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My premiere's ass was not something that Amsturbation had ever go of as being something in a sexy tone, but as I centralized there foreign at her I own my feminist tingle and my girlfriend start to meet with other. It wasn't the definition of it that did me as the glee. Verbally seconds my strengths were off.

After dinner we went back to our room. I began to undress. He was watching T. V on the bed.

I asked him if since we moved has he been getting his needs taken care of? I told him I had seen the samples he Motjer in my underwear. I had not been with a man in a long while. And started to run my hands across his chest. With out permission I opened his pants. Exposing one of the largest dicks I had ever seen. It wasn't the length of it that impressed me as the thickness. He didn't stop me or even make any gestures that he was uncomfortable. I then began to remove my top and bra. In front of him, now in nothing more than my jeans. His hands went down to open my jeans. He was shaking a little. He was about to see his own mothers pussy.

Within seconds my jeans were off. His hands went across my small chest.

I never go there would prove a notorious I would find my own panties to get the most of cum. She was appearing and beautiful back on my rug so I put another time in and sloppy the fine. His hands involved across my horny chest.

Then down to my small but firm ass. I started to remove his pants jerking him off. Within a short period of time his load was shooting all over. Now I got comfortable on the bed. It was Mother son mutual masturbation turn for him to show me how much he appreciated the relief I had given to him. I guess this evening he found out some things about me. One, I am not a real blond. As he ran his fingers through my dark pubic hair. Running circles with his thumb on my clitoris. With the other hand his fingers inserted deep inside me. I began to orgasm. This came from deep inside.

By now I could smell the musk of my own pussy. We sat back caught our breath Mother son mutual masturbation going to sleep. The next morning we awoke nude. Next to each other. I just about lost my load in my pants. She then reached and put her fingers in the waistband of her thong and with a simple motion she pulled the thong off at the same time turning her ass towards me, now she was bent at the waist with her ass in the air her legs slightly apart and I thought to myself that I was in heaven. I could see the entire outline of her shaved pussy with the enter lips protruding out just enough to accent the beauty of it all. She slowly raised up, running her hands along her long thighs, as she got to her now exposed pussy she ran her middle finger along the outline of it.

I could tell that she was enjoying the feel of her hands on her bare skin because I could see the wetness on her pussy lips. As I watched her slowly masturbate, my cock was harder than it has ever been before and was hurting in its incarcerated state. I slowly unzipped my jeans and released it. As it bounced free I could see some pre-cum at the tip of my dick. There is only one thing that I got from my fathers side of the family and that was a large dick. I can remember my mother telling my dad in their bedroom when I was younger that his dick was too large to do some of the things that he wanted to do to her in their bedroom. Back to the story. I put my hands on my dick and started to use slow up and down motion, in rhythm with the motions that mom was doing.

Suddenly she stood straight and turned to sit on the side of the bathtub with her legs wide apart. As she did I froze in place.

I could swear she had seen me but she went to the tub and sat down and I continued with my masturbation. Her pussy was shaved except it had a landing strip mutuwl Mother son mutual masturbation the top of her pussy. I could hear soft Mothet coming from her as she inserted a finger in her pussy. I longed to just run in and put my finger, tongue or dick in her because I knew it would be tight. She hasn't been with a man in three years maybe even longer, who knows, because my father was cheating on her she may have stopped having sex with him All I know is that so are now panting hard Moother our hands are moving faster and faster, all at once I hear her moan loudly and see her body jerk wildly, with her fingers moving in circular motions until she slides unto the floor in ecstasy.

I continued jerking off looking at her beauty, legs spread wide on the floor. I can feel a strong surge thru my body and the first muutal of cum coming out of masturbaion dick with several more to come. I tried not to make a sound so that she would not know that I was there in the next room watching her masturbate. I left the room and went to my bedroom where I got my head back on straight and then I returned to my mom's room to clean up the mess before she could see it and know what I was doing. As I got to the door I heard the shower going and I was relieved that she did not see me. Later that evening she comes down from her room dressed in loose shorts and a big T-shirt.

I had supper done and on the table when she walked in to the kitchen, she smiled at me with a devilish grin and said thank you for today and my heart dropped, she said that it had been a long time since she had done that but it could never happen again. We ate diner and retreated to the living room to watch TV and have a glass of wine. As we sat and watched a movie she mentioned she was tired and wanted to go lay down. I told her that she was going to miss the best part of the movie and that she should stay. She said ok and put her head on my shoulder as she said you don't mind do you. Before long she was asleep so I slid her head down to my lap, I rested my hand in the curve of her hip so not to disturb her sleep.

She must have been dreaming because she put her hand on my thigh and rubbed on it with a gentle touch. I could feel the heat building up in my groin area. I slowly put my hand under her shirt against her silky soft skin. I was in ecstasy thinking; that I was the luckiest guy in the world at this moment. I gently pinched her nipple making her moan in sexual delight and she was now gripping my thigh with her hand on my dick harder than it has ever been. I was terrified that she would wake up and catch me fondling her breast but instead she just moaned louder. I moved my hand along her hip, down to her thigh.

Her skin is so soft to touch.

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Her shorts were very loose and I thought to myself that it maeturbation easy mufual to the love spot. As I ran my hand mugual the hem of her shorts Mothher down to the center of her pussy she moved her leg slightly to one side to give me access to her pussy. I traced my finger along the outside of her shorts and as I slid my hand underneath them I noticed that she was not wearing mutaul panties. She was so wet that it was easy to slide a finger in her now inviting loving pussy with a gentle motion in and out. She was moaning and pushing back on my finger so I put another finger in and continued the motion.

She was very tight and all I could think about was putting my dick in her. With my fingers deep in her pussy her body jerked and she was in a full orgasm but at the same time she had woke up. In between the moaning, she was yelling for me to stop and saying this not right, you are my son. We should not be doing this it is not legal and is a sin but at the same time I was pushing my fingers deeper and deeper in her pussy and with involuntary motion she was pushing back. I did not want to stop and as long as she was pushing back I would continue.

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