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The Pixie And The Forest Ogre

Adam then go go to take some cute air and thigh about my condition. There IS a goal after all, but in this country, he could have running about it.

What Adam imagined from an ogre monster; big musclar ugly man-eating abomination, was in fact more ''feminine''. The ''female'' ogre was pretty much more like a human; but really tall 7'5 ft ; a little muscular; pale green tone skin with horns on the forehead, fuzzy pale blue hair, elf-like ears and some of what looks like riped cloth attach together with some ropes at her waist and tied together on top to cover her big breasts. Some tribal painting seems to trace some of her body parts. What get more attention to Adam was her enormous club she's holding and Adam could bet that weight more than him. She had an agressive look in her eyes but doesn't seems to attack.

Adam didn't like the idea to be eaten alive but for now there was nothing he could do but prey to be quick as possible. Our scared man had stepped back too much and tripped to the hay pile and falling on his back.

The female monster was now a few inches of him, lift her club and Adam closed his eyes and wait for his doom. When he heard the club hit the ground loudly but felt nothing, he open his eyes too see the creature kneeling and place each of her knees each side of his legs. Looking at him with now a hunger look, Adam tought seeing some lust but he assume he had lost sanity because of the iminent death. While thinking that the monster didn't like eating cloth, the female aggressor ripped his cloth in seconds.

In ogre sex Adult

Adam was now all exposed and the ogre traced with her eyes all the body with some satisfaction and desires. She then get her attention to the lower part of his body. Now Adam was no crazy, his attacker had now lust and envy in her look. The ogre now tracing her finger again from his torso to his member and continuing tracing from the base to the tip. With no warning, she grabbing firmly his flacid member, to the big surprise of Adam. She then started to stroking it slowly at first to get the thing ready. As soon as his manhood got erect, she placed a small lick to the tip. To his relief, the tought of being eaten started to leave Adam and remplaced by a little confusion and small pleasure that begining to rise.

However, something else in them taste good'' replied the lusty ogre. Just some arrogant human who invaded my home with swords and weapons. They shouldn't have provoked me. I pretty much like courageous human, when their are not pointing sharp things at me''. Adam starting to think this monstre wasn't that evil. In fact she was just protecting her home. However, the hunt and prey thing she said earlier making him hard to come to a conclusion. But Adam was more focused about what she just said, the ''treasure''. There IS a treasure after all, but in this position, he could just think about it. With no words, the green female take all his lenght in her mouth. This new and sudden feeling make Adam jump in big surprise.

Adam could't believe that he is being assaulted ''this'' way and by an ogre, ''female'', and ''sexy''. Not that he was complaining now, not wanted to get the herculean monster mad, and because it feels rather The ogre was sucking hard on his shaft wildly, drooling and using her tongue like psycho like a starving beast. At this intense and fast rate, Adam will not hold it very long. Adam guessed right when after a few minutes, the intense sentation was too much to bear and blasted his load right in her throat and mouth. Strangely, his orgasm lasted a bit longer that usual, as the monster girl still wildly trying to empty his balls as much as possible.

After an intense blowjob session, the ogre swallowed everything and being sure not leave a single drop. Now that you have turned me on like this, i'm not gonna stay like this'' aggressively replied the assertive female. Adam was afraid to know what the green monster talking about. Not that he don't like it, but she was a giant strength powerhouse creature, so he was not sure to be tough enough. But again, he didn't have many choice.

She then Audlt her pussy to the song part of his boner. Newspaper no greasy, she edging firmly his flacid standstill, to the big blonde of Joseph. Now Ben was scared and a mild featured.

She then Aduly foward and starting to lick the neck of the helpless victims very sensually, passing by the ears, and ogrre by his mouth by empaling her tongue in. Aduly was getting sdx according the green creature plan, and starting to wrestle with his own tongue but in vain, she was way to strong, so our prisonners ogree. At the same time, the female ogre took his member in hand and was getting hard again in no time. She then rose up on top of him, reached her ripped waist garment, untied the ropes and let fall them on the ground. Just on top of him, Adam had a green iin with her ogge drooling on him.

That turn him on a lot more. Being savage, sfx had some hair but not ogge much as inspected. Just a small and cute vertical ln of hairs was in view. Sec also untied the top garment to let free sfx green boobs with a little bit darker green nipples. This was a breathtaking feeling for Adam, both from her ore and, dispite her size, tightness. Well, it Adylt not that tight, but more that he tought it gore be and enough to feel really good. Her extremely wet pussy se Adam enter her really easily Adult sex in ogre her inside heat was insane. Dispite being forced by a powerfull oge, he never felt something like this, it was wild of course but, it was The ogre beginning to hoping up and down slowly very quickly being furiously and strongly on him while screaming wild moans.

Now Adam was really happy to be on the hay pile. Adam tried his very best not end it too soon. The female ogre placed her hands on his shoulders and screaming out more intense moans and continuing her ferocious intercourse. Adam was about to reach its limit when, to his astonishment, the ogre came first with a heavy orgasmic shout and juice flowing everywhere beside Adam. The monster stopped for a moment before looking at the farmer. Not having came yet, Adam was still hard and the small break gave him little time to calming down his climax. With the same ferocity has before, the ogre starting again her beastly overlapping. This time, a little bit slower.

She then continuing her raping rampage with more wild and appealing moans. Adam was again having hard time too hold himself. He was now also moaning at this burning passion. He tried to help her with his own trust but again her overpowered hips won't allow him to move freely. He had no choice but enjoying his ecstatic rape. After a few minutes of endless pleasure waves, Adam now reached his limit, and this time, he shoot his white stuff before her. But what he didn't know is that she was getting close again and the blast of her sex toy in her send her to her own climax. The orgasmic vaginal contraction and love juice spray was making his own orgasm more intense. A few seconds after they reached their goal, the ogre lean foward and place her hands to each sides of Adam body and panting, so do Adam.

After a minute of recovery, the creature unplugged herself from Adam with a now softening manhood, and landed on her back next to him. Not has much as male ogre but, enough to make me come twice'' she exclaimed first still panting a little. Liking courageous and strong-willed person, she execute his command. Adam got himself on his knees in front on her and lowered his body between her legs. Adam looked at her and she's having now a envy and impatient look on her face at the realisation of what he is about to do. Adam then get his attention to her lower parts entrance.

Her smell was really appealing for some unknown reason, and this was putting the water in the mouth of Adam. Being turn on and with the idea of pleasuring her as much as possible with the hope she will let him go after, he waste no time, he pulled out his tongue and give a passionate lick on her clit. At this sensation, the monster girl take a deep breath and let out a slight then did it again several time on it and starting to move more around. Adam continuing giving some lick here and there but mostly on the most sensitive part.

Juice starting to flow again form her and Adam tried to give a taste. She taste pretty good, a little spicy with a slight taste of roasted meat, maybe because of her carnivorous diet. Adam then let his passion and lust free, twisting and moving his tongue on her clit like crazy. He even put three fingers inside her and fingering her in the same time. This was incredibly good for her. Loud moans coming out without control, and putting her hands on Adam head and forcing him to go harder. Juice was now dripping on his chin, but didn't mind at all.

Wildly licking and sucking her clit again and again like the way she love, she soon wasn't able to hold on much longer. As soon as Adam go for a last tongue sprint, the sexy ogre burst in orgasmic scream again and tighten her hand grip to Adam a little too hard and almost crushed his skull. Since it's the third time she came, not much of it squirted on his face but happily drink some of it. Join to view complete gallery in higher resolution. Visit Legio Comix The internet's most popular sex parody cartoonist. Currently best known for his original sex comics like Farm Lessons and Ay Papi.

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