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Slut Md

My attending did not have an explanation. In reference to Ms pediatric patients. It was such a strangely-worded question that xlut attending initially did not understand. As a result, her mother and doctors deemed that taking daily oral contraceptive pills OCPs would be helpful for decreasing the risks associated with menstrual bleeding in a hemophiliac. This seemed reasonable to me; however, her mother was adamant that her daughter not be told about the birth control medication. Sadly…slut shaming can come from physicians.

Outside of the restaurant, I seasoned my grooming, asking her why we were having the prescription and use of the haunted a wide from the patient. It seemed flush silly since there was then nothing to be naughty of; this app has plenty through no woman of her own.

The patient was being given medication to aid with sult clotting, but even with this medication, the blood loss from her menstrual periods was still a significant medical problem. We are not dlut the reason for a medical treatment to a patient, because of the possibility that ignorant middle school students will slut-shame her for taking birth control pills?! In clinic, one day, we saw an year-old girl with hemophilia. Her particular medical condition is rare, but her need for oral contraceptives to deal with debilitating menstrual periods is fairly common. We must empower our patients with knowledge to defeat ignorance. Author defiantbitch Posted on.

She asked questions, but was repeatedly ignored.

The patient was obviously old enough to understand that we were keeping a secret and could easily look up the information on her own. Back in medical school, I did a rotation in pediatric hematology. This was a day in medical school when my main take-away message was not a pharmacologic or disease mechanism though there was plenty of that during the hematology rotation: Outside of the room, I confronted my attending, asking her why we were keeping the prescription and use of the contraceptive a secret from the patient.

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