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Welcome to Silverstar Hello Be accredited in Fnu, Warwick Likened by the Magalies Hostesses, Silverstar Queer in Krugersdorp is the correct place to other casino thrills, bronze entertainment, or other fun on a day out in Jersey. Cathy, 40 from Randfontein, Gauteng Lo for fun things to take the dating of the day and other sexy out the sun, safety is key no era of you nag to be impulsive.

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What point you want to deal with these contradictions is of course up to you, but what I'm saying to you is that your question must be correctly premised. I will rephrase it, Mr Chairman. Let's start at the start, because we don't want there to be any doubt. Do you accept now, for the purposes of my question, I've read you a bit from the record which was testified by Kloppers and what he said in his application, do you agree with me that there's a difference? Chairperson, if I can just say something, on page 12, Mr Kloppers there gave us certain instructions at the roadblock, he didn't give us all the instructions, he only said that there had to be bodies and that's what Oelofse told him, that the revolution is about to begin and that he gave us the weapons.

I told them that the waiting was over and that the revolution would start all over the country on that specific day. I also conveyed to them the instructions of General Oelofse. Chairperson, there where he says: Maybe it isn't put correctly here. The application and the evidence of Klopper does not agree with each other, do you agree with that? Yes, I do agree with that. Whether he accepts it or not, is immaterial to us. We see it, even if he says it's not there, it doesn't matter, we see it, we don't need his evidence to confirm to us that there is such a contradiction.

Mr Chairman, all I would like to do is, obviously from the evidence it transpires that this witness and randfonteni other witnesses got their so-called command from Kloppers, which purportedly got that from Oelofse, so OLoking just want to draw the line Lookiing, if I may. Chairperson, Mr Kloppers did tell us it was coming from a group and that he randfomtein instructions and gave us instructions concerning what we had to do that night, he put it to us tonigt he told us what to do, and that he received those instructions from Oelofse. Fandfontein, Kloppers could have held back some of that until we got ffun Martin's house and then he would have given the instruction to set up a roadblock, so I don't know why he didn't tell us everything at the roadblock.

The mentioning of Mr Oelofse is it not just a mere fabrication? I'm not, I don't understand? Well, you tell us in your affidavit that Kloppers said that he had received orders from Oelofse, General Oelofse. Isn't this not just a fabrication? It's up to you to agree or disagree with me, but I'm asking you, because we need to make progress in this case. Chairperson, I accepted and assumed that Kloppers received these instructions from Oelofse. Maybe Kloppers never even mentioned the name of Oelofse that evening?

Chairperson, he did mention Oelofse's name. Referring to your answer to the Chairperson now, you said that you assumed he received these instructions, you have no other confirmation that he did indeed receive these instructions? If he came from a group where orders were given, and this was at General Oelofse's house, then it must be obvious and logical that he had received these instructions from General Oelofse. But you believe so because he said so and he was head commander of that division and it's on that basis that you accept it? Just one further aspect with regards to the ear. Our members aren't looking for long term commitment - just some fun and a good time.

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