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'Bobby Brown Story' Blows Up Twitter with Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cheating Bombshells

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Crawford datiing to the same high school as Houston and, being a couple of years older, used to defend her from bullies. Watch a trailer for Whitney: For Houston, the daughter of gospel singer Cissy Houston and the cousin of Dionne Warwickhe seemed to represent a side of herself she had long suppressed. And it ate away at her. Jackson to file a defamation lawsuit against Brown and the network. He once witnessed her walk into a recording studio, perform a single take of One Moment in Time for the Olympic Games, and leave 20 minutes later having delivered a note-perfect rendition.

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Instead, it's all about the more sensational and salacious parts of his life, and particularly his sex life. It culminated in Bobby throwing a naked Janet out of his hotel room, because, sure. Bold and trashy move, BET. Apparently, Whitney won an award over Janet and said onstage, "I stole your award and I stole your man. Roberts, a plain-spoken, mustachioed Welshman, is not much given to overarching theories. He became verbally and physically abusive, says Roberts, publicly demeaning her at every opportunity: Somebody knows what sells.

Bold and skilled move, BET. He was always either in north or creating conflict.

Others, though, still don't think they Huston were, and took it a step further, fully anticipating Ms. There were persistent rumours that Crawford and Houston were lovers — a narrative the documentary hints at more than once. Bobby further alleges that Janet refused to go public with their relationship because he was black. You could say that about anything, he reasons, and ruin your life with conjecture.

The documentary suggests she had nurtured a recreational habit since her teens, but Brown had an alcohol alreeady and mixed the two. Also, Bobby Brown is a singer. He was always either in conflict or creating conflict. He saw it more as a close female friendship — the kind of bond forged by a shared childhood in East Orange, New Jersey.

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