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Larry Flynt's Hustler Club

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FLOG, the fourteen year strong monthly play party, took an indefinite hiatus and later resurfaced as a non-play, social event.

Much of the drama centered on state and local laws governing clb permits, zoning, liquor, and public indecency in Missouri. Taboo is the second Thursday of each month. Taboo was brought to St. What exactly is Taboo? How did it come about and how did The Hustler Club get involved?.

We had a theme night and drink specials for every night of the week except Thursdays. So, I suggested we try a fetish night, allowing anyone wearing fetish attire a discounted admission, and we could have feature performances on stage, and special guest vendors in our boutique. The owner of the Club told me to write up a proposal and eleven pages letter, Taboo was born. Because of this, Flynt exponentially increased the bar's sales. By the end ofFlynt was able to buy a second bar, and, the following year, a third. Both were similar in approach and customer base to Hillbilly Haven.

St mo louis club Hustlers

Flynt opened a fourth bar named Whatever's Right. He purposely made this bar different from his earlier ventures. He sought to make this loyis a "more elegant atmosphere" and geared it more to affluent and upscale male patrons. Dancers would perform one set on the main stage, and then rotate to the island stage for a second set of songs. Stage contact was very good. A few singles would get you a Stevie or a feel of the boobies. Typical of the Hustler Club chain, there was blue light shopping throughout the night.

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There are three different options for private dances: I only got couch dances during my visit. I did four dances with a girl named Skyler from the Bluegrass State. She had pale skin and light brown hair.

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