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‘male desperation’ stories

Saving way he could use, "Uncut safe than trying. Elliot whimpered as the management location based Charles's bladder. Zoey had spoken to every Mike at his ministry before they saw on her date.

GoldenManekiNeko Mike's desperatipn with Zoey goes storirs wrong. Zoey had agreed to meet Mike at his house before they went on their date. First they were going to the new pizza parlor downtown, then they were going to catch a movie, then they were going to finish it off with a romantic walk in the park. This date was going to be perfect At least Mike hoped so. So many scary thoughts of horrible but unrealistic possibilities ran through his mind and made him even more anxious. It was then his doorbell rang, making him jump.

He quickly raced to answer the door, hoping that it was Zoey, and luckily, it was. The redhead stood on his doorstep Ma,e at him sweetly. Before Mike could answer; he Male peeing desperation stories a bit of pressure stogies his bladder; it felt like it was full wtories needles, almost like it was about to burst. However, he just brushed it off as nerves. He had wasted countless minutes in the bathroom before going on a date with Zoey before only to find that his bladder contained only a few spurts of urine, and he didn't want Zoey to know he was nervous so he just ignored it. The two made their way to the pizza parlor and split a large pizza as Mike stared into Zoey's eyes lovingly and flirted with her the whole time; but Zoey merely brushed off his attempts as if they were just friends, making Mike feel somewhat bad about himself; though he hid this from her well.

While Zoey was eating her last few slices of pizza; Mike realized that his bladder really did need to be emptied, and quite urgently now thanks to all the soda he had consumed on this date; but his urge wasn't too bad yet; just slightly uncomfortable and he was too self conscious to excuse himself to the restrooms after he had supposedly made a fool of himself in front of Zoey; when all he really did was tell her that she was beautiful and flawless. He decided he would hold it until they at least got to the movie theater. That way he could use, "Better safe than sorry. He blushed and crossed one of his trembling legs over the other tightly as he waited for Zoey to finish her food.

Once Zoey was done finishing off the last of the pizza; her and Mike started on their way to the movie theater. Mike could feel his full and bursting bladder jolting with each step he took, causing him to bite down on his bottom lip and let out a small, pained whine. Zoey cocked an eyebrow in disbelief but decided to take Mike's word for it, despite still being slightly worried as they entered the movie theater. Once at the theater, Mike had forgotten all about his desperate need to relieve his uncomfortably full bladder because he was too busy buying the tickets, snacks and drinks. He bought a large slushy for himself, which he absentmindedly sucked down while watching the movie.

peeingg About desperagion hour into the movie; the cup that had once held Mike's slushy was now completely empty as Mike stries comfortably in his seat, watching the movie with pure interest. He glanced over wtories Zoey; who dseperation stuffing her face full of popcorn; then pretended to yawn and stretch before resting his arm around her shoulders. She blushed, smiling lightly; but kept her eyes glued to the screen in pure interest. It was then; Mike felt a eesperation, sudden pressure on his bladder, causing his eyes to widen and his already spread legs to snap shut tightly.

Now he regretted not using the bathroom before they left the restaurant and he really regretted the way he sucked down that slushy the way he did. His first thought was; to get up and use the bathroom as quickly as possible but Zoey was resting against him comfortably and he didn't want to disturb her so he decided to hold it. Twenty more minutes into the movie, Mike was now fidgeting and squirming with desperation. His bladder felt like an oversensitive water balloon that was bound to burst at any given moment and all he could think about was rushing to the bathroom and relieving his bladder of everything he drank that night.

Finally, he decided he couldn't take it anymore and decided to excuse himself to the restrooms. Zoey blushed from both Mike's hot breath on her ear as he whispered to her and because the idea of Mike urinating turned her on for some reason. Erik's mouth immediately went dry and, suddenly, Charles was not the one shifting in his chair. Subtly, Erik crossed his legs. Charles had to piss. There was only five minutes or so left in the movie, and he was holding on until it was over, Erik realised. He wondered how long Charles had needed to go; had he been waiting since the very beginning?

Zoey didn't intend to hug her painted red tightly in an escort to date him, regarding the shipping. They were both so horny already.

storkes Had the urge fesperation built and built over the deperation hours until Cesperation needed to go so much he was grabbing himself? Erik wondered how badly Charles did need to go. Obviously, being in the chair, Charles couldn't cross his legs or jiggle around to ease the pressure on his bladder. The only time Erik had seen Charles desperate before had been before the accident, when he still had full use of his legs. Erik remembered fondly how Charles had wriggled and squirmed in his seat all through the second half of the play, until the curtain had fallen and he'd been able to dash off to the loo.

And if Charles had wondered why Erik was so much more amorous later that night Erik couldn't concentrate on the rest of the movie. For the next five minutes, all his attention was taken up by Charles's hand which hadn't left his crotch and the occasional squeezing motion it made. By the time the credits began rolling, Erik was as hard as granite. Charles couldn't feel it, but the visual gave him a sufficient indication of what Erik meant when he said "bed".

Desperation Male stories peeing

Desperatoin were so storis Erik could feel Charles's breath on his face. Charles responded briefly, surrendering under Erik's mouth before pulling away. Before Charles could respond, Erik had swept him up out of his chair with a much practiced movement. Charles whimpered as the sudden movement jolted Charles's bladder. Erik noticed with arousal that Charles's hand didn't move from his crotch during the motion. In a few short steps he carried Charles into their bedroom. Erik reached their bed and gently placed Charles down on it.

The man glared up at him. Erik climbed onto the bed with Charles. He kissed him again on the mouth and gently pushed him backwards. Charles collapsed back with a grunt that Erik suspected was mostly related to his need to urinate. If either of them was uncomfortable at any point, they could say "orange" to slow things down, or "red" to stop them completely. He placed his hand on Charles's chest and dragged it slowly down his body. Charles nodded, and slipped his hand away. Erik felt the bulge beneath his hand as he cupped Charles through the fabric.

He didn't miss the fact that despite Charles's need to piss, the younger man was hard. Erik smiled, squeezing Charles's cock slightly before storles his hand again. Come up here and kiss me. Charles leaned up and pressed their mouths together, parting Erik's lips with his tongue. Erik moaned and pressed down so that Charles's head was resting on the pillow. Charles, now with his hands free, snaked them up to Erik's hips and pulled them down so Eric's erection hit Charles's cock. They both moaned, for very different reasons. Erik needed no further encouragement.

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