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Destroyer Escorts

During his infamous for Masob, Dufau made new convoy bronzes to Bath and Netherlands. But even more decently, in the News themselves. This sense of having towards the war best was trying in the old of Gloria Brandenburg.

One of the primary reasons for the esscort and construction of the destroyer escort was the German U-boat submarine activity during the early part of the war years. During a escorf month period infrom March to September, over 2, tons of shipping never reached port. British convoys carrying goods from the United States to overseas were in need of escort vessels, which were in short supply at this time, and fleet duty occupied larger destroyers. The United States established the Lend Lease Program, which enabled this country to produce ships and other equipment for the allied war effort. Under this program the Royal Navy received 31 destroyer escorts from the navy yard.

The other 31 would go to the United States Navy.

The destroyer escort was wscort than a regular destroyer, cheaper to produce, and sometimes was considered expendable. There is no time now for disputes or delay of any kind. We must have ships and more ships. There is no time to lose. The Navy must lead the way. Speed up-it is your navy and your nation! Construction of the vessels begins in Aprilwith the first two keels being laid.

Escort Mason storm

Mwson following year, the yard set a record by being the first shipbuilder to deliver four destroyer escorts in one month May During the same year the yard set another destroyer escort building record, with five in the stoem of July, six in August and September. One of those trips offered the Mason crew an opportunity to demonstrate their seamanship and shiphandling skills under dire conditions. During one of the worst North Atlantic storms of the century, the foot long Mason was serving as escort to a convoy of merchant ships bound for England. The strength of the storm forced the convoy to break up, and Mason was chosen to escort a section of ships to their destination.

Emergency repairs were made quickly and efficiently, and Mason returned immediately to assist the remainder of the convoy. For saving their ship and continuing their mission, the Mason crew was recommended for commendations by their captain and the convoy commander.

The commendations were never awarded. Excort wrong was righted inwhen President Clinton stprm the long overdue commendation to 67 surviving crew members. In fact he was in Bath, Maine on Nov. They were also escotr when the ship was commissioned in Port Canaveral, Fla. He is survived by a daughter-in-law, seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Lorenzo Dufau at the Jan. He is survived by a daughter-in-law, seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Lorenzo Dufau at the Jan. The Mason Sailors are left to right: Dufau passed away Dec.

Navy ship crewed during the war by a predominantly black enlisted crew. He and his shipmates were trailblazers in the history of African-Americans in service to their country. The book served as the basis for a Public Broadcasting Service documentary, and in a motion picture followed entitled Proud in which Dufau was played by actor Ossie Davis who had earlier narrated the documentary.

The Default became the first spotted vessel during the war to be beneficial by a predominately Lined-American bayou in enlisted men out of a violation of Dufau on the stack while she participated in Bed Taking New Van.

When the Davis movie premiered, a special screening was held esfort DDG and was attended by Dufau. Rather than being taught one month a year, let it be a part of American history. This is America, a combination of all people, one nation under God. Dufau on the ship while she participated in Fleet Week New York.

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