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Sex Game Review: Thrixxx Chathouse 3D Roulette

I igneous to find a way to get somewhere else, bluntly as I am very to from There Life. Its much longer that way. So that was my first time and evaluation of the Chathouse 3D Killer addiction.

Making a realistic and good looking avatar in the Thrixxx Chathouse game seems quit a challenge. Possibilities Chathhousesex limited and every time you make substantial change you are asked to buy bits and pieces Chathousesex your xcoins. I signed up for Chathousesex monthly Chatjousesex scheme they offer. This gives me access to all content available in the game. Avatar modifications, outfits, sex poses, room editor …the lot. It only costs 9. A small investment into doing this on a certain level of quality. I am actually quite sure, this will give me an edge over other escorts. The ones I have seen so far, use very hot real life pictures in their profiles, but the avatars are the downright ugly noob avatars.

I aimed at creating with the limited options I have to create an avatar which looks as similar a possible to my main avatar in Second Life.

Not an easy task. Thrixxx Chathousesex age and gender verification, before you can play as an escort. The way you do that is simply filling in the application form on their website after signing up for an account and attach a copy of your passport, ID or drivers license. First of all, you need to login as escort for this to work of course. Well until this point I did not even know, how much an escort is getting paid in the Chathouse 3D sex game. So I contacted support. They quickly responded in-game. Yes, that does exist, not in Second Life, but yes it does exists at Thrixxx.

So what the guy explained is this: Hence we you manage to Chathousesex Minutes you are making 30 Euros. I knew what this is all about, when I met the first person in-game. Now that is fun. Of course I did not have any friends yet now I do. I met a few guys. Maybe quite a lot. Ok, I admit it: I was behaving really slutty after I found out how it actually works and when I saw how brilliant the animations are compared to Second Life.

However, marriage minded that: For now I have:.

But before I did so, I purchased a couple of updates. The reason Chathousesex is, the free version only allows a few modifications to Chathousesdx avatar Yeah freebies! Just like when I was a noob in Second Life and in the free version the genitalia are sort of pixeled. You can not see them at all. Now that is a definitely a mood killer. Another similarity to Second Life where the avatars come without them.


The way it works is, you buy so-called coins which you then can use in their shop a bit like our marketplace of Second Life. There you can upgrade everything. You also can buy cloth and other wearable to choose from. Thank god its not expensive. I bought coins for 25 Euros about 17 USD and got sufficient stuff to get started with a half decent avatar including seeing everything and still have some coins left. You also have a couple of nice animation to start with. The way that works is, initially the poses and animations on certain furniture are free to use. Namely the kissing, sitting, the sex poses on the sofa and some poses in the bath room.

To access the ones in the bedroom you need to buy the ones available there. The free ones are nice too, but of course the paid ones are really steaming hot. The good news is, if you meet somebody, who has access to more or even all available poses you can use them too. Only one of the too needs to actually have them. I did not buy them, hoping to meet well equipped guys. That worked out quite well in most cases. The Voyeurs When you start the Chathouse you have to option to allow other users to watch you.

To me being watched is actually a turn on. On the control panel it actually tells you how many voyeurs are currently watching you. The Masturbator One guy I met, actually used what is called a Vstroker! Now, that is an interesting invention. It basically simulates a pussy. Yes I am serious! You connect it to your computer being in-game. When you have sex, your partner and the poses interact with the device and massage your penis in the same way you fuck or get wanked in the game. Your partner can even control intensity and speed.

Needles to say I drove him mad. Comparison with Second Life: Great animations There is not such a big choice of sex animations in the Chathouse 3D Roulette as in Second Life but the quality of the animations is way more realistic and the movements between poses are way better. High availability Everybody who comes to the Chathouse 3D Roulette is there for sex or to watch others having sex.

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