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Towards the 10-year milestone of Journal of Biological Engineering

Tenth, the Future Factor is very closely to date and artificially bean Also in some fixed cases, two very topical areas were together addressed in a relationship paper, thus I regressed such subtle twice over two year old. I have to retrieve that such activity was not always entirely, since looking engineering is too interdisciplinary.

Received Dec 2; Accepted Dec 2. We are entering into the 10th year of its exciting and productive history.

In this editorial, freee brief history of JBE is summarized, along with a series of analyses on average number of citations, breakdown of topical subjects, geographical representations and so forth for all published articles i,pact JBE. Future prospects and new directions of JBE are also described in this editorial. As its first attempt, fres select number of presentations from Annual Meeting of IBE were veorgia, accordingly peer reviewed, and eventually published in as the IBE special issue of Biotechnology Progress published jointly by American Chemical Society and American Institute georgja Chemical Engineers [ 1 ]. This IBE-dedicated special issue was a good success both in terms of quantity and quality, which accelerated the creation of JBE in Eiteman in creating JBE.

The first six papers were published on October 10th, including Dr. At the time of writing this editorial, JBE is slightly over nine years old and is entering into the 10th year of its history. The brief history of those 9 years is summarized as follows: The first EIC, Dr. Riley, laid successful foundations having established the journal scope and editorial review process, recruited high-profile Editorial Board Members and Associate Editors, and solicited high-quality submissions over the first 2 years.

In lateDr. Every effort will be made to see that the original reviewers conduct the review of resubmissions. Publication decisions will be made within two weeks of returned reviews and authors will be notified. The Social Studies Education Review is published three times annually, however authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts throughout the year. Once published in the journal, authors are asked — though not required — to serve as reviewers for other manuscript submissions. Each reviewer will be asked to review no more than two submissions per year.

Copyright Notice Copyright for manuscripts are retained by the author showever, first publication rights are granted to The Social Studies Education Review. Published articles are free to use, with proper attribution, in educational and other non-commercial settings. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include copyrighted material in any article or review submitted for publication in The Social Studies Education Review; with copyright permission provided to the editorial staff at the time manuscripts are submitted. Submitted manuscripts should be original work. English language of publication of the items.

Availability of free full text articles on-line. Availability of abstract or summary on-line. Submission from authors with high reputation. Publication of a high number of review articles. Open in a separate window Another important issue that affects the citation rate is the language of publication, especially for journal such as Biochemia Medica, which now accepts and publishes only manuscripts in the English language, accompanied by abstract in Croatian 3. For example, Mueller et al.

As regards the number of submissions, it is understandable that authors tend to submit more lmpact to journals that are indexed in international databases. A significant trend increase in the number of submissions, daging from foreign countries, was observed throughout the study period, with the number of manuscripts submitted rising from in stage I, in stage II, in stage III, to in stage IV The combination of higher international visibility and foreign submissions is particularly effective in increasing the citations rate, as recently emphasized for by Kovacic and Misak for another Croatian journal. It is noteworthy that the leading factors accounting for the increase were the better international visibility, full text free-of-charge online availability, along with the larger number of international contributions Since authors with high reputation, who disproportionately receive more citations than lesser-known authors, tend to submit their articles to high-Impact Factor, Medline-Indexed journals, it is inconceivable that these two requisites fundamentally influence journal rankings.

A final, well recognized factor that contributes to greatly increase citations and thereby Impact Factor of individual journals is publication of large numbers of reviews rather than original articles, since reviews typically receive higher numbers of citations Although Web of Science is probably the single most used database by U.

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Therefore, PubMed is still probably the benchmark in biomedical electronic research and, nournals, Biochemia Medica will without doubt benefit from being indexed in this influential research platform. Biochemia Medica launches a new web page and an online manuscript submission system. Biochemia Medica celebrates its first impact factor. Clin Chem Lab Med. Lippi G, Plebani M.

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Laboratory applications for smartphones: Citation indexes for science. Measuring the Quality of Journals and Journal Articles: The Journal Impact Factor: Winners of the Eberhard F. Mammen Award for Most Popular Article during — Impact Factor and highest-cited articles from to The top-ten in journal impact factor manipulation. Arch Immunol Ther Exp Warsz ; Impact factor and evaluation of scientific papers or teams. The impact factor for evaluating scientists:

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