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But for the first fourteen breao, eat a lot of ice cream, cry a lot, watch really sappy Ryan Gosling movies. Smith explains that this means different things for different people. Find the things that you really like to do and do them. While you may want to continue moping around in your pajamas, trust us, this will be better for you. Smith suggests helping out at a homeless shelter or volunteering for a breast cancer walk—just do something to get yourself busy again that will help keep your mind off of feeling sorry for yourself.

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Instead, focus on you and your feelings. Get a journal and write about it. Write the person a letter or write your future self a letter. Write a short story about the different ways that this relationship could have gone. Find the way that works for you. However, she recommends taking the stuff and boxing it up, putting it under your bed, in the back of a closet or in storage.

If not, then donate it, give it away or send it back to the person. I realized then it was time to grow up and be my own partner. Invest in Your Friendships When in a happy and healthy relationshipwe tend to let old or potential friendships fall by the wayside. Just make sure, like in any successful relationship, to give as much as you receive from your loving friends. I started going out of my way to make new memories in these same spots.

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I went to that same park Waht three Wha. Walking around the city has never been more peaceful. Even a strong, independent woman like myself has a secret heart under my ribcage that is made up entirely of mush. Have you been feeling sad, but burying it away and going through the motions of your day? Those sad feelings accumulate, and they will eventually come pouring out of you, and most likely at a really inconvenient time.

Not only for the first week, but for as long as it takes. Throw Yourself into a Hobby Possibly the greatest benefit of breaking up with somebody is all of the free time you gain. This year I ran a marathon. I also learned how to surf, learned a language, took up hip-hop dancing, read more books, and tried kickboxing. Celebrate Yourself My ex-boyfriend supported and loved me unconditionally, and he was vocal about it. I give myself pep talks in public bathrooms, I write notes in my iPhone, I ask friends to compliment me if I need it. Trust me, it helps. Personal Touch My ex-boyfriend and I worked, lived, and spent our free time together.

But in the last year of being single, I have become the cuddliest person around. Humans need physical touch. Skin-to-skin contact can bring premature, dying babies back to life.

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