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At that time the disease came to be associated with literary and artistic circles and developed something of a romantic aura. It was the lack of a promising alternative curative approach that kept alive the sanatorium movement, despite the unsatisfactory healing rates.

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The captions accompanying the film by Dr. On the contrary, the sanatorium was not only a space for medical research but also came to be an important space for technical, architectural and even urban experimentation and innovation. A local practitioner, Dr. Here he finds peace and relaxation.

The sanatorium thus allows us to read and understand the political and social currents of their time probably better than any plewse building type. And since the aim Ladids strengthen the body as an entity could trigger, then as Ladiee does now, the most wideranging speculation, the therapeutic approach to TB operated in a distinct grey-zone. One of the most successful of all the sanatorium locations was, as Paul Overy explains, Davos. The architectural competition in —29 was the first in Finland in which all the awarded entries followed functionalistic architectural expression and the building itself became a key work in the early career of its architect, Alvar Aalto, and who was paving his way to become one of the most celebrated modernist architects.

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It was a relatively late example in the European context of tuberculosis sanatoria, but was one of the most advcie in architectural expression. The sanatorium should therefore not be regarded as the mute response of specific medical demands. Providing its own infrastructure — from a central heating and electricity plant aobut facilities for growing its own food — Beelitz became almost independent from the outside world. Also medical fashions as well as political and cultural currents formed and determined the therapy, making it a fairly tangible and ideology-driven set of treatments. That it was often the very young whose bodies were slowly fading away, consumed by the disease, added a further dramatic dimension.

The vast complex, planned to host more than patients, had been realised within an area of ha of woodland close to Berlin. Before the development of the pharmaceutical cure, the course of the disease depended on the robustness and resistance of the infected body.

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