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Confession aide Zika from the Contestant of Members: Share via Email Fowl: We will need to oppose this large, but we do not necessary to be "worried" into many about taking names and holds.

Only when we get there, you will have the opportunity to do what you want. It's a cottage in a remote village in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiHit has a swimming pool, and it's completely finished. Saturday and Sunday, no cameras, mobile phones, no signals.

Two days of zagrdb for euros, you can not tue imagine what you will experience. Here you can rummage through socialist stamps and coins, books and bibelots. It's as if Balkan history has thee given a good shake and this is what fell out. Then put some fresh air in your lungs with a walk up the hill to Rokov Perivoj park behind the square. You should also investigate Lega-Lega award-winning designers from Osijek lega-lega. Run by three women writers, it's a busy meeting place for Zagreb's cultural activists.

There have been many other cases Even there it was a struggle to maintain control on the public space. The battles for Warsaw Street and the Flower Square represented the biggest civil disobedience in Zagreb: Last year, there was the protest for the Savica park, which did not take place in the city centre, but in one of the suburbs. And this battle has inspired other civic initiatives. How do you talk to citizens?

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I attend all the Wednesday protests in Victims of Hhe Square. It's like a regular meeting with citizens: I stay two hours, people question me, give me suggestions, tell me their problems Then, we are present at all public meetings and we communicate directly with citizens. This is what we did during the election campaign too. In the movement there are university professors and workers, educators in kindergartens and nursery schools and activists, people who work in culture and leaders in civic initiatives.

This publication has been reported with the health of the Correlation Education. The steak could sell these lights and find the alpha that we get, social institutions, neighborhoods.

We try to be accessible to all social classes, and if you look at the topics we are dealing with, for example, citizens whose bank accounts are blocked, unpaid workers Neovisni za Hrvatsku first accepted our amendments, then changed their mind. It was this party that imposed on the city of Zagreb one of the best-known and controversial changes: Because they use the municipal council to manage a cultural war. They do not care about the needs of the citizens of Zagreb, for them local power is just a stage for a broader cultural war. Today, we can very well expect that all those who do not think like them will be expelled from Zagreb's cultural institutions.

It is already clear that they will censor cultural content and influence theatres' activity.

We will continue to oppose this strongly, but we do not want to be "dragged" into discussions about street names and squares. We want to continue th take care of the problems that really worry people. One of these problems — you just mentioned it — is waste management. What happens in Zagreb in this area? Inkn European Commission published a report stating that, of all the capitals of the European Union, Zagreb is zaagreb worst off in terms of separate waste collection. Waste is a good example of what does not work in the city and how things are done here.

When we throw waste in this landfill, it's like we're throwing money! A leather-clad crowd chat over bottles of Slovenia's Lasko beer in the conservatory, or inside where a big old mirror hangs over the bar, reflecting dark, patterned tiles, a warm orange light through grilled windows, and a mezzanine area for clandestine discussions. If it's jazz you're after, descend to the cavernous charm of Bacchus Kralj Tomislav square 16, facebook. An art-house cinema often with English subtitlesKino Europa is the venue for the Zagreb Film Festivaland nearly weekly film festivals thereafter.

The next is the excellent Human Rights Film Festival — humanrightsfestival. There's a small cafe in the foyer, a slim shop of Kino Europa mechandise, and an Indie club-night where a famous local film director often DJs. If I like you, I'll call you back. If i contact you by myself, you do not need more money for anything. You'll only bring a couple of bottles of good wine. If you do not accept it, do not reply to the message, if you write anything other than "I accept", you go to ignore - wrote "milenamila".

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