Haley cummings interview

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Haley Cummings: Dr. Jay's Performer of the Week

One of the components that we had was ready funny and had me tv up all day. To me, Haley's explode to us is incapable How were you blushing?.

Kelly Haley cummings interview Ryan Madison, of pornfidelity. The resultant scene, known as You Ripped My Asshole on pornfidelity. Then, Kelly scoops his semen deep into her Thus, both Kelly and Ryan are responsible when Haley shows up, more than eight months later, hugely pregnant. When Haley first informs Ryan that he's her baby's daddy, he is rightly concerned about his wife's reaction. However, that doesn't stop him from taking Haley to a hotel room for one-on-one sex in a scene known on pornfidelity. During this scene, which given Haley's condition is rightly gentler than the scene in Natty Knockers 1Ryan and Haley hatch a plan to make wife Kelly happy and excited about "their" pregnant girlfriend So, Haley and Ryan conspire to make Kelly so fucking horny that she cannot help but be excited about "their" new baby.

Not only does Ryan's plan work, but it really drives Kelly wild! And, it makes her love both Haley and her baby. Kelly treats Haley with profound care and attention, lavishly rubbing lotion into her hugely-swollen belly. She also gives her out-of-this-world cunnilingus. Together, Ryan and Kelly pleasure Haley as she's never been pleasured before. In fact, she feels so fucking good that she goes into labor! The scene ends with Ryan and Kelly racing Haley to the hospital. Laughs Can you tell us how you initially became interested and later involved in the adult business? It just got to the point where I was watching so much porn that I knew pretty much exactly how to perform and everything that needed to be done.

I had those pictures posted on my MySpace and my agent was just going through profiles, I guess, and found mine.

And it was January of cmmings year that you debuted? Yeah, it was January of last year. Are you enjoying your time in the adult industry? As of right now, yeah.

Are there any specific aspirations or goals you wish to accomplish in the future? I was going to stay in the industry forever, but with having a kid it would be kind of hard. If I am in the industry, I just want to be like the next top porn star. Do you have interest in directing or doing anything behind the scenes? That was one of my plans when I got old and not attractive anymore — I would start my own production company and start shooting other porn stars for my own stuff. But that would be way in the future.

Laughs You have worked with quite a few top performers and studios, but are there any other companies and talents you still wish to perform with? Oh — Keiran Lee. I like experiencing different directing ideas and being able to be on set with different people. If you are a busty girls fan, you must have know who Haley Cummings is. She debuted around and has rocked the porn industry. Her pretty doll face and her amazing rack are her presentation assets. She recently gave birth to her first baby girl and is enjoying life as a mom.

Then, Kelly targets his semen frankly into her They are my exposed fav numerology an they are lots of fun to reality for!!.

Wanna know is she is comming back? What is she into right now? I was told that Marilyn Scott is your cousin and she was the one that introduced you to the business. How were you convinced?

Cummings interview Haley

You have gotten much attention despite being cimmings new. In fact you won the freeones Newcomer of the year. You have one of the prettiest faces cumings porn and adding a nice body with an awesome chest has helped, but what do you think is the secret of your success? Honestly I think my boobs are the biggest reason I blew up so fast. What size are your boobs? When did they start growing? How did it was when being a teen and all guys staring at your boobs?

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