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The problem is not what the voting says. The problem is Bungie limiting gamer options of how we want to play. One reason for placing these limitations in games uave general is to create an atmosphere of elitism. The development team at Bungie seriously lacks the creativity to accomplish this unless they put such barriers like limiting options of play in place. Im sure budget limits and predetermined scheduling has a significant part to play, but from previous evidence presented by the development team in previous releases and updates; it is clear to see that creativity seems to be the biggest boundry for them.

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The clear fact that the gamer community is so split over this and the fact that Bungie is ONLY going to allow one choice to reign supreme is evidence of incompetence or limited resources on thier part. But they refuse to allow gamer choice in their game designs. As a developer in the gaming industry, when you deny what the customer wants, then by default you WILL lose customers. This is basic business. When the basic supply does not meet a simplistic demand and another supply can be provided I.

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Purposefully separating your client base and then again ignoring suggestions of compromise to keep players playing is evidence of lack of intelligence or resources. I do not believe the Bungie team to be lacking in intelligence, only creativity. Add to that the AFKers just looking to get carried, and in the case of raids people who will just grab a specific checkpoint and bail. Matchmaking is a horrible idea for these activities. Nothin' beats the hobo life, Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife Maverickneo 3 years ago 5 Old excuse honestly. There needs to be an option at this point for Nightfalls and PoE up to level I understand no matchmaking for raids and PoE Hell, I quit archon priest the majority of the time on dragon strikes because I know that one of my teammates will inevitably stand back and glitch the 3 waves.

LFG is manual and requires all of 30 seconds of additional work, but does a great Priaon at filtering potential teammates to a relatively small pool who possess the right gear and, more importantly, the communication needed to do these activities. And there are enough sherpas on there offering help. In other words, keep it the way it is.

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