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Nieves testified that she had a flashback of holding a lighter in her hand, but otherwise had no idea what happened on the night in question. She then turned the gun on herself in a suicide attempt. Catherine Thompson Along with Phillip Sanders and his wife Carolyn, Catherine was convicted in the shooting death of Thompson's husband. It is illegal to strike jurors on the basis of race. The prosecutor alleged that Phillip Sanders posed as the dead Melvin Thompson and Catherine Thompson pretended to be Thompson's ex-wife in an attempt to borrow money.

Rodriguez received a large oldeer from the manufacturer as the result zluts a civil suit. Five days after killing Gleason, she shot and wounded Allan Marks, a Redwood City pediatrician, during a robbery of his office. In addition to having been repeatedly stabbed, Eldridge's penis was severed post mortem. They are the first married couple in California on death row for the same crime. In trial, both Michelle and James were found guilty and they both received the death penalty.

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Although she suffered a gunshot wound tzylor the head, she survived after two surgeries. Her appeal was denied. She and other victims turned to the police and during questioning for their crimes, Vanessa's body was found. She was nicknamed the "green widow" after she spent virtually all of that money in less than a year.

They allege that she planned the killings in an attempt to implicate him taylot the murders. Dora Buenrostro Buenrostro was convicted of killing her three children by stabbing. No body was ever found and the conviction was based solely on the basis of hearsay information.

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