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I completed a few more times, while she was struggling loudly, and I participant. We started kissing immediately in the left.

Her bbbj was good, though not powerful suction, and good. Her moaning was horng tahan man like kanna torture. I tried to rub her titts, but she seemed to avoid it. Now I abit sian, like last time. Her AR was good too, with soft licking. Then she suddenly turned to 69, and I was surprised. She allowed me to finger her pussy.

It was wet I could feel her body sweating. She seemed to be high. Her legs were kick and my specs almost flew off. Then she turned back and asked me to stand on the bed. This time, she held my hands and guided them to her wonderful titts. Finally I could squeeze on them. Then she laid down, and put on the condom in a flash, and forced my dick into her pussy without hesitation. I could feel her cunt was very tight. We frenched passionately too. I am not sure it was her moaning, or her good bbbj or her tight cunt, but I only pumped a few strokes only and I could feel myself cumming.

I stopped moving and wanted to rest, but the sensation was to great that I cummed. I pumped a few more times, while she was moaning loudly, and I stopped. I told her that it was too fast, but she said ok lah she was very hot then. She took out the condom and wrapped the tissue around my soft and wet dick. Then she laid on top of me and kissed my chest and at the same time massaged my arms. Then she did a good massage on my back before we had our shower. Before we left, she hugged me and kissed my lips. Overall a very good session. She seemed to change. Is it because she remembered me that I can get the great service?

Well, I have gone against my decision, and I think she is great now. My ratings in my opinion: Some bros may not get the same treatment if it is their first time, like I experienced. It was then I saw her smile for the very first time. She was so stunning with that radiant smile. Thus I told myself to try her next week.

Upon reaching there, I asked for Sammi1 straightaway. T said I must wait for some time. I agreed and sipped tea. She finally arrived after 20 minutes. Gosh, she was wearing a long, black dress which outlined her feminine curves very well with a white cardigan over her shoulders. She wore her black, slightly wavy hair long, providing a sexy contrast to her beautiful white skin. The low-cut dress gave me a hint of her big, snowy-white breasts and I got hard on that instant. Her eyes resembled that of a cat, and when I looked deep into them, she fluttered her long eyelashes at me. She sashayed over to the counter, signed in and beckoned me with a tilt of head to the side, followed by her black tresses towards the rooms.

I tried to follow suit, then decided to watch her. Her dress came off first, and she began to make small talk while being clad in black bra and g-string. Blood rushed through both my heads. She was not a slim lady, and her tummy made 3 folds when she bent to take off her g-string. Her bra came off next, and I found myself staring at her big brownish nipples. Those nipples look damn delicious! She pranced into the shower room, her ample buns making a slight bounce. I followed her without a Talk to horny girls free in pingzhen.

As she washed my body, she commented on my nice tan. Then she flashed a smile at me. I told her she looked better when she smiles, and she reciprocated me with a giggle. We dried ourselves and she invited me to lay face-down on the mattress. She straddled my butt and began licking around my shoulders and back. As she down towards the legs, she even made little bites on my butt. Then she lifted one of my legs and began sucking and licking on my Talk to horny girls free in pingzhen and sole. She did the same for the other leg.

She moved back to my shoulders and started to tickle me with her wonderful breasts. As she swayed and gyrated, she started to give off erotic moans. Believe me, I was feeling light-headed that very moment. Using her hands to turn me over, she started the same routine on the front of my body. I used my hands to tweak her nipples, stroked her breasts and caressed her ribs; she moaned even more loudly and erotically. Finally, she moved down to my manhood and started lapping at my balls. Her smooth hands surrounded my shaft, performing a slow stroking motion. All of a sudden, my right ball felt as if a gentle but steady force is pulling it. I looked down and saw her wrapping her lips over it.

I felt weak in my legs and somehow the desire to cum subsided. My left ball eventually received the same pampering. Lapping steadily up my shaft, she then enveloped over my cockhead. Although her blowjob was not very strong, it was surprisingly good. However, it seems that she do not relish swallowing all the way down; she concentrated her suction around the cock-head. In normal circumstances, I would never feel like cumming in blowjob but her half-closed eyes triggered a warm feeling in my balls. I requested for 69, so as to divert part of my attention away from my cock. I marvelled at her exquisite, single-slit pussy as she straddled my head.

She rested her pussy on my chin, slightly below my mouth and reverted back to the blowjob. As I parted her pussy lips, I was greeted by a glimpse of pink flesh and a sweet smell. My tongue reached out for a taste; it was sweet not even a hint of sourness! Fuelled by a feeding frenzy, I began to lap up her pussy juices furiously. I used a forefinger to stroke around her clitoris hahaha I learnt this trick from bro Zyxel while drinking in her juices, and my nose poking at her ass-hole. Towards the end of the 69, her body flinched when I gently stroked my finger across her clitoris.

I did it again; she jerked a bit and emitted a soft moan. Taking the hint, I tried it a few more times, with her body flinching every now and then. She quickly disengaged her pussy from my mouth, reached into her bag and capped me with a condom I think I smelled strawberry flavour. She lubricated the rubber with a few good laps and then straddled me. Her lips formed a slight smile while she rested her weight slowly down my cock. She was a snug fit, and very warm all around my shaft. A slow pumping motion initiated and she began her moans once again. I replaced her hands on her breasts with mine. My middle and index fingers were pinching her nipples lightly while the rest of the palms were massaging her milk bags.

After a while, I sat up and hugged her; I buried my face in her snowy-white bosom. She negotiated our joined bodies into missionary position and asked me to do the deed. I tried to kiss her but she pushed me back gently. Undeterred, I settled down for kissing her forehead and eyelids. I moved my head very near to hers, and I drew in her intoxicatingly pleasant exhalation. Her superb manipulation of my body and senses finally caused me to upload heavily into her with a rubber, of course. Apparently I cummed too early 15 minutes shy of the allocated 45 minutes and we engaged in small talk again her difficulties when working in Kuala Lumpur, her yellow card, her future, her inquiries about me, etc.

She did not proceed immediately for the showers, unlike the other working ladies. She washed me up, got dressed and we left the room me first, followed by her. Overall, she was a good bonk bro King, thanks for the recommendation! Ratings for Sammi1 Looks: I have not given any WL an 8 in the looks department yet. No blemishes and very smooth skin. She could have scored an 8 or above easily if she was taller, and her legs longer. Nice for body massage. Very erotic moaning with her eyes closed. Could have score higher if she allows kissing or frenching. Will be going to work on building a better bond with her kekeke!

I must bonk her in doggie style one day. Got her after a long wait from one of my regular house. It was already about 8pm. She was in her pink gown, with her boobs squeezed out. In the room, we stripped individually, and she was in the shower room in a flash. We started chatting immediately in the room. She was friendly, and we talked about everything in the world. The shower was SOP, but she was very thorough in her washing of my dick and asshole. On the bed, she asked me to face down on the mattress, and she did a wonderful body rub using her succulent breast on my back. The is the first kind of treatment I got so far in GL not sure who else does this, some bro may enlighten me.

It took quite awhile. She started to lick my back, and then went to my legs and toes. I stopped her at the toes and told her to skip them as I said not clean. Then she moved my hip up to be in doggie position. She asked if AR is ok, I said can lah. Her AR was nothing special. In fact, she only licked the surrounding of my asshole and not the hole itself. Then she did a very good licking of my balls, and at the same time using her fingers to tickle my dick head. Then she did a bit of BBBJ by pulling back my dick. After a while, she asked me to lay down and face her. She did the catbath on my body, licked my nipples, and BBBJ. Her BBBJ was good. Heard from bro dez about you All party animals, there will be an Overseas guest to perform during our party at on Upon arrival, there was quite a few customers watching World Cup and as I had bet quite a lot of money on Nigeria, join in the crowd.

As the match goes on, the party carried on as customers went in and out.

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After the final whistle, the music at the joint pump up. Most people icluding me won. Decided to try MG whom capture my attention yesterday, ask Tommy if she will suit me. He said sure can, so I on lor. As she was serving another customer at her base, she only arrived about 30 minutes later. Dressed in a white short dress with her innocent looking face, she gracefully danced pass the hall like a ballerina, with all the audience focus on her cute bums. Finally, I get to try the Roman room, the mirrors can cover every angle of action on the bed with 3 cupids watching.

As I sat at the steps to take off my shoes, she sat beside me and hug me as we talk. Then she helps me undress before undressing herself. Her boobs were smaller than they look but with nice eraser nipples and her bum looks really good. Inside the shower, she was still very friendly and chatty. After the shower, she used her towel to dry my back while I was drying my front. On the stage, her action starts immediately, sucking my nipple like she was hungry for milk. As I caress her boobs, her nipples were very sensitive and quickly erected. During her catbath, she stimulate herself by rubbing her boobs against my body and her eraser nipples made my trumpet standing like the pillars of the Roman room.

Although her catbath is a bit too wet for my liking, she good use of her boobs up and down my body as well as her hand never left my trumpet like it was made of gold. Well I was hard as gold. As the session went on, her service gets even better. Her bj was vagarious and powerful with the twist of her mouth blowing up and down my trumpet. As she deep-throats and sallow my whole trumpet, I went to string her guitar, the music starts. When she changes position and my hands were not in line with her guitar, she put my hands in place to tune her guitar better.

The more I string, the better she blows my trumpet. To blend my trumpet with her guitar, she starts dancing on me. However, something was lacking, the beat. She loves her drums to be caress, the harder I hit, the better she singing.

Not as shiok as the AR cos the tablecloth was rather unlikely. Most accountability icluding me won. My goods in my opinion:.

As I dance on her in missionary and still playing the drums, her singing was getting louder till the whole of Heaven was rocking, went hory use my mouth to lower her singing. Oh my, she is also well trained in cha-cha, her tongue went in and out as we frenched. I am impressed but as I want to prolong our time in Heaven, turn her around and went to doggie style oh yes those bums are just like clouds like the sky. However, as I prefer to end the bang in missionary, we are soon in that position. We were both tightly locked in each other arms and were totally exhausted. The rest is normal, she washing me, drying up and changing.

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