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The Greek Islands: Sexy, Sultry and a Must-See

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I need a place where I can get exactly what I want, and in as little time as possible. I have found that with Xpress! Chania's Venetian port and Turkish past make a trip to this region a cultural experience. Rethymno is a city of Minoan antiquity where the 16th century architecture remains intact. Sights to see include Fortezza castle and Naratze mosque. Heraklion, the largest city of Crete and 4th largest in Greece, is a shipping port whose old harbor and various beaches are not only beautiful, but provide easy access to the other Greek islands.

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locale This tour starts in the traditional village of Emporio and goes through other villages where you'll enjoy xaldera food and wine. Introduction to Sea Kayaking - It's no secret locaps Dave and I love sea kayaking, if you want to try it Santorini loocals the pocals. You'll start in a secluded area and explore the south of the island where you'll also be treated to a picnic lunch. Infinity pools Oia Infinity Pools with a view in Oia Santorini When walking through the streets locaals Oia, you'll see infinity pools dot the cliffside from luxury suites. It's worth splurging for an evening or two to stay at one of these suites.

They are truly a slice of heaven. We stayed at the incredible Andronis Luxury Suites and their views were second to none. It was an outstanding hotel right in the heart of Oia, but it had a quiet and peaceful feeling that you were away from all the hustle and bustle. We've had a lot of people in social media ask us about this pool. To check out rates for the Andronis Luxury Suites here. Skies over the Caldera If you really have your heart set on a sunset over the caldera, which you should take that shot from Imervogili. There are no crowds and it is just as beautiful if not more than from the church.

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Kinidaros is famous for its bakery the best on the island, the oven fired by wood and musicians; Chalki has the excellent artisanal jam shop Era; locals come to the cobble-stoned streets of Apeiranthos to eat the crepes at Samardako; Keramoti sits in a valley, seemingly cut off from civilization, but it's also the base for hikes to Routsouna waterfall. Since most tourists don't venture inland, the villages haven't succumbed to money-grabbing gimmicks.

Xaldera away from the coast, Naxian Collection has good views of Chora, a handful of typical Cycladic white cubist villas with private pools, an on-site organic garden with fresh strawberries and breakfasts large enough to keep you going all day. The likeable owner Ioannis Margaritis was born and raised on the island, so he knows everything about, and everyone on, Naxos -- literally. If you're lucky, he'll take you to a barbecue at his friend's house ln one of the villages. Paros The constant wind on Paros is evident as the ferry approaches the island -- you can see giant turbine fans steadily cartwheeling on the north coast.

While Paros might be as cosmopolitan at Mykonos without the Louis Vuitton and Diesel stores and pretty enough to attract Hollywood royalty Tom Hanks purchased a house in the neighborhood, on sister island Andiparosthe real draw here is the force of nature. During the summer, the Meltemi winds blaze down through the Aegean, supplying welcome breezes for beachgoers, but also creating conditions ripe for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The winds peak in intensity during July and August; the five-mile channel that divides Paros from its neighbor Naxos funnels the Meltemi to glorious effect. For newbies, mornings are the best time to learn, when the wind is steady but tame.

By early afternoon, when the gusts pick up and continue till dusk, pro boarders and windsurfers skim and bounce along the water.

Visitors kocals time their visit around the island's most important festivity, on August 15, celebrating the Virgin Mary's ascension to heaven and culminating in a giant fireworks display mounted on boats in the bay of the port town Parikia. Poseidon of Paros mixes whitewashed Cycladic architecture with flagstone walls, and is strategically poised lcals Golden and New Golden beaches you'll see windsurfers shredding the water during afternoon drinks. The place also does a steady business with weddings. The vanishing fishermen of Greece's Paros island Best beaches: Milos Every islander has their favorite beach, but none of the Cyclades promises the number and diversity of beaches as volcanic Milos.

Some have white sand, some black, some are rocky, others offer the satisfying sensation of crushed shells underfoot, with water ranging from emerald to aquamarine to cobalt blue. With a heavily indented coastline on a map Milos resembles a mutated crab and pretty little coves at every turn, Milos has about 80 fine beaches, many only accessible by boat.

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