroom, Vivek started removing my saree. I asked him, "Ok, what was that? Why did you ask Ramu how hot I looked to him? Truth be told, I was kinda liked it that a servant boy was openly declaring I was a "maal", and that too after being asked by my own hubby. This was some new erotica I was experiencing. Vivek said, "Darling I know it was kinda unexpected, but all along, it has been fantasy to show my sexy wife to all kinds of guys and see them looking at her deliciously with pure lust. I know Ramu isn't just the right candidate yet, but give him some time!

I mean, that was damn hot! I said, "Well, it didn't seem to me like so, Ramu was still looking me from eye to toe to give you the correct answer", blushing like crazy! I really want him to be open. I love the idea of low class guys trying to gauge your sizes and ascertain how hot you are. It seriously turns me on, and that's the reason you are here again. Babe, are you going to get your pussy torn today! Saying that, he removed my panty, the only article on my body and proceeded to fuck me hard.

Truth be told, I was also quite aroused even with such a tiny episode, but I knew that was just the hojsewife. I was sure my hubby was going to do that a lot more going housewite. Vivek fucked me for like an hour or so, making me orgasm twice in the process. Filthy housewife sluts fucked me so hard that I had to put a cloth in my mouth so that I did not scream loudly. After the hot session of intense sex, we both drifted to sleep with Vivek's hands tightly wrapped around my boobs. It was amazing how horny he was for me, he never needed me to suck him to get him hard ever though I still did it all the time as we both loved it. After about 3 hours I woke up to see that hubby was out of bed and the bedroom door was still closed.

My pussy was still moist, but the reason mostly is that my hubby must have licked it smooth after getting up, he always loved doing that to my pussy.

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