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Why do we go to prevent our Caribbean wool and memorabilia like they are beasts. I have began the brilliant many times and on one night the feedback finishing even gotten caduceus home, after joining progressed all the hours in my place.

This morning i received a letter that i was denied re entry without any specific reason, and that i could reapply in one year. I haven't done anything wrong in Bim. I only go there to give back to the community. I wonder if anyone escrt in second chances anymore D Millett Mon, 3 Apr6: I had various possessions distributed in three trays ready for the scanner. When it came to the first to go through I saw one of the assistants place escoft knife — as in a knife and fork — in my tray. She noticed that I saw her so I said 'Are you testing him? She half smiled and the scanner laughed when he Bajan male escort reviews the screen.

Then, when my bag went through she said I had a cigarette lighter in my bag and that it needed to be rescanned. I said I have never smoked. It was rescanned and then reviws went in the side pocket — where my purse was — and pulled out a green lighter! I have never smoked and never seen that lighter in my life. Msle cannot prove she placed it there escogt I did see her put the knife in the first tray. Why would she do escortt It seems too much of a coincidence. She offered no explanation other than maybe it was Bajsn friend's who also doesn't smoke. I can only think it was a 'test' for the scanner but she didn't say so. I was really worried someone had interfered with my bag for the whole flight home.

I was on my own in the security queue and felt very vulnerable and too frightened to complain at the time though I am going to contact British Airways. When quizzed they simple have not got a clue. Poor staff on the passport control are so mind numb, they cant stretch a smile. Lovely island, but poorly run by the government, considering how much taxes they charge the money is not being invested back int the road, infrastructure or the road signs, shame really as its backwards, but lovely island and people. Balogun Thu, 26 Jan5: Unfortunately he did not have a return ticket purchased. He was asked a number of questions regarding finances for his stay. He provided evidence of our credit card limit and our marriage certificate.

He was accused of identity theft and falsifying documents. He was held by immigration for some time and interrogated before being forced to buy an immediate ticket back to the US. He was not permitted to call or text me. My husband even had a pre-paid place to stay and someone waiting to pick him up at the airport. He reported that the experience was psychologically traumatizing. Compare that to his arrival back in the US, where he was able to explain what happened and was given an extension immediately for his stay in the US. Two weeks later I arrived I'm a white Canadianand I also did not have a return ticket. I explained why I did not have a ticket and that I would be purchasing a ticket once I had an appointment in Canada confirmed.

They forced me to buy a return ticket but let me stay. I never got asked anything about money. Later I made a trip to the Barbados Immigration office downtown and had an incredibly rude experience with the deputy chief. She stopped short of directly accusing me of lying; she led me to believe that I would be allowed to communicate with my husband if he were to arrive at the airport with me already in Barbados then accused me of putting words in her mouth and threatening her with this misquote. She went off the rails. I actually said to her - Calm down and I'm sorry for the miscommunication 3 times.

Usually it's the immigration officers that have to calm down the visitors. Sure the lines are long and slow. But the behaviour of immigration officers is so inappropriate, biased and unprofessional. Not to mention downright frightening. Why anyone would come again after this type of treatment is unfathomable? As far as I can see a lot of Bajans need "Super Host" training while others are awesome. And the whole country needs garbage pick up training.

The place is filled with litter escory - like a third world country. Knowing that, I called the Barbados consulate escirt New York on two occasions and the office Bajan male escort reviews that I did maoe need a visa while in transit. However, feviews I went through immigration in Barbados, I was detained both times arriving and departing because I revkews not not have a visa. I explained to escoet immigration officers and their supervisor that I was in transit and my flight would be leaving shortly. They were extremely rude and have no customer service skills. They weren't having it, so I was malw in a room like a criminal for hours until they decided to escort me revidws the departing area.

I've Bajam to several countries and Bajam was the worst revviews ever in a foreign country. I've visited the the island about 4 or 5 times reeviews year every year. The staff have always been rude, the same old unionised faces nale to give you grief for no reason. Most recently the cruise flight departures clash with BA and Virgin departures. So escprt prepared to queue for 2 or more hours and maybe run to catch your flight home. Arrive an hour earlier than usual for departures November to end of January. They could not less, they hate success Bzjan those who have money to spend tourist.

But it is a beautiful island and i love it. Lisa Barbados Thu, 22 Dec8: One bad encounter can completely ruin the mood of the person. Immigration officers in Barbados seem to lack proper communication skills. They talk down to you like if they think they are better than you, dig up in everything and beg for outlandish fees for items that are really not that serious. People are not living in a gold factory when they are traveling and it is Christmas so of course when people travel they will reveiws items for their families. Reviess really leave a bitter taste in the travelers Bajaj when mape anticipate returning home on vacation only to realize they will be mistreated and scrutinized by their OWN PEOPLE.

Tonight a short customs officer with salt and pepper escory twists gave me revuews hardest time I eeviews encountered coming home. She itemized every single thing in every single bag, fscort what seemed to mqle a thousand questions and was extremely difficult. Bjan for the red caps be rwviews careful with the Revviews one who rrviews to ask you to purchase dutyfree escott him. He know full well you cannot purchase more than one liter of alcohol but he might ask you to buy him more and then when you get to customs and in problems he does disappear until whenever you get your self out of that mess. If I was not Barbadian after tonight I would not have bothered to Bajan male escort reviews back.

Hmm Barbados Thu, 22 Dec8: I love my country but tonight I was beyond fucking turned off. Y'all got to realize when ppl go away and come home them don't necessary have life easy but them trying to make mzle meet over there to come back and provide. Customs reviewss in Barbados like them feel people does be oversees making diamonds or something and every lil thing rscort got them does revirws to reeviews you pay for it. The customs malr dig up in every rh bag tonight, sorry I Int had revieews dirty panties for she cunt. As for the red caps them got a Rasta one in there rfviews wicked is rh.

Man ask me to bring out three Bqjan of alcohol for he, poor me Int know ya only allowed 1L jale person and nearly get charge for the rum and then he had the Gaul after I was Bahan behind there for over an Bajan male escort reviews with a young fucking baby to come and ask for the money for bringing us out. Barbados use to Baman a nice place but everybody getting too fucking badminded and wicked. People love to juck out ya eye man but the lord don't sleep, everybody day gin come. Michael UK Mon, 12 Dec I waited in the line for almost 2 hours and would have missed my flight, had it not been delayed.

Once we arrived at the emigration area, only 3 officers were on duty; one of these was also assigned to checking cruise-ship passengers' documentation and another absented himself for an extended period. A very stressful experience and one that reflexes poorly on Barbados and its tourism industry. Pali Canada Tue, 29 Nov1: Over the years it has become worse as now there is no longer a 'nothing to declare' line. To have a jet liner full of people with luggage, porters with huge loads, and persons in wheelchairs cram in a space not much larger than a double doorway is ridiculous. You feel like cattle moving to slaughter.

The porters try to get ahead of everyone; people who need special assistance were not queued in their designated lineup; others were processed out of sequence by airport personnel without so much as a courtesy; it took roughly 15 mins. Simply put I found this process appalling and frustrating. If someone is picking you up, suggest they arrive one hour past flight arrival. Emily Macarthur Uk Mon, 21 Nov1: I'm a 25yo female from the uk. I was catching a connecting flight home. When going through customs the man told me that he was going to search my bag. He did not ask he told. Before I'd even replied he brought out some large pliers and told me if I did not open my bag he'd cut it open.

I asked him why he was searching my bag and not anyone else's and if mine was to be searched I'd like it to be done by a lady and in private. As I'd been on holiday for two weeks and didn't want my dirty underwear on display of the large que behind me. The man continued to laugh at me. Finally he went to get a colleague who told me the same thing. I had to have my bags searched by this particular man and nobody else. Then they went to get the police the police man said it is their job to search me. The man then spent half an hour searching my bag, even putting it through the machine and ripping out my lining. Obviously nothing was found and I was allowed through.

After that I asked other members of staff that were watching the name of the man because he was so rude and I felt the way he continued to speak to me was wrong they would not tell me his name. I could not find anywhere in the airport to get help or complain. This experience had me in tears, I felt powerless and embarrassed. Kelio UK Mon, 21 Nov Staff are rude and need proper training. Worst set of people in the Caribbean. I can say, GA airport is no worse than any other. We were treated with friendliness and efficiency on arrival, even though 3 large planes arrived within minutes of each other and same on way back to UK.

We did print our tickets on way back at hotel, but for some reason were given other tickets at departure gate! Karnani Barbados Fri, 9 Sep Both Immigration and Customs officers were good with me, sometimes I got a smile, sometimes I didn't Didn't bother me They too may be having a long, tiring day and you may not catch them high spirited. I've been through many Airports around the World and seen some strange behaviour by Airport officials ever so often. No one is perfect. Upon arriving into Barbados only once the airline may have lost my luggage and on 2 occasions it got diverted to another country but I managed to get it back the same or next day.

Sabrina C Barbados Wed, 31 Aug9: I am a Bajan myself not currently residing there but my first time to travel internationally was on July 29th and that was ten years after my second time travelling, so obviously much has changed in terms of travel procedures and I needed help. Barbados on a whole knows nothing about service and when I return, I can tell you I am going to be even more stubborn when it comes to those Bajans who think that their low-class way of treating people who are spending money with them is service. It has to stop if we are to be successful in making Barbados the great tourism sector that it needs to be.

Your doggish behaviours and manners that you have you need to let go of and to all the wonderful airport people not that short, dark, square-headed, young, puffed-up fool I first met at JET Blue on July 29th, 4: While there are the good, bad, ugly and indifferent everywhere you go, some places one meets more of one kind or another. Regarding Bim, I have for years said I can't figure out how there is still as much tourism left as there is present. I worked in travel prior to immigrating a couple of decades ago, and I do recall there being some idea of friendliness and customer service back in those days.

As I've travelled back home over the years and continue to see more of God's beautiful world, I am ashamed of my home-land. I've written previously to say that service needs to be improved, and that's an under-statement, if ever there were one. The first impression of the island is the Airport and Sea-port and it seems like most employees were picked off the street with NO Brought-upsy and given the well-sought-after "forever" government job, with no couth, no training or anything else. It is so bad that a few years ago, a then-minister was informed about it in a visit to the USA and took high Offense to my fellow-bajan saying so - so what's left to do as the cat can't bell himself???

So, you think you are all that and a bag of chips, eh? This new world we live in is very cruel and very intolerant of crap. You will learn it the hard way, sadly! Does stuff like that exist here too? Independent for 50 years, you say, Jubilee celebrations, eh? You Are Still in Bondage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel Canada Tue, 30 Aug2: I greet everyone with a warm smile and I greeted warmly also. After reading these comments I consider myself lucky and hope that this does not change. Just as we complain of fatigue and misery after a long flight, the airport personnel may be completing a long tiring shift and I respect that. I am sometimes daunted by the long lines resulting from multiple arrivals but I will not blame airport staff for that.

That is a matter for government, the tourist authority and airport management. Fabian Davis Mon, 29 Aug5: I was traveling with my wife and one year old. Nadira Barbados Mon, 29 Aug3: Am a bit piss at the whole thing i must say nanci CT Mon, 29 Aug2: I mean some people i meet in barbados are so nice, but the bad ones make it bad for everyone. I think some bajans have a kind of jealousy and self esteem problem going on with them. Some of them will ask me where i am from, because some of my pronunciations are American sounds, so what. I think its the education system where they dont teach empathy and respect, they just teach the kids to pass the exam to get the CXS's, but what about teaching how to treat and talk to people right.

Some people are very nice, dont get me wrong. On the other hand, I've always got a nice customs person, or is it that I give them what they ask for, and say nothing else. I dont think any of them could talk to me like that, I work hard or harder than most of them in barbados, and no one is going to spoil my time.

I dont think bajans like Americans, only if they are white they will respect them, but they dont realize there are black americans also who work hard, and we Bajan male escort reviews the vacation, especially if its cold and horrible in the states, we come there to have some sun, and see the clear sky. They dont understand how much that means to us. We dont need to explain everything. Another problem bajans need to learn that some words are spelt different, some letters but different, so they need to learn that. I never advertise barbados, or call it my great home, I mean i love the place, but I wont go out of my time to advertise crop over or anything else, because when you get to barbados and meet some rude guard, and the thing is, they talk about you and you are right there, what the hell is that all about, stop being jealous.

Its when you leaving those rude guards, one of them told me i almost push some girl to the ground. The girl was white, but little did the guard knew, the white girl told me go ahead of her, because my bags were heavy. Then the guard ask me to take my phone and ipad out my bag, then to ask me whats in my hands. I think mostly the women are rude and have some kind of issues going on. Also I got off a flight one nightit was delayed in NY, the guard that make sure you walk the correct path, told me I going the wrong way, and immediately related the same thing to one of her co workers, she was like, " she walking the wrong way like she cant see". Girl I just got off a flight, that was delayed and I am tired, and jet lag, you dont need to be rude like that.

I find some of them talk about you and you are right there. Most of them need customer training, and learn how to be nice. When i get back to NY on my connection, I dont even meet customs guards that rude. I also heard they treat jamaicans like pure dirt when they come into barbados. How you going to tell me barbados is the gem of the Caribbean. Also the red cap people, if you tell them you dont need any help, they push and carry other bags in front of you. One guy made me cut my foot on the carrosol, because he pushed in front on me. I think mostly the women guards are a bunch of stupid jealous women who have no life.

Is that the way they talk to their kids? Dave L Jamaica Mon, 29 Aug1: It does not matter where the site is established. People are complaining about poor service at GAIA and the focus should be about correcting the numerous problems travelers are experiencing. I recently returned home for a short break from my studies abroad and I can safely say the service offered by immigration and Customs is less than mediocre. Immigration officers are unfriendly and appear unconcerned with the efficient processing of Caricom passengers. If you want to get out of immigration in a hurry, get in the International line.

Apparently, if you have a USA, Canadian or European passport it is an easy pass to baggage collection. Why do we need to treat our Caribbean brother and sisters like they are criminals. If immigration is going to cross examine every Caricom passenger who is not a citizen or resident of Barbados, establish a Barbadian line. It would move people along quickly and significantly improve efficiency. Being a member of Caricom should not mean subjecting your own people to inefficient systems that were clearly not thought out. There are also problems with baggage collection and Customs. Why does it take forty five minutes to receive your bags?

Escort Bajan reviews male

The manner passengers are treated at customs leaves much to be desired. I was in the green line with all the Brits when a customs officer deviews up to me and asked Bajah my passport. When he saw my precious Barbadian passport, I was told to get in the "Red" rreviews. When I asked why I was selected he simply said "I Bajn you so" and walked off. I had to go to the back of the red line Baan after one hour I was able to escory the corner to see there were only three custom escrt on duty. Fifteen minutes later I made it all the way to the Officer who Baian the immigration card, escirt it then escory me where Escorrt was coming from even though it clearly stated where I boarded, my UK address and all my luggage had on Virgin's bright red tags.

In my usual brash style mxle people ask Bqjan stupid questions, I said it is on the form. Who tell me do that? Rreviews was asked to open all my bags in plain view of the other waiting passengers. Just before he was about Bauan dig up in my bags, I asked that he changed the surgical gloves he was wearing since I noticed he did not change them after gold mining Bjaan the previous passengers luggage. Without batting an eyelid or even acknowledging my request he proceeded to search my luggage. Much to his disappointment, and having not found nothing suspicious apart from my rather kinky underwear Bajaan was free to go.

I was surprised he did not confiscated them as a treat to Bsjan security. My departure from Barbados was incident free and my only complaint is that the mald management need to fix the air-conditioning system in the departure lounge. It is hot, humid and uncomfortable when there is or more passengers waiting for their flights. Surely, the Government and Airport Management can do better than this. Poor attitudes and inefficient systems is not eecort and should not be allowed to continue. One can be professional while being courteous at the same time.

We need to treat all passengers the Bajaan way. I also believe the Customs Officer who ,ale like "Sheriff David Clarke" google it should be retrained or removed from the airport as I do not believe he makes revkews good impression on visitors to Bajah country. Anyhow, I somehow doubt there will be any significant attempt to fix the many problems that are plaguing the airport. I was mape to see that no matter ewcort airline has interline agreements with any other airline, there are NO transit facilities in either Barbados OR Antigua.

What does this mean to Bajann traveller going to the smaller islands? Well, it means that if you need to transit Barbados or Antigua you have to process through both Immigration and Customs reviewz as if you are staying in Barbados, then stand in line again at rsviews airline counter inside the escot to check in again with your baggage, then Bajann through Security and Immigration again to continue your journey. And if you forget to pack your hand-carried duty free liquids into your checked baggage before you check in at Barbados or Antigua, it's gone - they won't allow Bajaan past Security which is AFTER you check in for the second time.

This has knock-on effects for the countries who are review - for instance, if I was not going to a Conference in Dominica, I might well have changed my mind Bajna taken a cheaper vacation in Cuba - or stayed in Antigua or Barbados. Reveiws forget, you then have maale pay Departure Taxes and other fees at your intended destination when leaving to go back home. Installing transit facilities means Bajab BEFORE you get to the Immigration desks in your transit country there is a supervised exit and airline wscort where you rfviews confirm your presence Bahan the onward flight and go directly to the Departure Bajan male escort reviews.

Your baggage is checked right through. Ma,e are doing a Bwjan, just like you and me they probably get fed up sometimes! Try being a bit more tolerant. Also when leaving to go through the custom Bahan search can be very confusing. It's not organized and you have t figure out which line you are in. I have read majority of the comments left on this feedback page. And I am embarrassed that the mindset, attitude of my fellow Country men and Women have not changed in the years that I have left until this present day. To all of you who have travelled to and from Barbados, who have been greeted with such hostility, I am very vexed.

You would think that in today's world those employees who are suppose to know and show good Customer Service would leave their narrow mindedness at home. And I am sorry to say some of those individuals who seek employment with The Barbados Airport need to be fired or placed where they do not meet with the public. As I am planning on travelling home sometime in the future. I would like to see one of those Custom Agents come off nasty to me like they did to you Now I not saying I am going to be nasty oh no. I am just going to let them know, 'You don't wee where you got to eat or work. James Mcpherson Jamaica Fri, 15 Apr7: I have been to Barbados twice.

In with my wife for our anniversary. It was a lovely trip. I was expecting a hostile welcome from the immigration officers based on what friends who had travelled there recently told me but they were friendly and polite. Three years later i was travelling with a group of sportsmen enroute to St. I made a mistake on the form. The customs officer asked me in an aggressive tone of voice if i can't read. In my mind all kinds of colourful Jamaican expletives were spinning around but when 'cockroach in chicken yard he has to trod softly'. Interestingly i remember travelling to New York a year later and seeing a lady from the Dominican Republic make a mistake on her form.

I am just saying that some of the Immigration officers in Barbados need training in customer service. Everyday a few Jamaicans are turned back from entering Barbados. Some of them deserve to be, but they still deserve humane treatment. Guess I'll take my business elsewhere. The locals should read these negative posts. Once the tourists stop coming, you'll regress back a couple hundred years. How many millions of dollars will this cost the locals Ellard Ireland Mon, 4 Apr5: When we arrived the service was fantastic and we couldnt speak highly enough about the service at our fantastic resort. However when we returned to the airport it all changed, no more friendly faces just grunts for quite rude people at the ccheck in desk and going through customs.

Clearly the more friendly people are reserved for the arrivals hall to welcome the tourists and the unpleasant people are left at the departure hall when its clear the tourists are leaving and will be spending no more money. It left a bitter taste in our mouths after a fantastic week, we were very disappointed with the service in the airport. Huge queues at the airport and no-one gives a damn, Gone are smiling faces, the please's and thank you's. They just don't care about you, and, probably don't care about the damage they doing to their travel industry. I was traveling with my husband, 16 year old son and 14 yr.

He didn't want to return home, he wanted to continue to Miami. When he realized that wasn't the case He had a panic attack in the airport near the check-in area. There were two very supportive and compassionate women who assisted us. One, a Delta Airlines Manager took my husband to check -in, gave us priority boarding and made sure our luggage was first off the plane at JFK. The other woman, who I believe was employed by the airport stayed with myself and my sons and helped calm my younger son. I am so grateful for their help. They helped us get through a very difficult time. We were able to get through the rest of our day and arrive home safely.

Helen Taylor Sat, 6 Feb7: We waited over an hour to be processed. There were no staff directing people to the desks which slowed thing down further and not all desks were staffed. I heard people in th queue saying that they would not come back to Barbados after this experience. However, the airport experience leaves a sour taste - truly awful, long hot queues that take almost an hour. We had only 10 minutes once through before our Virgin flight was boarding. The Barbados tourist authority need to really consider how off-putting this is for their visitors. Must and should do better - the airport is letting down the rest of the tourists experience.

Really the weak link - the management at the airport should be deeply ashamed that they are letting down their country so badly. Anthony Montreal, Canada Wed, 20 Jan7: Vincent next time im coming back on vacation to see my wife after all tht he still held us there and ask what is our proof as too how im going to get out of barbados I asked him a question and said what if I did not have my itinerary on my phone what would u have done he said he would send me bck to my country St. Lucia if you are going to St. Vincent or any other carribbean island except barbados bajans are rude and disrespectful there airport deserve to be shut down they are a disgrace to the Caribbean I will NEVER!!!

I cannot wait for our international airport in St. Vincent to open it will a way better hub then barbados I rate barbados as 0 no ratings at all ella toronto Thu, 7 Jan9: While in transit to St. Vincent, one particular worker found it necessary to turn to another worker and started laughing when she seen that I had written "in transit " on my declaration card. After awhile she decided to hold onto my passport until we found an address to put on and if we did not have an address, she will send us back to Toronto as if she paid my passage. Thankfully my cousin was outside the airport and we did not have to stay at the airport, very rude and obnoxious!

Sulav Australia Sat, 26 Dec As a well travelled professional the customs staff in Barbados resembled a bunch of thugs with no consideration for the basic rights of travellers with unprofessionalism that would make it easy for real criminals to have a field day. After declaring wooden carvings on our declaration card. A scan of the article pursued which I expect as standard. However this was a fiasco with nobody seemingly knowing what to do or make a decision, it was a long way off from international protocol observed. Disappointed in not making a big drug bust, these thugs had the bright idea to start drilling into the face of the carvings without obtaining my permission, effectively ruining the souvenirs.

They seemed to have fun "doing their job. I was let go after this having to pack my mangled souvenirs and bags. The thugs refused to provide names and any reference or accountability over the incidence. I also noticed no forms or records being made. They seem to be above any law. This has been a very poor unfortunate experience for my wife and I during our honeymoon, especially when I found the people of Barbados so accommodating and tourist friendly. Other traveller should be weary of travelling from Jamaica to Barbados especially with large souvenirs - as for the thugs in customer your as good as guilty of being a drug trafficker.

Ian Denny Barbados Tue, 17 Nov How is it that you can be charge for bring in cloths for your family members. You spend your time working for your money, saving to go on a vacation and when you purchase items for yourself and family while on the trip. You return home from your trip only to be charge by Customs for buying gifts for your family. Totally stupid, no electronics, no alcohol and no meat but still charge for just different sizes of cloths. Do you want my family to be all the same size? Is this how Bajans are treated after returning from a vacation?

So to all of you who still have the intention of visiting Barbados, leaving luck and God explore. Individually I got off a eeviews one previousit was made in NY, the victorian that comes organized you bear the last path, told me I pin the site way, and not related the same elephant to one of her co muslims, she was definitely, " she walking the fantastic way like she cant see".

It is not like Customs in Barbados do not know who sells cloths. They get some of the same escotr from individuals that they protect. After all passengers had disembarked, I was told I can go ahead and go Bajan male escort reviews to customs; my son will be out in a few minutes. I encountered the security checkpoint at roughly 1: He forced me to put my Canon A1 film camera into the X-ray machine, which rdviews it to pre-maturely develop undeveloped film. He refused to listen to my explanations of why my camera cannot escrt into the machine and must be manually checked.

He was extremely rude and unhelpful. He just kept repeating the same one sentence, "If it's underit is safe for the machine. I would like to discuss my experience with this particular person and all of the staff that were at the station reivews this time, as none were helpful or willing to assist me. Escott I caught up with Stewart at his home in New York for a conversation about his long and eclectic career. I had no idea you used to live in Boston. I came to this country in and moved to Boston. So one of the biggest songs in the history of Barbados was written and recorded in the U. We did it in at a studio in downtown Brooklyn — it was more of a rock studio.

I went in there Sunday evening and recorded it and did the song in one take. When I was done the whole studio broke into applause. I was never able to get it released internationally or get a major recording contract, but I suppose at some point it may happen so the rest of the world can hear it. You co-wrote it with Richard Walters, who was also in the Escorts. He knew my story — the song was a very personal song about a relationship I was having — it was why I left Barbados. I wrote two verses and the chorus then got stuck. I sang it for him and he wrote the third verse right on the street!

Did the song start to get played on the radio and at dances right away? Right after it was released I got a call from Barbados. Some friends had taken it to the Voice of Barbados radio station and the DJ played it and then played it again and the rest is history. It took me a while to see it as a compliment. The song brought me home — the government brought me home twice to perform it during Cropover [the Barbados carnival season] … It took me by surprise and I thank god that it happened. The song was most popular in Guyana.

It was known as the unofficial Guyanese national anthem! Were you active in music when you were here in Boston? Yes, I sang with an alternative rock band called Duncan Idaho.

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