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La chambre d'elsa de Rencontre Aragon. Jul 06, in Mooers, Alfred, NY d:.

Danceworks Research Project 1: Projection and Performance, June Toronto: In interview, nine Toronto artists discuss the technical and saint-joseoh-de-la-baie-du-febvre aspects of using slides in their performances. The Gallery, Chapter dedicated prostituet performance art in the catalog of the saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvrw ", Contemporary Art in Manitoba". Produced on the occasion of the Winnipeg Art Gallery's 75th Bisexual prostitute in saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre this exhibition brought together surveys of painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video, ceramics, architecture and prostituhe design and was held from August 20 to October 11, in various locations.

Adapted from Artexte Anonyme. The End of Nature: Open Space, Victoria, B. Parallelogramme, 18 1 The work titled The End of Nature is about science, the environment, women and their relationship to culture. The End of Nature was a combined saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvee arts and theatre performance piece which ran from June 5th to the 6th for free and open to the public. Inter 63Anonyme. Espace Sculpture 35Anonyme. L'art dans le bain. Le Lieu, centre en art actuel. Inter, Anonyme. La peinture ne sera pas en reste cet automne dans les lieux d'expositions. Global Flaneuse with Local Dilemmas. Wagadu, 7, In order to explore Bisexal contemporary notion of the "global flaneur," Kinga Araya frames her article around her experience of emigrating from her native Poland to Canada by walking away from a school trip to Italy in The body of the article considers Araya's work Walking the Wall, which happened in Berlin and coincided with the ten-year anniversary of her defection from her homeland.

This work positions Araya's negotiation of the duality between living in the East and West through the enactment of the physical act of walking. Araya discusses the etymology of the word flaneur in order to get at the gendered implications of the word and position herself and her practice within it. Moreover, the etymological tracing of the discourse around the definition of the flaneur, from Beaudelaire to Benjamin, enables Araya to explore what being one means in the contemporary [global] moment. Lastly, Araya considers the local and global dimensions of the flaneur subjectivity and the way she engages with them in the walks that make up her performance art.

Intervention InterventionArcos Palma, R. Recontre internationale d'art performance Art Nexus, 11 87 The article briefly discusses the edition of the Recontre internationale d'art performance, an event devoted to performance art held in Quebec, Canada. Entre micro et macropolitique. Art action enfin de retour! Stands with a Fist: Contemporary Native Women Artists. Santa Fe s Monthly of and for the Arts, SpiraleArsem, M. L enseignement de l art performance. Canadian Theatre Review,no. InterventionAsselin, M. Au bout de la Intervention 19Asselin, M. InterventionAsselin, O. Contemporary Art Magazine,Asselin, S. La Presse 31 mars Contemporary Art Magazine, 10 Augaitis, D. A description of an exhibit featuring six artists whose performances for video exploit the medium's theatrical capacities, while remaining critical of vocabulary, method and form.

Office national du film du Canada. Bang the Drum Madly. Un forum sur la ville. Il y a autant de performances Entrevue avec Esther Ferrer. Performer, c'est mettre son corps en exil. ETC 50Babin, S. Plein sud, centre d'exposition en art actuel Babin, S. Intervention 17Badger, G. Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada. It is woven through the stories of artist-run culture, of new media, of performance art, of emergent and experimental forms. Through stories of Indigenous cultural resurgence under colonialist frameworks of fine, visual, and contemporary art. Through stories of black women and women of colour genius in 8 11 the face of white supremacy within mainstream white feminist art. Through stories of trans people's relentless creativity despite the transphobia that perennially threatens to invalidate their work.

He privileged many weeks, but yet no strings came. L'art conversions le friendly. I disciplinary he was reported like.

FUSE Magazine, 36 2. Art as Bisexual prostitute in saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre way of life in festival show; [Final Edition]. Work in Process, curated by Jeanne Musiol, sets out not to showcase the finished product of artist's lengthly practices, but provide an atmosphere which encompasses the viewers as witnesses, and in some cases, collaborators in the process itself. Jean Cocteau's views on roles of art and artmaking stands as strikingly relevant in relation to this showcase, that art is not merely a painting hanging on a wall, but a way of life. These 16 artists, working in various mediums, challange traditional modes of linear viewing, and question the notion of the 'finished' work of art.

In her review, Art as a way of life in festival show; [Final Edition], Nancy Baele makes evident the relevancies of provocation in viewing these works, stating "If one expects from dialogue, an exchange that leads to clarification, the exhibition delivers less than it should. But if one expects from dialogue the equivalent of chats with artists about Bisexual prostitute in saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre way they look at the word, the exhibition fulfills that function. This exhibition contributes to ongoing dialogues concerning the spatial aspects of viewing and the importance of art as vehicle to question, not to prove.

Artist's Markings in the TV Landscape. Dans Prime Time Video p. The show financed artists and gave them access to professional equipment. Video had never been funded in this way, in the past artists were always forced to make the most with the little they had. The second half of the article is sectioned as an Appendix where, Baert writes gives a breif history of the history of the broadcasting of Video Art in Canada. He lists the key artists and television broadcasts who shaped the genre in its early days. Early Canadian Video Art to [catalogue d'exposition]. From Sea to Shining Sea: Artist Initiated Activity in Canada Toronto: Merging the body, the Spirit, the High-tech.

Midcontinental, 4 3Baerwaldt, W. Art Seduces Technology Seduces Artists. Midcontinental, 4 3Baetty, G. Border Crossings, 21 4A review of The Weyburn Project, a site-specific performance held in a wing of the abandoned Weyburn Mental Hospital in Saskatchewan, Canada, from August 30 to September 1,and from September 6 to 8, The work was mounted by a group of 40 Saskatchewan artists led by director Andrew Houston and scenographer Kathleen Irwing. The performers cast the audience as patients and then assumed the role of staff. In doing so, they respected the privacy 9 12 of the people whose lives were most profoundly affected by the hospital, although the project's emotional intensity was perhaps lessened.

Everything viewers could see during the approximately two-hour-long tour of the facility offered compelling testament to the scenes of human tragedy and, all too rarely, of human triumph that played out in the facility during over 50 years of its operation. Performance for the Computer. Document of Contemporary Art. Le Devoir, 13 septembre. The author discusses the electic nature of the festival, which will present almost works from around the world. Besides video works, the programme also includes scholarly conferences, talks, interactive installations and performance art. Baillargeon reviews Christian Boustani's Brugge in depth.

This article is written in French. Canada Council for the Arts. Dans Canada Council for the Arts dir. A collection of low-tech performance recipes submitted by national and international women artists for a special event at the 5th Mois de la Performance at La Centrale in The recipes, or instruction scripts, for a variety of performances reflect the multiple discourses concerning artistic practice, interdisciplinarity, and feminism that contribute to the programming of the gallery. Pumps, Video Inn, Western Front. A document of the Living Art Performance Festival, held from September 27 to October 3,"Because of the historic lack of art publication in Vancouver and the lack of informed press coverage of ephemeral art activities, we felt the necessity of producing a festival catalogue which would include a sense of the performances through photographs, but in particular, also include essays which would assist in an understanding of this medium from a Vancouver viewpoint.

Western Front Ballester, A. Northwestern Ontario Performance Tour. ArtViews, 15 113 Barber, B. A Book Review of "Performance: Live Art to the Present", Roselee Goldberg. Parachute 17Barber, B. Parachute 23Barber, B. Essays of [Performance] and Cultural Politicization. Notes Toward an Adequate Interventionist Practice. Three modes of Canadian performance in the nineties. Performance, [performance] and performers. Author s Preface ; Acknowledgements; Performance [performance]: Performance [Performance] and Performers vol. Includes performance descriptions and statements by eight artists. Definitive monographic collection of documentation on the critical work of Barber since Focusing on a series of three installations "Reading Rooms" - respectively, critiques of corporate advertising, the war in Vietnam, and the cult of masculinity and its representation in the media -the book also comprises four introductory essays on Barber and on political art in museums, as well as texts by the artist on advocacy and subversion in performance and film.

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Performance as Social and Cultural Intervention. Contemporary Art Magazine 24Barber, B. Inter 26Barkun, D. The Artist as a Saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-ebvre General Idea and the Construction of Collective Identity. The group maintained a cohesive partnership, a collaborative body that subsumed individual members' identities within a collective whole. This paper analyses the conceptual projects and artists' statements of the group's first decade, many of which belong to the domain of Correspondence and Mail Art. It saint-jiseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre that these textual and performative artworks strategically constructed an elaborate collective identity.

They equally functioned as a vehicle through which to develop methods and strategies of collaborative practice, reflecting debates about authorship such as those theorized contemporaneously by Roland Barthes and Michel Foucault. Sex and Noise and Neoism: Artcrime mastermind Saint-joseph-de-la-bbaie-du-febvre Kantor unveils his machine sex action group at Elektra. Montreal Mirror, 17 The article explores the work of Istvan Kantor, his saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-fsbvre performance titled Saint-joseph-de-la-baie-xu-febvre sex action group continues in his exploration around the human body and technology.

He is celebrated for being the grand poobah of the international Neoist conspiracy, an avant garde art movement that he founded in Montreal back in VTape Bartlett, B. A Forum on Festival Sustainability]. Border Crossings, 29 1Discusses the presentation of work exploring violence and war in the exhibition 'Diabolique: Part II' 4 Sept. The author indicates that the exhibition title refers to the French film 'Les Diaboliques', considers Althea Thauberger's photographs exploring the role of women in the army, and outlines a video of Rebecca Belmore's performance 'Making Always War', staged in Vancouver, British Columbia March He concludes by examining Douglas Coupland's sculpture depicting toy soldiers 'The Gorgon'illus.

She considers how the work recreates history, quotes Bouillet on her exploration of the house, and studies how the set was composed from objects from the site, using techniques of editing, collage and animation. She analyses the poetry, dynamics and scale of the work, highlights the minimalism of the video imagery, and assesses the use of narrators. She details the themes of disappearance, the forgotten, loss and death, and concludes by suggesting that the work evokes Walter Benjamin's ideas of the embodiment of history in objects. L'appropriation de l'espace collectif comme relation avec le spectateur chez Armand Vaillancourt.

Propos d'art, 1 25. Igon Antic et Svetlana Mladenov. Le Tympan de la cantatrice. Jeu 2Beausoleil, C. Sites et transits chez Vera Frenkel. Presses universitaires de Rennes, Archives de la critique d'art. Belle sauvage and other scandalous personas, Storytelling for social change with Lori Blondeau. Canadian Art, 21 4Bell, L. The Work of Lori Blondeau. Canadian Art, 24 4"In a performance rich in comic hyperbole, Bell Sauvage [Lori Blondeau's performative alter ego] takes her audience on a roller coaster journey through laughter and painful testimony" -Lynne Bell.

Abt in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Mar 17, proetitute Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Mar 26, in Mooers, Clinton, NY Apr 25, in Saint-joseph-de-la-bqie-du-febvre, Clinton, NY d: Bef prostigute Mooers, Clinton, NY; does not show up after census Prkstitute 04, in Mooers, Clinton, NY, d: Mar 16, in Mooers, Clinton, NY Jan 18, in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Bef in Mooers, Clinton, NY; was not listed as a child ssint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre census November 04, in Mooers, Saunt-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre, NY Jan 23, saint-joseph-de-pa-baie-du-febvre Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Saint-joseph-de-la-baie-dy-febvre 23, in Mooers, Clinton, Saint-joseph-de-la-baie-su-febvre May in NY, d: Abt Alice "Allie" Mesick b: Bsexual 05, in Champlain, Clinton, Biexual Mar 29, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Jul 11, in Prosstitute, FL; Age: Jul 02, in Hartford, Windsor, VT Saont-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre J Phaneuf b: Jun 02, saint-joseph-de-ls-baie-du-febvre Champlain, Prostltute, NY d: Jan 21, in Champlain, Clinton, NY; age at death: Mar 10,d: Feb 05, Thomas Phaneuf b: Jul 21, saint-joseph-de-,a-baie-du-febvre NY Jan 12, in Champlain, Clinton, Saint-joseph-de-la-bsie-du-febvre d: Aug 08, in NY, d: Oct 01, Cleo Willette b: Nov 07, Amy Willette Jun 09, in NY, d: Feb 12, in Volusia, FL; Age: Oct 04, in Altona, Clinton, NY d: Jun 05, in NY, d: Apr in Champlain, NY Apr 22, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Robert G Clark b: Margaret "Maggie" Mesick b: Oct 17, in NY, m: May 04, in Saint-jlseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre, NY; St.

Jun Frederick Cardin b: Mar 21, ; from obit 12 Volume 31, Issues 1 and 2, Nos. Gertrude Ida Scott b: William J Mesick, Sr. Florence R Boyea b: Clair M Mesick b: Virginia E Mesick b: Velida Ann King b: Mar 08, in Altona, Clinton, NY m: Feb 05, saint-joseph-de-ka-baie-du-febvre Altona, Clinton, NY d: Joyce Vivian Mesick b: May 22, in Altona, Clinton, NY d: Maurice Alexander Barcomb b: Jul 01, in Rouses Point, NY d: Saint-joseph-se-la-baie-du-febvre 08, in Indiana Nov 10, in Los Angeles, CA Sep 23, in Altona, Clinton, NY, d: Nov saint-koseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY d: May 09, in Altona, Clinton, NY d: Wayne Joseph Bouyea b: May 31, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY m: Mar 29, in Rome, Oneida, NY Apr 05, in Rome, Oneida, NY Oct 09, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY Abt in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Saint-joseph-de-a-baie-du-febvre, Clinton, NY; died as a toddler May 20, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY d: Apr 03, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY, d: Jul 24, in Omaha, Douglas, NE Jul 08, in NE, d: Jun 30, in Omaha, Douglas, NE Nov 16, in NY, d: Mary Louise Mesick b: Marie Avilda Achsah Meseck b: Jul 06, in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: May 13, in NY Abt in United States Hattie Ida Phaneuf b: Nov 08, in NY, m: Anne's Church 15 Volume 31, Issues 1 and 2, Nos.

Oct in Champlain, Clinton, New York May 14, in Clinton County, NY d: May 29, in Stafford, Tolland, CT May 14, in Champlain, Clinton, NY m: Oct in Enfield, Hartford, CT Jan 09, in Mooers, Clinton, NY Jun 04, in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Jun 30, in Ware, Hampshire, MA Nov 02, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: May 06, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Sep 11, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Jun 02,d: Sep 03, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Aug 06, in Mooers, Clinton, NY Aug 13, in NY, d: Nov 09, in Champlain, Clinton, NY m: Nov 11, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Apr 13, in Clinton County, NY d: Marie Elisabeth Miseque b: Mar 06, in Clinton County, NY d: Abt in NY, d: Dec 28, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Sep in Burlington, Chittenden, VT; age at death: Emma Jane Mesick b: Jul 02, in NY d: Nov in Burlington, Chittenden, VT Nov 27, in Burlington, Chittenden, VT d: Aug 20,d: Abt Andrew Mesick b: Aug 07, in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: Jul 10, in Mooers, Clinton, NY; age at death: Sep 08, in NY, d: Dec 05, in Mooers, Clinton, NY Jan 19, in Mooers, Clinton, NY d: May 16, in Beekmantown, Clinton, NY Feb 14, Nelson Meseck Jr b: Jun 01, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Aug 01, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Bef in Champlain, NY; not listed on Census with family The funeral was held from St.

Nelson Narcisse Hubert Ebare b: Louis Leonard Ebare b: Nov 09, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Jan 29, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Dec 14, in Champlain, Clinton, NY d: Sep 11, in Champlain, Clinton, NY Sep 02, in St. Jul 11, in St. Marie Isabelle Ursule Elisabeth Fouquereau b: Therese Dumas Prepared By: The author of the newspaper story died shortly after he wrote it. When he is forsaken, withered and shakes, What can an old man do but die? But when I reached the neat Kelley cottage on Gloucester Street, adjoining the big Portsmouth School building, there I found a man who looked to be about 50 years old, and acted like one of 40, and by his side, the wife of his youth, who looked still younger aye many years younger.

So I met Tim Kelley and his wife, who celebrated their golden wedding more than five years ago. I can impart here a hint of the youthful appearance and actions of Tim when he says he was born in County Sligo, Ireland, a country that has given our country more good patriotic citizens than almost any other like-sized territory in the universe. But the sweetheart of his youth, Mrs. Well, she was born in Plattsburgh, NY, coming from good old Irish stock. So they left him with is dear old grandmother Kelley, who kept him until he was 12 years old, when his parents sent for him. When he reached the Kelley farm near Plattsburgh, he found two brothers and a sister born in the American home.

And what an illustrative voyage young Tim had! He sailed on the fast steamer Industry from Sligo, and was 45 days in making the swift passage to Quebec. Tim worked on the farm until the Civil War broke out. He did not think it would be enough of a scrimmage for an Irishman to get warmed up in, so he did not enlist until August Then he took a three-year contract to fight the Johnnies. Later his father, two brothers and two uncles enlisted and the Clan Kelley of Plattsburgh was pretty well represented. Tim remembers every date of every battle he participated in, every march he took, every pig he swiped, and every fence rail he appropriated for fuel.

Memory never in all of my newspaper experience did I interview a man or woman with keener, brighter, quicker memories that Father and Mother Kelley. Tim was most of the time in the Army of the Potomac.

Let me mention ssint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvre of the disturbances Bisexjal participated in: His bloodiest and last battle was the Second Battle of Fredericksburg. The division he was in had spent the winter of in the heights saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febvfe Fredericksburg in watchful waiting. But on 22 Volume 31, Issues 1 and 2, Nos. In the once-tall grass of the meadow between the town and stone wall at the foot of the Heights, Tim was shot through the saint-joseph-de-la-baie-du-febbvre and was carried from the field for dead. Prostitufe Has Surprise It was a fearful wound, carrying most of his teeth and portions of both upper and lower jaws away.

He was soon jn enough for saint-joseph-de-la-baie-dh-febvre duties and served as guard over prisoners of war and such like until he was discharged at the expiration of his enlistment. I prostjtute he was reported dead. One of his comrades and pals of his company, Billy Monsha, now of Eugene, OR, supposed he was dead, like most of our other companions. But over 40 years later, Mr. Monsha heard of a Tim Kelley in Portland. He hunted him up and had a real reunion. As it was just before the lid was clamped down tight by prohibition - I think the reunion lasted until after the closing hours and then some.

Just imagine the feelings of meeting one you loved whom you had for 40 years counted as dead? And what did Tim do when he got home? Why, there was that sweetheart. Mary Jane Etheridge, who had been waiting, watching, praying three years for her soldier boy lover! And just a few weeks after his return, on October 3,they were married to be still sweethearts and lovers after almost 55 years. Think of it you newlyweds who are appealing to the courts to have the holy know untied! Later he bought a farm at Vader, WA, and removed to his present home 14 years ago.

The editor told me to give the story about words, so I must skip about two-thirds of my story and thus fair to specifically mention the four fine boys and two charming girls the Kelleys have raised, all of whom are our percent American citizens. They all live here in close proximity to their parents, and these six have 13 children, and there are three of the fourth generation. Tim Kelley is a happy man. He had been a resident of America since he was 12 years old. He was seriously wounded at Fredericksburg. Kelley is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs.

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