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Everyone learns from the past and what has happened to them and grows from it to be able to face something in the future. If insurance companies are forced to insure pre-existing conditions, they will charge people with pre-existing conditions a much higher rate. If they cannot do this, they will charge everyone a higher rate to offset it. If they cannot do that either, they will likely go out of business. Our elected officials need to come to their senses and realize that to insure a risk, a risk must first exist. Afterward, she pulled me aside to tell me about her own unintended pregnancy and her reluctance to think or talk about it all these years.

Most of them still feel the stigma and are reluctant to talk about their unintended pregnancies despite their need to tell someone. She wanted to share the news of a daughter and three grandsons with her colleagues at work, her friends and especially her parents, who played an important role in her story. She wanted to go to college. The father of her child wanted to get married. Her parents already had young children to raise. For her, giving up the baby was not a hard choice. InEllen received a call at the courthouse. A voice asked Ellen if she had had a child out of wedlock in The woman was calling from an adoption agency on behalf of a child searching for her birth mother.

She left a phone number and Ellen returned the call when she had more privacy.

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Without telling anyone else in her family she agreed to meet her daughter, Lynn. Lynn was as apprehensive about the meeting as Ellen, but they talked and went to dinner. Over a glass of wine, they decided that Ellen should jewell her grandchildren. Later she told the rest of her family, and discovered that one of her sisters had known about her pregnancy all along. Sam and Conner are active in high school baseball and basketball. Jay, who is in college, plays tennis. The story of Lynn finding Ellen ends happily. Many similar stories do not. It seems to me that the saddest stories have in common a failure to communicate. Many were not allowed to make the important decisions about their own lives and the lives of their babies.

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Some were shamed into giving up their children and often were not told of their legal rights in the adoption process. They were often promised that contact information would be left in their files in case a birth child wanted later to contact them, but it was not. Many young women felt alienated, ashamed and never regained their self-esteem. Ellen hopes that sharing her story will encourage people to be more open about educating young people about relationships, sexuality and preventing unintended pregnancies.

Editor Sophie Prell opinion iowastatedaily. He made these comments to a group of diplomats at his annual appraisal of world events. One such attack comes from laws or proposals which, in the name of fighting discrimination, strike at the biological basis of the difference between the sexes. He argued that saving humanity from homosexual behavior is as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. Blumenfeld is a Professor of curriculum and instruction roles of man and woman. Pope Benedict XVI, by invoking his interpretation of Christian scripture, follows a long history of popes who, throughout the ages, have employed these texts to justify and rationalize the marginalization, harassment, denial of rights, persecution and oppression of entire groups of people based on social identities.

At various historical moments, Popes have applied these texts, sometimes taken in tandem and at other times used selectively, to establish and maintain hierarchical positions of power, domination and privilege over individuals and groups targeted by these texts. Then inPope Paul III, reasserted that any free person may buy, sell and own slaves, and runaway slaves were to be returned to their owners for punishment. Pope Gregory I in sent a priest to Britain to purchase Pagan boys to work as slaves on church estates. Around the A. Pope Paul IV, in his Papal bull Cum nimis absurdum, segregated Jews within a walled ghetto with locked gates at night to keep them separated from the Christian majority, and to emphasize their inferior legal and social status.

An article in the document, while certainly not going far enough, stated: Time will only tell. Our three major universities along with other educational institutes in Iowa are struggling to handle the ten percent budget cut — Gov. The costs are born disproportionately by students and the state workers who are low on the totem pole, not executive positions where the real fat is located. Actual budget deficit is only eight percent. An additional two percent cut ignores many more jobs that are unnecessarily lost. There are hundreds of parasitic executive positions.

Recent attempts in union negotiations to increase the supervisor to staff ratio, as Joe Lynch is an Ames resident reported in the Des Moines Register, have not changed this. Many have already been shuffled to executive positions a paper game and their high salaries are protected for three years after being moved out of supervisor positions. The direct present cost value to the state from salary payments to at least one hundred of these no work positions is estimated at one hundred million direct dollars, excluding the corruption they cause examples are the loss of millions in the film tax revenues and IT services duplication including data servers.

Many executives are also unqualified for the positions they hold. Replacing managers with truly experienced personnel is another way to get more for our state tax dollars. Eliminating recently instituted new levels of state bureaucracy is another way to save state dollars. Economic development positions and offices such as the office of management and energy independence should be first priority for cuts. These agencies are duplicating functions that are already performed existing departments such as Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa Department of Economic Development. It is time to cut the fat out of top executive positions in the state government.

State tax payers can no longer afford the waste and bad management fostered by these excesses. The federal government wants to do a little credit repair with the quality of US education, by throwing a lot of money into math and science education. The hero rides back into his hometown and rescues a sinking ship whose disloyal captain abandoned for a helm he perceived to be more attractive.

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