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Antique Furniture School Desk

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She sntique a desk functional by providing storage space underneath the desk top and making the desk top flat, so children could write with greater ease. Her desks were different from Mission Oak types and other all wood attached chairs and desks, which had a storage drawer underneath the seat of the chair. The children would have to bend down and open a big drawer. With Breadin's design, a child could easily reach into the open storage space under the desk top for his lesson book. I asked if something so toxic would pose any harm to antique wood. Would an angry mob of woodworkers come after me?

Would they swarm into my garage the second the power sander turned on with pitchforks and torches?

I went home, feeling considerably lighter now that I had permission from someone who really knew what he was doing to use a sander. I got out my beloved Bosch RO deske, still covered in white paint from when I dumped half a gallon in it. I seriously peeked over my shoulder, placed it on the surface, and turned it on. And sanded the finish off. And laughed at my neuroses as I imagined a mob of angry middle-aged men yelling at me on the internet. The next day my next door neighbor, who built his way through college, came over to see me when he heard my sander running.

I asked what he would do in my situation. Well, knock me over, but that was 2 people who gave me permission to use my sander over my lack of sanding muscle. So I stripped the finish off. And that is really all I have to say about that because the rest of the process was really rather uneventful.

Antique school desks Dating

Despite being produced in their thousands, many were discarded en masse or allowed to fall into severe disrepair. If found, however, these simple and appealing industrial products make a Dsting addition to any child's study area within the home. With a Datting care and aDting, old damaged examples can be successfully restored, and can be made into Datnig pieces of furniture. Glendenning's Adjustable Desk, the 'perfect instrument of education', was first patented in The desk locker could be moved closer to the seat or further away and the height of a spine pad on the back of the chair could be adjusted to fit each pupil.

A Dr Liebreich had stated that such ailments as short-sightedness, spinal curvature and flat chests were caused by poorly designed desks and that this model, combined as it was with Dr Roth's chair, would prevent such evils. The Glendenning's represented a notable advance. Condition - A desk that is in excellent condition will fetch more than one that is very worn. Availability - Some areas of the country will have more desks available than others.

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For example, you are more likely to come across many of these types of desks in Indiana than in Alaska. If the desks are hard to find they may be worth more in your area. The museum has about patent models of school furniture from the 19th century, part of the education collection in the Division of Home and Community Life. With the rise of public school attendance during this era, it was necessary to come up with good furniture that would last a long time and function properly. The goals for improvements in school furniture included: The furniture was to be attractive, economical, and easy to clean, and in case of site assembly easy to construct but durable.

There was also a move away from completely wooden desks to incorporate the newly popular cast iron. These issues inspired many to invent new configurations or make minor improvements to existing designs. Since these patent models are not currently on display, here is a sneak peak at a few that represent the innovative designs in 19th century school furniture and some surprising facts about each. They could be artistic: It incorporated Gothic architectural elements, such as pointed arches, in the design.

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