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When you see a female with a tar spot you know she will soon lay eggs. Lobster eggs need their mother: Lobsters mate face to face or belly to belly. Afterwards they go through a sudden change of shape called metamorphosis.

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Lobsters actually molt as they grow larger, shedding their outer skin. Observe the closed lobster season. A lobster carrying eggs is called a "berried" lobster because the eggs look like thousands of tiny berries. The female carries her eggs one to four weeks until they hatch.

Never moraine the eggs from a moment's tail. Cash a fishing license before you take any undue product.

These lobsters can swim and head for shore. In other words, a female with a caraspace midsection, matez from between its eyes to the beginning of the mages length of 13 cm 5 inches may produce three times more eggs than one with a 9 cm 3. When the lobsters reach sexual maturity they are approximately Baby lobsters float in the sea for months. It is when the female molts and her body is still soft, that the male has a chance to mate.

sed After metamorphosis the flat body of the baby lobster changes shape ln a small, young lobster. The male leaves a sticky fluid on the female's belly. For this reason Belize has a season and size limit for lobsters. They do not crawl on the bottom but drift in the sea. They settle in shallow, protected areas like mangroves or shallow reefs. This modified little claw is how we sex them on our underwater surveys.

Newly hatched lobsters look nothing like their parents. The eggs are bright orange and the female carries them beneath her tail. Obtain a fishing license before you take any marine product.

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