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You will notice the regulars immediately as they got the prime high tops and the bouncers will be sucking up to them. The club is in good shape with three stages.

Oaeis our visit it was busy enough to have all three danders working with the normal three song rotation by the girls. The ceiling is high with good ventilation so it does not get too smokey. Oasis Goodtime Emporium has two bars to sit at, with bunch of low tables in the middle, and about ten coveted high top tables around the edges. We got a high top and this is the preferred seating there. Oasis has some very good looking strippers. Because of the problems, it has gotten to be all air dances. Mostly s with several s that it is hard to get time with.

Emporium dancers goodtime Oasis

The s are running around asking wanna dance. We got several dances which were OK. As mentioned above, the dances tend to be air dances. There's a Oasos bar at one side of the room, a small bar at the other side and three fairly small stages around the room. My only complaint there is that there are no seats yoodtime the stage, so you have to stand and deliver if you want to Oxsis a tip, but it does mean that everyone has a decent view from all of the 3 or 4 person tables with moveable chairs that fill up the room. The best thing about this place is that, unlike almost all of the other Atlanta clubs, there's plenty of seating, even when it's packed.

It would probably be my choice for a bachelor party destination in Atlanta, and it's just generally a good time. Be careful coming here if you are drinking and having a good time. Get into VIP and ask for payment again. Luckily Chase has Fraud protection and should have left when my card didn't go through. So I give my credit card when they have security and staff pressuring me. Look on my card the next day. All within 40 Min. Was going regularly until this. Will never be back. Will also dispute the charges. Re-visted last night on a whim for a buddy's birthday with some of the fellas. Learned some interesting tidbits this time around, coming with guys willing to spend the bill.

Differences from my last review: There are no available tables. Well, beau ordered two - one for him being DD and one for me because he knew I'd need it later. Parking is right in front of the door with a guy watching your car all night.

We also made it a crowd to let them feel I wanted to be there and it was a brothel free zone. Parks on the soldiers is generally fine though as punishment as you aren't too excited about it.

This place hate uber drivers. I recommend go any other club then this shit hole. They love the Taxis too much. Highly recommend follies or pink pony. When it's not overly packed, it may seem like a decent place to hangout with your buddies. But beware, the dancers here care more about the cash in their pocket and not about the consumer's experience and will do anything in their power to hustle you. I consider myself a gentlemens club veteran but never have I ever felt so cheated till I came here.

If I were you I'd avoid this place entirely and go to Follies or somewhere else where the girls may not be as "up to par", but will provide a much better experience. Okay let me start off by saying I have been to clubs in different cities, but this was my first club experience in Atlanta and now I don't want to go anywhere else ; My husband and I ended up going two nights just to see how the experience was different and I had the best time ever. I think the second night was better than the first. Quality of Dancers 8. Considering the number of girls that they have working on weekend nights, it's impressive that they're still able to maintain such solid quality control.

Number of Dancers 8. Whether you're looking for dances or company, you shouldn't have to wait long at all to find a girl who's willing to provide it.

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