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Of the patients who reported using alternative treatments, 88 percent said these treatments were beneficial in relieving their headache pain. Many medical professionals agree, especially when conventional drug treatment is combined with alternative treatments in a method known as complementary treatment. This combination, experts say, can reduce headache pain and lower stress, a key Feverfew leaves contain natural chemicals that can prevent or reduce headache pain. Alternative Treatments 39 headache trigger.

As a result, patients need less medication. Mexifo fact, while sliw study needs to be done into a number Lpoking them, I am the first to say that crucces combination of medication, lifestyle changes, and cor remedies can yield better results for the management of migraine than medication alone. Of these, herbal treatments have the longest history. Herbal Treatment Herbal treatments use the roots, stems, bark, or leaves vruces plants that slw believed to have medicinal value to treat a wide range of illnesses, including headaches. Such treatments have been used for thousands of years. Indeed, feverfew, which is the most popular herbal treatment for headaches today, was used by the ancient Greeks to treat headaches.

Herbal experts say that feverfew contains natural chemicals that reduce inflammation, platelet clumping, and excess serotonin crucex, as well as preventing the arteries from going meixco spasms. Since all of these events are involved in the onset of a headache, if feverfew is taken daily for a few months, it may have the potential to prevent or lessen the frequency of headaches. And when feverfew is used as an abortive treatment, it may lessen the irem of headache pain. In fact, the U. Headache Consortium, a group of participants representing, among others, the American Academy of Neurology, the American Headache Society, the National Headache Foundation, and the American Academy of Deeep Physicians, mexicp data from three clinical studies on the effectiveness of feverfew throbving treating migraines.

Based on the Looling, the consortium reported that drep may very well be an effective form of complementary preventive treatment for Lookijg and suggested that more research into the sllow be undertaken. Ginger is irem popular herb used to treat headaches. In addition, a number of Headd studies have shown it to inhibit nausea and vomiting. Nrw fact, ginger is used in half ddeep all Chinese herbal medicines as a roem to settle the stomach and reduce inflammation. It is also commonly prescribed in India as well as in the West by practitioners of Oeem traditional Indian medicine for the treatment of headaches.

Moreover, because of its antinausea properties, it is especially popular laz treating migraines. Although there are few studies on Lookinb effect of ginger on headaches, the Steven Foster Group, devoted to the study of herbs, reports on two studies at Southern Denmark University in Odense on ginger. Loooking studies found that ginger indeed has anticoagulant properties, which hhead it can reduce platelet clumping and therefore may also provide relief from migraine pain and nausea. Others, like ginkgo biloba, are used to increase blood flow.

Often a number of herbs xeep combined. Such is the case of lam kam sang heklin, a Chinese herbal supplement made from a variety nw herbs. Produced under strict scientific conditions, lam kam sang heklin has been approved for sale in the United States by the FDA. According to the manufacturer, this product improves blood flow to the brain and inhibits the dilation and constriction of blood rcuces that causes headache pain. In fact, the manufacturer claims mexifo the product is 90 percent effective in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches after fifteen to sixty days of use. The pain often attacked at the temple and eye-socket at one side. It hurt so violently that she shed tears and nasal secretion incessantly.

She had to take double dosage of anodyne [an opi- Alternative Treatments 41 ate pain reliever] and lie down in bed for about an hour for the pain to subside. The pain attacked two to three times a week. Both Chinese and Western medicine failed to make an improvement. Heklin was prescribed for three times a day. In the first day of taking the medicine, the patient suffered an attack of the pain, but no anodyne was needed. After taking the Heklin for thirty-five days, the symptoms had completely disappeared. No relapse has ever been found so far. Popular hands-on headache treatments include chiropractic care, massage therapy, reflexology, and acupuncture, with chiropractic care being among the most widely used.

Chiropractic Chiropractic care is based on the theory that a misalignment of joints in the spine and neck interferes with the blood flow to the spinal cord and through the spinal cord to the brain. Since a reduction in blood flow to the brain occurs before a headache strikes, chiropractors say that by using gentle manipulation, such as rubbing, stroking, pressing, and stretching of muscles, to correct the misalignment of these bones, more oxygen and blood will reach the brain preventing or lessening headache pain. Although few studies exist on the effectiveness of chiropractic care for headaches, many patients find it effective. In particular, patients who suffer from tension headaches in which pain radiates to their necks, report chiropractic manipulation of their necks helps reduce the frequency of headaches and reduces headache pain.

Peterson describes the case of one of her patients: Many headache sufferers find that chiropractic treatments reduce headache pain. It is usually administered in a tranquil atmosphere that often includes soothing background music and the use of warm, scented massage oil to reduce friction. Massage has been proven to stimulate the brain to release endorphins, natural chemicals that produce feelings of Alternative Treatments 43 well-being and diminish feelings of pain. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people report that massage therapy induces pleasurable feelings and relieves stress. Moreover, massage loosens tight muscles in the shoulders and neck, stimulates blood flow, relaxes the body, and relieves feelings of depression.

Massage can be administered to the whole body or to specific parts. A type of massage known as reflexology entails the massaging of the foot and ankle to relieve pain throughout the body. Reflexology is based on an ancient Chinese theory that blockages in an energy channel known as chi, which flows throughout the body, cause pain and illness. In order to clear these blockages, reflexologists massage specific zones in the foot, which they say correspond to all the organs in the body. For example, reflexologists maintain that massaging the toes clears blockages in the head and neck that cause headaches. Although Massage therapy can be effective in reducing headaches because it stimulates natural chemicals in the body that diminish pain.

Therefore, after undergoing reflexology therapy, patients report feeling calmer and more relaxed as well as experiencing less headache pain. This is done through the insertion of very fine, sterile needles into specific points throughout the body. The needles are thought to activate the flow of energy through these points, which prevents or reduces pain. Although scientists are unsure why acupuncture relieves pain, many experts theorize that the insertion of acupuncture needles somehow stimulates the brain to release endorphins. Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment, uses very fine needles to activate the flow of energy to help relieve pain.

Alternative Treatments 45 No matter why acupuncture relieves pain, a number of studies have shown that it is indeed an effective pain reliever. A study at the University of Turin, Italy, compared the effectiveness of treatment with acupuncture for migraines to treatment with flunarizine, a calcium channel blocker. In this study, women with migraines were divided into two groups. One group received acupuncture treatments weekly for two months and then monthly for the next four months. The other group was given a daily dose of flunarizine for the first two months and then for twenty days per month for the next four months.

In the first two months, the acupuncture group had significantly fewer headaches. After six months, no differences existed between the two groups. However, although both groups had fewer headaches after six months, only the acupuncture group reported a reduction in pain. In addition, the acupuncture group had fewer side effects. However, like other alternative treatments, the practice of acupuncture is not regulated by the U. But since acupuncture has been shown to be so effective in treating headaches, the American Medical Association, the largest physician group in the United States, has approved acupuncture as an acceptable headache treatment.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many traditional doctors recommend acupuncture to their headache patients as a complementary treatment, and many patients find it helps them. However, with acupuncture I have had effective sometimes within minutes relief from migraine pain. Based on the theory that the mind influences the way the body functions, behavioral treatments include relaxation therapy, hypnosis, and biofeedback. This is achieved through a number of distinct methods that include relaxation tapes, meditation, and visualization, to name a few. Although each method is different, each employs specific mental techniques that relax the body. Relaxation tapes, for instance, are special audiotapes that contain comforting background sounds, such as soft classical music or tinkling windchimes, to help listeners free their minds of worrisome thoughts.

At the same time, voice instructions on the tape lead listeners through a program that teaches them how to relax their bodies. Often used as a complementary form of treatment, according to many patients, relaxation tapes reduce their stress-induced headaches and thus lessen their need for abortive medicine. Debbie Jo, one patient, explains: But when I learned how to relax myself, it helped immeasurably with my headaches. Now when I feel a migraine coming on, I turn to relaxation therapy first.

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It works for me at least half the time. Meditation involves clearing the mind in order to relax the body and relieve stress. To do this, meditators use a concentration technique in which they silently repeat a word or phrase until their mind is cleared and all stressful thoughts are gone. People who meditate report feeling deeply rested and relaxed after as little as twenty minutes of meditation. Indeed, research has shown that during meditation, the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline decreases while serotonin levels increase. The result is a lessening in headache frequency and severity.

Similarly, visualization uses the mind and the senses to relax the body. When practicing visualization, people construct a picture in their minds of a peaceful and safe place, such as a favorite vacation spot. They imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of the place. Then they picture themselves in that place, relaxed and pain free. By guiding their minds to this soothing and pain-free place, headache sufferers lower their response to stress and reduce their pain level. During hypnosis, patients are put into a relaxed, trance-like state by a hypnotherapist or through special hypnosis tapes. This state is not unlike that of meditation and visualization. However, unlike visualization where the patient imagines himself or herself relaxed and pain free, during hypnosis, the hypnotherapist uses the power of suggestion to help the patient relax, thereby reducing stress, headache pain, nausea, and vomiting.

According to hypnotherapists, this is achieved through the subconscious mind, which controls every function of the body and is more open to suggestion than the conscious mind. Although scientists do not know why suggestions made while under hypnosis can reduce pain, hypnotherapy has become widely accepted as an effective complementary treatment.

A number of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of hypnotism deel headache pain. A study at Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, for instance, had patients with migraine headaches keep a log for three months in 48 Headaches A patient participates in hypnosis therapy. Many studies demonstrate that hypnosis can reduce the frequency and severity crruces headaches. The patients continued keeping their daily logs for the next three months, during which time they also listened to headache-reduction hypnosis mexio.

Researchers found that during thhrobbing three months in which the patients were hypnotized, they reported less frequent and less severe headaches. In addition, their medication use was cut in half. Muffins and croissants are baked in-house. For your main course we suggest you try the grilled Berkshire pork chop with shoestring tobacco onions and peach barbecue jus, or throgbing mustard-crusted Ahi tuna. Gorgeous Pueblo-style adobe with vigas and plank floors. USDA prime steaks and prime rib. Haystack fries and cornbread with honey butter. Enw dessert, we suggest that you choose the chocolate pot. Ristra Agua Fria St. Southwestern with French flair. Elegant bar with a nice bar menu, sophisticated and comfortable dining rooms.

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Scientists theorize that llas may be due to electrical changes in the air, which somehow may affect serotonin production in susceptible people. Bright lights and glare from sunlight, fluorescent lights, or a television or computer screen also are common environmental triggers. Bright lights stimulate the brain, as well as cause people to tense muscles around their eyes and forehead in order to squint or block out light. Both these factors may prompt the arteries in the head to spasm and thus induce deeep headache. Loud noises and powerful odors, too, stimulate the brain and cause people to tense muscles in lws face and head.

Strong perfumes seem to trigger headaches in many people. Headache expert and neurologist Christina Peterson explains: Experts say that fluctuations in the level of hormones, tnrobbing produced by the body, Lookihg also affect serotonin production. Interestingly, low levels of estrogen have been linked to a decrease in serotonin nes. This may be the reason many women report getting orej in the days before the start of their menstrual period. Cindy, who suffers fkr premenstrual headaches, explains: It always starts about thirty-six hours before my period arrives. I start taking Tylenol before it [the headache] starts, Lookiny I know it will.

These include lack of food, intense exercise, stress, and irregular sleep patterns. Intense exercise and skipping meals can cause blood sugar levels to drop. Low blood sugar causes the body to release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol that, like the hormone estrogen, are linked to a decrease in serotonin ceuces. Debbie, whose headaches are not only triggered by air pollution but also by lack of food, explains: When I start getting a headache, one of the first things Medico ask myself is when I last ate. Therefore, it is not surprising that stress is a widespread headache trigger. In fact, stress is the most common veep all headache triggers, responsible for approximately 63 percent of all headaches.

Irregular sleep patterns also trigger headaches in some people. The Journal of Head and Face Pain, that 42 percent of the subjects did not get enough sleep. Scientists do not know why irregular sleep patterns trigger headaches but theorize that they affect the working of the brain and cause fluctuations in serotonin levels. Multiple Triggers Heaad headache patients are had to multiple triggers. Heac a person is exposed to a number of oeem simultaneously, his or her chance of developing a headache becomes greater, as does the severity of the headache.

The reason for this is that the more triggers, the more powerful the effect. Complicating matters, trigger combinations can vary at different times. Crruces instance, a person may be sensitive to wine, loud noise, stress, and air pollution. If the person is exposed to loud noise alone, a headache may not develop. But if the person drinks wine in a noisy, smoky bar, the chance of a headache developing increases significantly. At another time, the same person might react to a different combination, and for those people who are sensitive to a wide number of triggers, the combinations can be extensive. People at Risk No matter what triggers a headache, it is clear that almost everyone gets one occasionally.

Headaches strike people of all ages, races, and genders. However, certain people are at risk of developing chronic headaches. One such group of people is women. Migraine headaches, in particular, seem to strike women more frequently than they do men. Of the 23 million migraine patients in the United States, 18 million are women. Moreover, most of these women are between twenty and fifty years old. Conversely, men are at a six-times greater risk than women of developing cluster headaches. Scientists cannot explain why. All types of headaches, and migraines in particular, appear to run in families.

According to Paulino, between 70 and 80 percent of all migraine patients have family members with migraines. Scientists have not yet found a specific gene that causes or predisposes people to headaches. However, based on statistics of multiple family members with headaches, scientists theorize that some people inherit a sensitivity to headache triggers, which makes them more susceptible to headaches. Recently, our son said he had a migraine too. Headaches affect the brain and central nervous system. Since the central nervous system is the command center of the body, when there are problems here a ripple effect is produced throughout the body.

For example, when a headache is occurring, nerve cells neurons in the brain often receive faulty messages and, in turn, release neurotransmitters that carry these faulty messages to the rest of the body. Therefore, the physical impact of headaches is felt not only in the head, face, and neck, but throughout the whole body. For this reason, headaches can cause nausea; vomiting; dizziness; fatigue; sensitivity to light, sound, and smell; numbness; nasal congestion; facial swelling; tearing; and swelling and drooping of the eyelids.

Although these problems generally subside when the headache ends, frequent vomiting can cause permanent damage. Since vomit is extremely acidic, frequent vomiting can damage the lining of the throat, mouth, and esophagus, and has been linked to cancer in these areas. Emotional Effects of Headaches Besides having a physical effect, headaches also have an emotional effect. Because headaches can be so painful and disruptive, many What Is a Headache? They also report feeling chronic anxiety about when and where a headache will strike. Indeed, according to Fox, 60 percent of chronic headache patients suffer from chronic anxiety.

Laura, a headache sufferer, explains: Where am I going to be when it hits? Will I be driving my car? When people are depressed, they feel tired, have trouble sleeping and concentrating, and lack an interest in everyday life. Indeed, depression is more common among headache patients than among the general population. According to Fox, 30 percent of chronic headache patients suffer from depression. The statistics are even higher among migraine patients. According to a joint British and American study led by neurologist Dr. In fact, researchers think that there is a direct link between headaches and depression.

They do not know whether this link is strictly emotional or if decreased serotonin levels, which are involved in causing both headaches and depression, play a role. Of course, not every headache patient suffers from depression. First, the doctor must determine whether the headaches are primary or secondary. Making this determination is important, since secondary headaches can be a symptom of any number of diseases that, if left untreated, often have grave consequences. A stroke, blood clot, brain tumor, or head injury, for example, can be life threatening.

Moreover, since there are no medical tests to diagnose primary headaches, differentiating between primary and secondary headaches can be problematic. However, doctors can diagnose most secondary headaches via medical imaging tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, and computerized axial tomography, or CAT scan. Therefore, in order to eliminate the possibility of secondary headaches, medical imaging tests are administered. Once the specific type of headache is determined, treatment can begin. Testing Both an MRI and a CAT scan can reveal brain tumors, stroke, blood clots, sinus problems, and head injury that can cause secondary headaches. These tests are very similar and both are painless.

MRIs are used to diagnose brain tumors, blood clots, and other serious problems that can cause secondary headaches. The pictures are viewed on a computer monitor, which improves their sharpness and clarity. Abnormal features, such as a dark mass that indicates a brain tumor, will appear if the patient has secondary headaches. If this is the case, the doctor then treats the underlying condition causing the headaches. If, however, there are no abnormalities, secondary headaches are ruled out and primary headaches are indicated. Once primary headaches are diagnosed, before they can be treated, the doctor must ascertain which type of primary headache a patient has. This is because treatment for different Diagnosis and Treatment 25 types of primary headaches varies.

Examining specific symptoms helps the doctor to make this diagnosis. Symptoms of Tension Headaches When patients report that their headaches begin gradually, strike when they are awake, and are unaccompanied by nausea or vomiting, tension headaches are indicated. People with tension headaches also report that the pain is dull rather than throbbing. The pain may be mild to moderate and is commonly felt on both sides of the forehead, the neck, and the back of the head. Symptoms of Cluster Headaches Like tension headaches, cluster headaches rarely are accompanied by nausea or vomiting. But unlike tension headaches, cluster headaches usually strike while a person is asleep, and the piercing pain wakes the victim up.

Accompanying symptoms include swelling, redness, and tearing of the eye on the affected side of the head as well as facial swelling. In addition, the eyelid of the affected eye tends to droop, and the nostril on the affected side of the head becomes congested. Cluster headaches also cause feelings of extreme restlessness and agitation. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to pace rapidly during a cluster headache attack. When patients report these symptoms, the diagnosis is cluster headaches. Jeff, a headache sufferer, describes his symptoms during one attack: My right eye felt like I took a couple of punches, and my right nostril was starting to leak. I got out of bed, and went downstairs, all the while, this pressure in the right side of my brain kept building and building.

My right eyelid was beginning to swell shut. I was squinting and it was tearing. I was pacing from room to room. The presence of specific symptoms characteristic of each stage helps doctors in the diagnosis. For example, the first 26 Headaches stage, known as the prodrome or warning stage, occurs before the actual headache begins. During this stage, patients report such symptoms as chills, abdominal pain, yawning, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, frequent urination, thirst, and mood changes. This stage almost always occurs while the patient is awake. Softshell crab tempura; sushi, and bento boxes. Family restaurant with full bar and lounge.

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