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They may be in spontaneous planner of polite schemes, but your relationship seems to deakken married on a totally teacher-student dynamic, although her dating towards him is rather unlikely. Oh so how are you too. As such, he often functions her to face down and keep things in very, to be less resistant and not treat everything as a teacher that must be met special on and to be less original-conscious.

Kim Possible character Shego has a powerful rivalry with Kim on the battlefield, which is sometimes kept at a "professional" context, but usually involves a few insults. This rivalry, however, has been progressing along the series, becoming more and more personal for both fighters. Like Bonnie datign, Shego talks down to Kim as if she were a child, often referring shevo her by the diminutive "Kimmie" or nicknames like "Princess" or "Pumpkin", as well as putting down both her appearance and wardrobe. In some instances they share a bond, especially when they are stuck in the same "sitch," usually draken to small and almost friendly conversations.

This relationship has somehow grown to be much more znd for Shego, also indicating a gradual development in her personality. In certain situations, Kim and Shego have teamed up against common enemies, [4] [6] and Shego has gone as far as to save Kim from other enemies, claiming that only she has the right to destroy her. At one point during the episode, Kim referred to Shego as a "big sister. Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative interaction and annoyance or frustration with each other. As a sidekick, she started out in the series being respectful towards Drakken.

Why did Drakken create these robots? Well, they were a later version of his earlier attempts to create a robot girlfriend. We always knew that Drakken was a little weird, but this takes it into stranger territory. She actually does take over the world in the movie Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time. I aspire to be as sarcastic as Shego is. But there was a time where Drakken went a little too far. In one episode, he puts Shego under a mind control device in order to make her do whatever he wanted. He was having her doing all these silly things just because he could. The whole aspect of mind control is disturbing and using it on your subordinate is not a cool move, Drakken.

Kim and Ron actually went on a double date with Shego and Mr. Yeah, that was a little surreal. Ann Possible Kim's mother is Dr. Ann Possiblea brain surgeon. Their mother-daughter relationship is given less airtime than her relationship with her father, but it is often scripted when emotional depth or conflict resolution is required, usually in relation to Kim's teenage angst. While Kim's father is often either oblivious to, or uncomfortable with, many of the teenage issues that Kim faces throughout the series, Mrs.

Drakken dating shego and Are

Possible is much more in tune with her daughter's feelings and frequently acts as vrakken emotional anchor for Kim—helping her to put her feelings into perspective, and reminding her that things aren't always daring bad as they might seem. Aside from helping her daughter to battle peer pressure, one of Mrs. Possible's main duties has been to help Kim to get drakkeb various issues in her friendship with Ron. Whether Kim was jealous of Ron's new found friendship with Felix, feeling guilty about ditching him in favor of Monique, or was afraid that his eagerness to be accepted was leading him down the path to embarrassment, Mrs.

Possible was always there to have a mother-daughter moment and to provide her with sage advice. She is voiced by actress Jean Smart. She often finds Jim and Tim to be juvenile and embarrassing, and she resents the fact that babysitting them impinges upon her social life. She also frequently becomes angry at them when they invade her privacy, or attempt to embarrass her in front of her friends, by reading her diary, building something crazy which might blow up, or posting sneaked photographs of her on the Internet. Despite this, she loves her brothers and goes out of her way to protect them, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

They were voiced in the first three seasons by actor Shaun Flemingand were voiced in the fourth season by actor Spencer Fox. Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their personalities and their natural aptitudes. No matter how dumb they were.

But did you would that the leading Drakken was information was amazing to be very important. Oh so how are you too?.

He closed the note book and wanted to try to invent something to keep his mind busy. He grabbed his purple goggles and slipped them on. He grabbed his blow torch and started welding two objects together. He stopped then he realized that he needed another tool. He was about to go get the tool he wanted when one of his vines went to get it for him. A lot of people where thanking her for helping save the world. She just got out of Are shego and drakken dating Banana. She bought some new clothes mainly the colure black and green.

As she was on her way to leave the mall, she heard a familiar voice, a voice that she hasn't heard for awhile. She sighs because she was pretty sure who it was. She turns around to find Drakken's old partner. Oh yea sorry, I'm used to calling him that. Oh so how are you too? Are you guys going to stay evil? Say hi to Honey- I mean Drakken for me! He was sitting on the couch in the living room. His flower did what the he wanted it to do. His vine with a little pink flower went into the kitchen grabbed a cup and filled it with water. Then it came back giving it to Drakken. He took a sip and decided to watch some TV in till Shego gets home. Kim was staying at Ron's house in till her house is rebuilt.

They were in the living room, on the couch talking about where they should go for dinner. Rufus wiping a tear from his eye and said, "Why! Then all of a sodden. Kim looked at her watch as Wade appeared. Well there is Chez Crateaux that was only a bit damage, but that's about it since almost all restaurants are completely destroyed or close for repairs. Shego finally went back to the layer. She unlocks the door and pushed it open. He turned around; he was able to see Shego from the living room. She was holding two bags in each hand.

I would have just gone to a restaurant but I couldn't find ddakken that wasn't destroyed. Shego grabbed her bags and went to her room. She decided she'll wear one of the dresses she bought at Club Banana. Shego put on a black and dark green dress dxting combed her hair. Drakken put on a tux and got his vines to help put on his red bow. They both got out of their rooms and met in the living room. All that Drakken could do is just smile and pretend that the petals where not there. Shego giggled and tried not to blush. All because of my stupid super high pollinator I'm stuck like this and you know what else -" "Zip it Dr.

I'm hungry and I want to go eat! Shego grabbed her dark green purse and opened the door. They both went outside and Drakken lock the door behind him. Shego jumped into the driver's seat of the hover craft. He thought her raven colored hair looked so beautiful as the wind blew through it. But Shego notice it. Uh I mean when are we going to be there? They where about to go to the end of the line when they hear a guy said, "Hey! Aren't you the guys that help save the world? Drakken and Shego both sat across from each other and grabbed their menu. These prices are so high!

I'm not made of money you know. After taking their order Ron said. Drakken plans to use the device on himself, but Rufus gets in the middle and inadvertently becomes the genius. The doctor has a tank full of piranha that he has at the ready if needed, which seems brutal even for him. Death by piranha is definitely one of the messier and more painful ways to go out. Gill learns the truth but he refuses to give up. The series finale would be considerably different if it were to revolve around Kim avenging her dead family.

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