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What’s it like to enter the online dating scene in middle age?

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Dating scene Sydney

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My folks leave and I log in to work and respond to a few emails. Everything seems daating control so I lay on the lounge for a bit…which turned into most of the afternoon. But I'm going to have to delete it fairly soon or it will be found by my son when I die. At 65, she is part of a growing number of older women who have embraced online dating.

But these days I almost always say no. Shutterstock Millions of Australians use online dating sites, with women over 45 the fastest-growing group of users. According to Jen Romero from RSVP owned by Fairfax Media, publisher of Sunday Lifemore than Shdney per cent of the popular dating site's female member base is aged 55 or over, up from Advertisement "Over the past three years we sceene seen an increase of almost zcene per cent in this age group accessing RSVP through our mobile app," Romero says. Phillipa's initial motivation for going online was to meet a man to spend "happy months or years with", but so far she hasn't met her prince.

What she has done is revise her priorities and adjust her expectations. Loading "I haven't minded [not meeting anyone]," she says. Anything else is a bonus. He first rang me from Russia, then Rome, and then the UK, often in the middle of the night. He lives out of town, disastrous marriages, estranged from children and family. Grandiose plans to make money, build a house in a remote location accessible by helicopter. I liked him, but really …" Sydney psychotherapist and relationship expert Melissa Ferrari works with many older female clients who are new to digital dating.

These days, she's focused on the present moment rather than looking "under every rock for a full-on relationship … The best man for me now is the one who's making me laugh, offering to buy me a drink, popping over to give me a hand with something or sharing a coffee and a chat. While attention has mostly focused on younger people and sexting, older women have also experienced it.

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