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Domestic Partner Benefit Eligibility: Defining Domestic Partners and Dependents

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A policy was adopted by the Commission and presented to the City Council. A copy was sent to the Berkeley School Board. In July the City Council voted down the proposal citing financial benecits. My employer offers domestic partner health benefits only to same-sex couples, not to different-sex couples. So far, these lawsuits have never been successful. You can read our comments about a NY case hereor read about a WA case here. Many people have been successful at expanding policies that were originally limited to same-sex partners, but the strategies that have been effective are education, organizing with other employees, letters, meetings, patience, and persistence.

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See the links above on this page for suggestions. What will happen to domestic partner benefits plans after some states legalize domestkc sex marriage? Employers that choose to offer health benefits must follow federal law and state law, when applicable. In the past, health insurers have contended that allowing domestic partner benefits would make them targets of fraud if customers tried to add relatives or friends onto their health plans.

This is why many employers that offer such benefits require detailed information from domestic partners to determine eligibility see sidebar. Even if your state doesn't mandate that insurance benefits be extended to domestic partners, an employer can choose to include them in group benefits. Many major group health insurers provide insurance for domestic partners through employers. Tax implications of domestic partnerships The IRS has determined that employment-based health benefits for domestic partners or non-spouse cohabitants can be excluded from taxable income only if the recipients are legal spouses or legal dependents.

The federal and state governments do not tax benefits for spouses. As of Junesix states provide marriage for same-sex couples and those marriages are not recognized in most states. Similarly, employees that have obtained government-recognized proof of same-sex relationship should not have to go through the additional burden of completing a domestic partnership affidavit. Equal Burden of Proof Employers should strive to maintain equality in the burden of proof required from eligible beneficiaries of employer benefits for both enrollment and audit purposes. In other words, documentation should not be required of partners if it is not required of spouses.

Employers particularly concerned about fraud should consider documentation requirements holistically.

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