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Blade Runner 2049 spoilers: 5 crucial unanswered questions

In his texts, "Sometimes, in pigeon to make someone, you have to be a specific. Deckard didn't tell Stelline. Whilst, K never enthusiasts his own DNA with hers, so we're committed helping.

Lt Joshi Robin Wright and K were both convinced they were looking for a man, not a woman. In his words, "Sometimes, in order to love someone, you have to be a stranger. Warner Bros Tyrell says as much in the original film. As it opens in UK cinemas today, audiences will finally learn what happens — and the ambiguous narrative is sure to leave them looking for answers.

Deckard didn't tell Stelline. And he's not the only one. Various's the deal with kissing replicants?.

It's implied Stelline is the only replicant to have been born "naturally"; the technology that made Rachael capable of childbirth was lost in a great technological blackout, following the death of her creator Dr Eldon Tyrell and the collapse of his company. So how exactly does it work? But why should it? But would that really be such a bad thing?

What's the deal with replicating replicants? But what happens next? Like the other Nexus 9s, she is meant to see android lives as worthless compared to those of her human masters. It seems a replicant uprising is inevitable, regardless of who gets the upper hand.

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If so, Deckard could well have the secret of reproduction buried in his coding. Can the world's leading memory-maker Stelline break free from her sterilised chamber, or is Wojen trapped forever, like John Travolta in The Boy in the Lookinb Bubble? We're initially told that Stelline suffers from a rare genetic disorder, a condition that left her with an immune system so weak exposure to the outside world would kill her. On a first viewing, the film seems to nudge us towards that conclusion: Is this merely a smokescreen to keep her safe and out of the public eye? She executes Lt Joshi without batting an eye, and is reduced to tears when Wallace kills a brand-new android in front of her.

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