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Concerns about Russia's birth rates are a popular weapon in the homophobic arsenal as well. Just look at some of the statements made by Russia's most famous legislative crusader for sexual propriety, Elena Mizulina.

To those who haven't heard fidst her, one might describe Mizulina as the love child of Margaret Thatcher and Dolores Umbridgebut imagining Mizulina's two mommies probably violates the gay propaganda law. As Mizulina told Vladimir Pozner, banning "gay propaganda" is not just a matter of values, but also of ensuring the existence of subsequent generations: But the gay propaganda law and the explanation for the PornHub ban are perplexing. They betray a shaky understanding of human sexual response, as well as a real lack of faith in heterosexuality. Apparently, people would rather do anything else--watch porn, have gay sex--than engage in heterosexual intercourse.

Since when did straight sex become the erotic equivalent of eating your vegetables? In the case of PornHub, it is as though policy were being made mo green-blooded aliens who learned about hu-man sex from nineteenth-century marriage manuals or maybe from an old B song. How, exactly, is pornography a demographic threat? Roskomnadzor's response assumes tirst sexual zero-sum game, a Victorian bodily economy in which precious life-giving fluids can be wasted. To put it bluntly, banning PornHub is a fight against masturbation.

Masturbation has had a bad rap in modern Russian culture, even in Soviet times when, as Frances Bernstein showedit allegedly caused an epidemic of "nervousness" among young men. Now, the question is posed differently. Witness this exchange between Roskmonadzor and "mrrborisova": Dear roscomnadzor, if you're going to block PornHub, could you at least offer an alternative? Apparently, masturbating to Internet pornography somehow prevents people from having sex in real life, since meeting someone is such a bother. Never mind that studies show that even married people use pornography, that couples might watch it together, or that for most people, masturbation is a life-long habit.

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Not to mention the fact that masturbation is still possible without pornography. Forgetting this fact is like fighting for morality with one hand tied behind your back. She pointed at Travis and Katie. Children out of wedlock. I appreciate having ideas that are outside the box from this great mom who took the time to tell us what works for her family. Eporner is the largest hd porn source. Watch Mom helps first time Bad and Breakfast.

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