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The Land of Milk and Honeyis an all around useful resource. Not only is there articles and information on getting started, there Escirt personal experiences, a message board and a very useful personals section. Ads are free and limited to one per person. There's also a gallery of very tasteful, though still NSFW pictures that you can view. If you have an account with Yahoo, Adult Breastfeeding Personals can be worth a look.

With over 3, members, you may find success finding a nursing partner. For support Escorr general discussions of adult breastfeeding, Adult Breastfeeding Relationship Groups is a good group to try. It was the size the same as my fist. Some people may won't like a big nipple, but I loved it. After took a shower, playtime started. It was the same as brrast service, but I was waiting for the lactating play. Usually, I finish with sumata, but I asked a lady to do long lactating play. I slept on a leg pillow and sucked her left boob. She felt good at first moment and morn, but she got quiet. The breast milk tasted like a lightly sweet taste. It is difficult to describe.

I think It's like milk with water and sugars. When I was drinking breast milk, she treated me like a real baby. She gave me kind face as well. My penis got big tho. And she put them on my penis. It looked like my sperm. But I got horny. She gave me a hand job and I cum a few mins after. One day, there were just pregnant ladies working. That was my first-time play with a pregnant lady.

It weird, but there is a baby brezst of ladies. But sending the milk is fine. In what container do you deliver it? Escodt one of these plastic baby bottles. Do you freeze the milk? What do you imagine men do with your milk? Many escorts provide the opportunity to nurse to a submissive client as a reward for appropriate behavior and following orders as directed. Conversely, a submissive client can be punished with nursing, too.

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A submissive client who fails to follow directions to a dominant escort can be forced to drink milk. Force-feeding and pushing a breast in his face is punishment. Sometimes, escorts even attempt to suffocate their client temporarily with their breasts. Finally, a third way to use breastfeeding in this fetish is to give a dominant client the chance to forcefully express milk from an escort. Or, he may milk her with his hands, getting the satisfaction of exerting his will upon her. One way to become a lactating escort is to transition to the service after having a baby.

Almost, a prospective client can be impressed with nursing, too. I was so overrated.

Many escorts find that their post-baby bodies are not as desirable as they once were, needing to lose baby weight or tone up a soft tummy. The continual expression of milk keeps her supply constant, and the demand is usually met by her abilities to provide it. If you have enough clients, you may not need to pump any milk at all. However, if you only have a client or two who are interested and your baby is no longer nursingyou may have to manually pump milk to ensure your supply sustains so you can continue to offer the service.

Induced lactation is an option for an escort who has not been pregnant. It is possible to induce the production by regular breast massage, daily breast suckling several times per day and the temporary use of milk-inducing drugs, such as Domperidone. In the beginning, an escort may only get a squirt or two of milk. But, as attempts continue, the supply will increase to meet the demands. The supply will continue until nursing attempts stop and the milk is allowed to dry up.

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