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Her collection began years ago when her mother gave her one as a birthday present. While it has been pursuing the Memorial Fund, the bottom has dropped out of its market. What were once deemed collectables are now viewed as mere dustables. It was eBay that did it. Even that was not enough to stem the flow. Bonhams, when asked about Franklin Mint items coming up for sale, gave a dusty brush-off. And has the bottom fallen out of the collectibles market?

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She isn't the only one. Costume jewellery and 20th- century glass are also both doing well. Now that sites such as eBay are making punters aware of feey market value of items that once may have seemed to be canny investments, would-be collectors are no longer so easily excited by limited editions which may stretch to tens of thousands. No longer are breakfast tables kept entertained by colour supplement readers reciting the purple prose used to sell the Franklin Mint limited editions "Come There is plenty of evidence to correlate a taste for ornament with low intelligence and even criminality.

But no DDiana from the Franklin Mint has yet made it into one of the guides. Mark Hill, feeh, with Miller, of the DK Collectables Guide forsays that cigarette paraphernalia is booming, due to scarcity: They also have Teleflora, a flower delivery service, to sustain them, and a large fruit and nut business. Viz captured the spirit of those promotions brilliantly in a late Nineties parody supposedly marketing a porcelain model of a decrepit council house.

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