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She speaks in an English accent, although it is later revealed in the reunion that she is in fact not British and only sounds that way because she is white and rich. Jeff Hiller as Antoine Donner — The party planner often hired by the ladies. Dannah Phirman as Leona Carpeze: We have HQ sex videos with obedient and faithful housewives that make dinner for their husbands before pleasing their dicks in the kitchen.

Nude Hottest housewives

In the reunion, it is revealed that she has a husband named Tim, who was present for the entire season but edited out for being too uninteresting. Dannah Phirman as Alli — A wannabe hotwife who is often seen hanging around the ladies, usually trying to spread gossip. Jon Gabrus as Junior — Leona's adult son who is entirely dependent on her. Former best friends with Jenfer, then enemies, then the adopted mother of Jenfer's baby who she insists is actually biologically hers.

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Kristen Schaal as Amanda Simmons: He works as a sports mascot. He is not very smart. She claims her substance abuse issues are behind her. He and Phe Phe later get divorced after she catches him in bed with another woman.

Best friends with First Nued until she became pregnant with Ace's baby something Jenfer doesn't acknowledge happened until First Lady and Ace broke up, housewivees it happened over six months prior. Writer of "The Loneliest Fingertip", a children's book based on her lack of fingertip on her right hand. Tries to get her infant daughter Lola into modeling, but is horrified to learn that the baby is "too fat" as she has not lost her baby fat yet.

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