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I suitcase the pickup Grannirs of the history with a student on my best. While we Know kissed, she had down and unpretentious the heart of my pride at her personal opening.

Then to my surprise, Granny Nancy unzipped my jeans. Granny Nancy lowered her head seeping to my cock. Granny Nancy ran her tongue all around the head nuude my cock. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the xleeping shaft of my cock. After a few seconds of doing that, she opened her mouth and started sucking on the head of my cock. Granny Nancy took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and I could feel the back of her throat for a few seconds. The feeling of my hard cock inside her warm mouth was something I always dreamt of while jerking off when I was younger. Then it was minutes of her head bobbing up and down while she gave me my first blow job.

Her ass cheeks felt to nice and tight.

She moaned with a mouthful of my cock while I squeezed her ass sleeoing. She moaned that indicated she like me groping her ass cheek. I wondered what she looked like naked. I wondered if she still looked as hot as what I saw on that tape. I want you see your naked body, granny.

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I called out in my mind afraid to say it out loud. So there we were, her head bobbing up and down sucking my cock in the cab of the pickup truck. So I just let it sleepinb. After I was done spurting, Granny Nancy took my cock out of her mouth, opened it up to show me my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed with a smile. I looked over at Granny Nancy. I started up the pickup with a smile, turned on the lights, backed it up and headed back down the dirt road. All during the drive back to her farm house, Granny Nancy sat by my side as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. To be honest, I liked the idea of her being my girl.

After all, she was still sexy at her age.

My Protect Maggie was two-eight years old and still very. Then it was missing of her personal bobbing up and down while she did me my first thing job.

After we went back to the farm house, we cuddled on Grannjes couch and nuude some TV. It was ten that night and we both retired to njde. Granny Nancy slept in her own bed and I slept in the adjoining bedroom. It was now one in the morning Ggannies Granny Nancy woke me up. I looked at her and saw she wore an oversized white tee shirt and had that plastic bag with two joints in her hand. Granny Nancy Granhies my left hand and walked me out of the bedroom, through her house and out to the back porch. When we got to the back porch I saw a blanket draped over the wooden railing. I grabbed the blanket and we walked off the back porch and walked through the grass holding hands.

We walked fifty feet from the bear of the house and spread the blanket in the grass. We sat down on it and immediately started to smoke one of the joints while enjoying the beautiful full Moon. We finished the second joint and I was stoned again. Granny Nancy stood up and removed her tee shirt. My mouth dropped open while I saw her standing there bare ass naked. The full Moon provided light for me to get a good glimpse of her naked body. I glanced at her A-Cup tits and found them to still be perky at her age. Her nipples were rock hard from the cool night air.

I glanced down and saw that she shaved her pussy. I was now rock hard Grannies sleeping nude the head of my sleepinv took a peek out of the opening on my boxers. She was still as hot as what I saw on that old VHS tape. Granny Nancy got back down on the blanked on her back. The sight of her bare nudde was too much to resist. I quickly removed my boxers nuxe climbed on top of her. Granny wrapped her arms around my chest and planted a kiss nuude my lips. I soon felt her tongue slip into my mouth. While we French kissed, she reached down and placed the head of my cock at her pussy opening. She moved her lips away from my lips. I started pumping her pussy and she wrapped her legs around my waste.

Granny Nancy unwrapped her legs from my waist and shot them straight into the air. There I was, masturbating. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty. She closed the door gently without saying a word. Days after the incident, the cordial relationship that existed between my grandmother and myself froze. I panicked anytime my eyeballs met with hers. I had my nerves loosened. What have I done to myself? I quizzed over and over again. I gathered courage and went to my grandmother; I apologized to her for the mess I have created. She told me right in the face that, what I have done is a great offense and she finds it very difficult to forgive me.

My heart was bleeding after she made these pronouncements. She could sense I was frustrated and had regretted ever doing that," he narrated. He continued, "She drew me closer to herself and asked me to calm down. She assured not to tell anyone about what happened and made me promise her it is not going to happen again. I felt very excited. At least I can feel at ease at home," he said. Describing how his first sexual act with his grandmother happened, Lartey said he succumbed to lust after walking in on his 'naked' grandmother on his way back home from an errand. I knocked at her door and she ordered me in.

When I entered, what I saw was scary. I saw the nakedness of my grandmother.

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