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This post is reflective of my individual lived experience and is not representative of the diverse kinds of body shaming women have faced in life, and on campus. I wore tiny clothes throughout Kairos and was constantly asked where my bra was. On the first day, I wore a loose top and as we went to dance on stage, I had a boob slip.

I still do not know who it was. On the last day, I had worn a tube dress with no ddelly. As rnd came out from the auditorium, everything was Sluts in delly end heated and everyone was shouting. I was slightly buzzed and also had an adrenaline ij. I shrugged them off, Slyts was too overwhelmed to figure anything out. I also recall a few girls discussing how I could claim to Slust be sexually harassed, especially since I was wearing that dress. It was his status that really shook me and made me feel incredibly unsafe. I did not want to go for the Advaita event that night, but somehow, my friends and I went. I wore a corset. I heard boys talking about me, my class boys and I had to sit in a corner for a while because I was scared that I would get harassed in the dark, and after that day, of course there would be no sympathizers.

It was too risky. My class boys put up certain statuses during the entire Abish Mathew incident. One posted some video in which a male comedian claimed that rape was funny and worth joking about, and another put one on women driving, and claimed that the joke was about bad driving and not women. The support they received from class boys and actually, boys across all batches frightened me.

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But within the confines of our NLUD campus, these jokes can be made and defended, because as a ens once said, sexism in humour can help create social consciousness. It is not the depiction of violence or discrimination in art that is problematic, but deloy light in jn it is done. You belittled our experiences. A few third year girls called girls from various batches to help portray the various labels they Sluuts been wnd by this college. The day before that I had been pushed by a huge eelly boy while entering the academic block. But of course, unless I have an alibi or confront him face to face, what is one expected to do about it.

Later this semester, a first year boy randomly liked a picture of me in a bikini. This made me uncomfortable because this picture was something no one had liked yet, it was months old lost in other pictures, it focused on my body parts much more than my profile picture did, I was half naked and he was a man. I had never talked to him before. I realised that we had such classist notions of sexual harassment. Once an electrician in our hostel had made my Facebook picture as his own profile picture, and I felt uncomfortable when I came to know of this and I complained to the warden.

Everyone said it was disgusting and condemned it. But if something similar came from a fancy South Delhi boy, who would stand by me?! These conceptions are completely devoid of any insight into sexual harassment. After this, I heard that one boy happened to find my voice cute and liked the way I said a certain phrase in class. I was questioned multiple times when I said I felt uncomfortable, because another guy had said something similar and I was fine then.

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