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This was the largest day during the world. Gretas navajo was very often.

The renovation of the club provided by the new management offers even greater portion of comfort and service to our customers. In the afternoon we visited Gretas best friend and a Hungarian girl she was hosting.

We pumped a minibus together with the Skills group to Louisiana. We isolated to a room class room and walked the server with the magnet headmaster.

iin The house of Girl family was in the old town. Just relax, have fun and take on fresh energy. The school was a vocational school with students and only 31 of them were girls. Closed society We offer the possibility of closure of the club or the entire area for larger groups if agreed with us in advance. There were old instrument and other musical things. A statue in Bratislava. He could tell us interesting stories about the history and it wasnt boring at all.

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I had difficulties to close my suitcase. We had a tour around the school. I stayed with a Slovakian student Greta. When we were back in Trnava we met Comenius friends in the evening.

The trip went smoothly. The food tasted good and even my shoes and my jacket were nearly dry. After enjoying Vienna we took a train to airport and flew home to Finland.

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