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She hisses, her eyes half closed, watching me slide my middle finger inside of her, gently stroking. I slowly lick her pussy juices, cleaning the mess I made while I was rubbing her.

She gasps with pleasure when I rub the tip of my tongue against her clit, circle around it, slowly tap against it, while I continue to finger fuck her. She pulls my head deeper between her legs, and I suck her clit relentlessly. She start to grind faster against my mouth as I pick the pace with my finger. Her moans are cries now, and I am practically slurping on her slit. I move my head up and down, my tongue rubbing against her whole pussy.

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She arches her back, while her hand is caressing my head. Dife can feel her whole body trembling, her juices flowing, the release near. I sut my eyes to look at her when she brutally pulls away from my mouth. She rubs her hand between her legs, fast, with her eyes zex and her teeth clenched. A water-like liquid gushes out of her pussy as she screams. Then, she relaxes, shivering, letting her body drop on the bed. I quickly take off my clothes while she undo her bra and throw it away. I rip the condom package that I took from my pocket, with my teeth, and slowly put it on, stroking my cock while looking at her ass. She gets on all fours, and grabs my cock, a pervert smirk on her face.

She slowly licks the tip of my dick, then engulfs the head with a twirl of her tongue. She sucks suddenly, then lets go of my dick with a popping sound. She smiles at me wickedly.

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Turn around", I growl. She glances at me over her shoulder, a expectant look on her face, as she wiggle her ass teasingly. I slap her ass hard. She moans deeply, as I grab her hair and penetrate her. She feels so good, so wet, that I push deeper until the hilt of my Pastor sex slut wife rest against her ass cheeks. I smile as I slowly retreat my dick inside of her. Then without warning, I slam it back inside, hitting her hard. She lets out a cry of pain, but I can tell she likes it. And then, but only then, I start to fuck her. Easily, I pick my pace, and it's not long before I'm fucking her senseless, slapping her ass hard, and letting her grind against my cock from time to time.

She is gasping for breath, letting out short groans that curiously resemble those of a pig. Her back is sweaty, her flesh glistening. I delicately run the nails of my free hand on her skin, causing goosebumps to erupt. Which is precisely what I was waiting for to pull out. She quickly turns around, a lost expression on her face, her mind wandering from the fuck. She takes it in her hand, and from the sitting position in which she was over me, she slowly lowers herself onto it, never breaking eye contact with me. I pull her head for a kiss when I'm fully inside of her.

The room smells of sex, sweat, and cunt, a perfect aroma, one that turns me on like no other. I grab her boobs as she starts to grind her pussy hard on top of me. Her eyes are revulsed, and she bobs her head back, her hands planted on my chest. Her face has an animal expression, one of pure sexual pleasure. Her hips work on me, moving fast and in an effortless way. The bed squeaks in agony, as her body dance on and on, her big body trembling, glistening, fucking me like no one ever has. She screams with a full voice, each thrust of her hips bringing a deep moan out of her mouth.

I feel my cock, drowning in her juices, inching closer to it's release, as I feel the familiar tingle in my body. I look at her face, wondering what she must be thinking right now. Is it her husband? Is it the first time we met, when I caressed her hand, feeling the sexual tension lying in her beautiful body?

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