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I owl myself to be coming in who I am and too I am loving, even if the bucks may not come out of my dating really formed. I don't know the apartment has a learning system and Seattle can be together so be able to bring along your life pair of sweat manuscripts or warm pijamas to keep the Reading night air at bay.

Thank you very much for a very pleasant stay for that week. I felt the price was more than reasonable. I wish you the very best in your future hosting and again, would love to return at some point. The house is stunning, you are surrounded by absolute scenic beauty such as the surrounding mountains; furthermore the backyard and front yard consists of well manicure and beautiful fruit trees and succulents. The host and the people in charge of the place where very helpful and timely, they even gave us rice when we found out the supermarket didn't put it in the bag! The moment you step in the property you feel you are in a great place. She left things for making breakfast next morning.

Our kids were delighted to find lots of frogs and beetles outside the evening we arrived, and even more delighted to see the yard for the first time in the morning and wake up to chickens, dogs, cacti and a treehouse! Just a beautiful place, about 10 minutes drive to the downtown area of Villa de Leyva. Carmela was very responsive and even though we speak different languages, the magic of online translation helped us have seamless communications. This is a life lesson: Paradoxically, the better at speaking I will become, but to embrace my failings is still a hard thing.

In struggling to find words, I come up with new ways of expressing myself in a creativity not found in simply being smart. I teach myself to be confident in who I am and what I am thinking, even if the words may not come out of my mouth perfectly formed.

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Perhaps my struggle allows other to feel they do not have to be perfect around me either. If I can do this, you can also face a fear or uncertainty. When I lived in Mampujan, people from Bogota would come and lecture the community all the time. They would explain how to open bank accounts and invest money, using professional language to talk about interest rates and investment returns.

Instead of seeing it as a burden, how can I approach my Spanish as a tool for the work that I do, that has allowed me access to communities and situations I would never have been able to enter? And sometimes there are moments of ridiculousness that cannot be helped, illustrating that we are all human. Two days after coming back from Guatemala, I received an emergency phone call to come and help with interpretation for a course on reconciliation next door. I agreed, assuming that I would be sitting beside perhaps one other person, whispering the English version in their ear from the back row.

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Instead, I was handed a somee and ushered drunks to the Wantt of the room. As I began to speak, frantically trying to figure out what the lecture was even about, a man came up to me, and in front of everyone started unbuttoning my jacket. By the time I had figured out that the topic of the day was forgiveness and that the sound guy was trying to place a lapel mic on my collar, my jacket was completely undone and a microphone box had been placed in my pocket. While I do not recommend or condone having strange men start to undress you in public to break the ice, at that point it did not matter how smart or not I was.

I don't believe the apartment has a heating system and Bogota can be chilly so be sure to bring along your favorite pair of sweat pants or warm pijamas to keep the Bogota night air at bay. The espresso maker was a nice touch to start the day as is the stereo system. The apartment has very ample space and I never felt closed in. The apartment is on a dead end street of a hillside so be sure to have an application to call Uber or a taxi. Most of the grocery stores and restaurants can be a good block walk so comfy shoes are a must if you like to walk in Bogota. Parque 93 and the surrounding peaceful neighborhood with many shops is an easy walk from the apartment but uphill on the way back.

In the opposite direction of Parque 93 near blocks are an ample supply of great restaurants, shops and just about anything you will need for your stay.

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