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I know many great all-inclusive resorts that I can recommend that have a great beach in Negril.

The Beaches all inclusive resort in Negril had one of the best beaches I have ever been to. Escotts in Negril Jamaica Of course, if you are looking for some great shopping or places to eat and visit, Negril has it all! I always like to see the "real" country when I visit somewhere, so we decided to check out some of the cool sights in town. Island Routes, is the company at Sandals that provides the tours there.

Escorts Negril jamaica

We were able to visit two "Craft Markets" or authentic shops that are outdoor markets. We found some very nice authentic Jamaican merchandise and coffee. Lou, my husband insisted on buying a hand carved sting Negril jamaica escorts, because it reminded him of the sting ray that followed us along the beach. Going into town We enjoyed going into town, our driver even drove us up into the hills of Negril to get an aerial view of Negril. We actually were parked in a regular neighborhood that had breathtaking views. While parked there we met a nice Jamaican man and his son by their house, which also had bananas growing in their back yard. The early visitors who found their way here in the Sixties were equally raffish in their own way.

The town had also a line in drug shipment and consumption between South America and the United States. Where the West End, and a good stretch of the beach, has small and independent hotels, the top end of the beach hums with those factories of modern tourism, the large all-inclusive hotel. For much of its length, bars, restaurants, hotels and the occasional villa stand shoulder to shoulder on the waterfront. There are plenty of places to stop and to base yourself for the day.

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Among the golden palms stand cottages in muted yellows and greens rather than the jangling primary colours you so often see in Jamaica. I emerged on the beach, where, before planting myself on a lounger, I looked left and right. Some claim the beach is seven miles long. But not in the heat of the afternoon… Instead I decided on an afternoon of continued inactivity, with the occasional dip to cool off and a drink from the bar. Walking along the front after sundown — as a west-facing beach, Negril offers plenty of opportunity to watch the sun go down — I found myself drawn by music, an early evening concert just winding into gear at Bourbon Beach.

Occasionally a famous reggae band gives a concert in front of a home crowd. I joined the crowd sitting on the sand in front of the stage. The world of the beach does intrude on the cliffs. To a backdrop of reggae and ever-extended happy hours, divers climb ladders and fling themselves 60ft down into the water. And then visitors fling themselves off too.

The water had got up a bit now and in the dark I could hear the swell slopping on the cliff wall, flumping inside the small Negril jamaica escorts and hissing Negeil escape. It was not the gentle lap of waves, your typical Caribbean backdrop, escorys it was none the less magical for that. And nicely counter-intuitive as well. Virgin Atlantic Packages Not many British tour operators offer packages to the small independent hotels in Negril, but the Jamaica specialist Discover Jamaica ; discoverjamaica. The inside track If you want to lie on the beach, the two nicest beach hotels are Country Country and the delightfully named Idle Awhile.

The high season in Jamaica is the early part of the year, between mid-January and mid-April. Prices drop by as much as 30 per cent after April Most of the hotels on the cliffs offer private dining on one of their many small terraces and the sunning areas cut into the limestone One People is a delightful book of hysterical short stories set in a fictional town in western Jamaica not far from Negril, written by Guy Kennaway.

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