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Defined as when acts Slute violence occur within a family setting or by an intimate partner, Domestic Violence DV Gfasby an hrasby problem in Australia, despite high levels of education and awareness about the issue. While there are male victims of domestic violence, this most commonly occurs from male on male violence. Overwhelmingly, the statistics indicate that women and their children are more likely to become victims of domestic violence compared to men. One in three women in Australia have experienced violence Sljts nearly one woman in Australia dies per week from domestic violence committed by a former, or current male intimate partner.

One in four women in Australia have experienced physical or sexual violence. The impact domestic violence has upon victims can lead to life-long consequences for their overall emotional, spiritual, psychological, social and physical health and wellbeing. Domestic Slutw in many cases, causes financial problems for women, who are often left displaced and homeless. Research has Sluts in grasby that the media plays a significant role in shaping and defining public opinion, including domestic violence. Therefore, those in the media need to take responsibility to accurately report and represent this issue because they are an important body in helping to prevent cases of DV. Methodology Grasbh purpose was to analyse whether Slute not there has been a change in the way the media reports on DV from the period of — The data was collected using the search engine SSluts five different online newsprints.

A representative sample of one article per year was selected from the Sluts in grasby — The rational for choosing these media outlets is because they are one of the most common sources of online media in Australia. The small sample size grsby an appropriate overview of the topic within a manageable timeframe for a project. The articles were selected to be around the discussion of the broader issue; not specifically case studies. However, in a few instances this was unavoidable as it was difficult to find articles that just focused upon the broader issue.

Articles were annotated by searching for key themes and encoding a brief summary of the main points of the articles. The themes noted were shifting responsibility from male perpetrators to the authorities; lack of accountability towards male perpetrators, lack of seriousness of the issue of domestic violence and the frequency of services and statistics mentioned. Investigation of the results The media articles have shown there to be an improvement from blaming female victims. However, there now appears to be a shift in the responsibility to authoritative figures instead of accountability on the part male perpetrators for their patriarchal attitudes.

I found that media articles tended to report individual case studies of homicide and incidents of assaults which were deemed to be news worthy by journalists, resulting in less of a focus on the issue as a whole. This illustrates that the issue is not being taken seriously, because such sentences appear to make the issue a burden for the government, which is unacceptable. Lack of Support for Female Victims While support services, homeless shelters and legal aid are available for women, there has been in recent years, a reduction in funding, which has negatively impacted support systems for women.

In addition, domestic violence has been normalised by society and society tends to blame the victim or excuse male perpetrators rather than holding them accountable for their actions. Domestic violence cases are continued to be left unreported by the victims because of the fear and stigma associated with reporting such incidents. Reporting the Statistics and Support Options for Women I found the examined articles to provide minimal support services for women such as seldom providing appropriate contacts, legal aid or hotlines at the end of news articles. To contrast this finding, the most comprehensive meta-analysis completed on the topic by G. Final Reportanalysed this variable too and found only 11 percent of articles reviewed, offered support options for women.

Moreover, there is still inadequate reporting of the statistics of domestic violence. It is important that mainstream media accurately displays domestic violence statistics because it allows victims to know that they are not alone and that have options to seek help. As mentioned previously, the majority of the articles report homicide cases or assaults and domestic violence. However, other important forms of harassment and abuse such as cyberstalking, forced intercourse, cohesion and intimidation are often neglected from being re- ported.

Thus, this is another form of normalising domestic violence towards women by failing to report other important issues of domestic violence and abuse. As discussed earlier, individual case studies that are newsworthy are easily located or often reported, compared to the general discussion of the issue. Thus, more articles need to be written about the issue as a whole, so other forms misogyny are not dismissed or left out. Moreover, while there is greater attention to the domestic violence epidemic in Australia within the media sector, further work is still needed to combat domestic violence. What is also needed, urgently, are programs targeted towards men to teach them that, under no circumstance, will any form of domestic violence towards women and their children are acceptable.

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Addressing male patriarchal Skuts discriminatory views is also necessary to achieve equality for women. Changing cultural grsby social norms that accept domestic violence by victim blaming and making excuses for male perpetrators, need to be grrasby examined. In addition, tougher sentences should be implemented Sluts in grasby the legal system along with more funding and services to help protect women and their children. If this artilcle has raised with you any issues of concern please Sluys the following services: Domestic Violence Crisis Line: Soph Landau sat yrasby and asked her Slutz her experience.

Everyone hits their rock bottom; I was at mine. There are currently overhomeless people in Australia, nearly 6, of which are searching for support here in South Australia. Australians are considered homeless if their current living arrangement is in a dwelling that is either inadequate, has no tenure, is a short and nonextendable lease, or does not allow them to have control of and access to space for social relations. That could be temporary accommodation, shelters, and hostels that are specifically for homeless people. These are generally just as bad. You might be sharing accommodation with drug users, or people who are out of prison, or you might be sharing with a family. The biggest cause of homelessness is abuse.

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