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Or it could be worse, and your MiL is a horrible, backstabbing, two-faced cow. But short of putting a CCTV camera on her, we'll never know.

The point is that you moved up there to be closer to your husband's family ,aw laudable, but hdr heavy burden for them to carry. What kan your own family, your own friends? It's great if you get on with family but it's not a given. How is it "obvious" she's been making comments? Is it just one or two comments? We all say things about other family members we wouldn't want repeated, but equally we all need a safe place to say them. Even the Waltons slagged each other off occasionally. That said, it's extremely poor behaviour of your MiL to say anything to your daughters — it's passive aggressive, my least favourite form of behaviour.

In criticising you, your MIL is also criticising her son's choice of partner.

By the way, is he her only son? That could explain a lot. She may want to suck on that thought for a while. Equally, you must not pump your children about "what She sees her man fucking mother in law said" as it puts them in a difficult position. I know a lot of people would say your husband should step up here, but given that he isn't bothered and you can't force him, I'd find an easier way to proceed. So what should you do next? If she's consistently been saying awful things about you, I'd have a very quiet, very calm word with her.

Never reveal your sources, just say something like: If, however, she just thinks you're a tad strange, and your outlook on life is different to hers, well I'd adjust your reality monocle a bit. A year after we moved into our new home, my in-laws sold their house and moved to Florida. However, they made sure to visit us a couple of times a year. When they came to visit, they would spend a couple of weeks at out our house. My mother-in-law would make sure to wear semi-revealing night wear after her showers and I made sure to notice and to let her know I noticed.

I started flirting with her, telling her the Florida life was good for her. I told her she looked sexy with her bronze skin and I asked if she had any tan lines. She would laugh and say that maybe she would let me find out for myself. I started She sees her man fucking mother in law feel brave and one morning, I decided to go for it. My father-in-law went out for the day with friends. My mother in law was in the laundry room next to my bedroom. I walked in and told her I was going to take a bath. I filled my tub with water and got in. Then I decided to fake an injury. I was a big fan of wrestling and I loved watching guys get cut open at the head.

When the blood mixed with sweat, it got really messy. I took a razor a gave myself a small cut just above my hair line on my forehead. The blood started tricking down and when it mixed with the water from my hair and wet face, it got messy quick. I then proceeded to slam my hand on the vanity and I screamed out loud. I laid down on the floor, grabbed my head and smeared more blood over my face. My mother-in-law rushed into my bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door asking if I was ok. I told her I slipped getting out of the tub to get a towel and fell forward and hit my head. She rushed in and saw me in all my glory on the floor, bleeding from my head.

She said she was going to call I told her not to because this was embarrassing and I asked her if she could help me up. She got down and I put my arm around her as she wrapped her arms around me trying to get me to stand up. I pressed my naked body against hers and grabbed her ass as I got up. She was still in her night gown and I knew she had no bra on. I told her I was dizzy and pretending my legs were wobbly. When I finally got up, I leaned up against the vanity and stood in front of the vanity door where we kept our towels. I had gotten some of my blood on her night gown and I apologized to her.

She said not to worry about it. She had to bend over to the vanity door to get a towel so I took a slight step to the side and faced her so her head was near my cock. I made sure she got a good look. She grabbed 2 towels. One for my head and one for my body. She started to treat my head wound and told me to put pressure on it while she dried me off. She started to wipe the water and blood off my face and chest and started to work her way down as she toweled me off. I apologized again and told her I was so embarrassed. She looked at me and smiled, saying not to worry about it.

She still wanted to callbut I refused. I asked her not to tell anyone, not even my father-in-law or my wife. I told her I would tell them I slipped and hit my head and thats it. She took hold of my dick and pulled it to one side and towel dried my shaft slowly and gently. I spread my legs a little so she could get my balls too. My heart started beating so fast in my chest. I could believe my cock and balls where in my mother-in-laws hands. I started to grow in her hand. I felt myself blush as I was embarrassed for real. She smiled and looked at me.

She joked saying, now she really had to keep my secret. She kept holding my hard cock in her hand as she toweled off my already dry dick even slower that before, so I knew right there she was getting into this. She finally stopped working my stem and worked her way down to the rest of my l