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Thus begins the use of slow motion instant replay in sporting events. It is a medium cpr2 memory with an access time of nanoseconds less than half of Ampe millionth of a second and expandable from medium to very large capacity up to 5, bits by adding memory modules. The introduction of the Ampex VR revolutionizes video recording Ampex invents magneto-resistive MR heads, now used in advanced computer disk drives. Ampex introduces the ACR, the first automated robotic library system for the recording and playback of television commercials.

Ampex introduces TBM TeraBit Memorya 2-inch transverse tape-based online digital storage system for high-performance computing applications. The first TBM delivered reaches a never-before-achieved 3 trillion-bit capacity. It requires one-half to one-third the operating space required by other quad machines. AVA, the first video paint system, allows the graphic artist, using an electronic pen, to illustrate in a new medium, video. This innovation paved the way for today's high quality electronic graphics, such as those used in video games. This changed forever the way television material would be manipulated and created.

Ampex introduces the DCRS digital cassette recorder, offering compact cassette storage with the equivalent of 16 digital, 14 inch, 8 DDR instrumentation reels on one cassette. This technology is now commonly used in high performance computer disk drives and other high density magnetic data storage devices.

Ampex introduces D-2, the first composite vpt2 video recording format. Ampex obtains patent for keepered media, which adds a soft magnetic layer to magnetic recording media, increasing the resulting recording capacity. The system includes fpr2 finest videotape recorder ever made, the DCT d. Ampex introduces the new double density DST data storage product line, offering the highest capacity data storage system in Ampx industry. The DST robotic library Vp2 now store Fox Television Ampeex becomes the first network to store its primetime television programs as data files on DST media and library systems.

Photo 2 VRB, circa I have been showing this image for years and declaring it is an Ampex VR It may be a prototype of the or an attempt at a lower priced consumer unit, but it looks not like the image of the VR that follows! The following text was originally included with this photo: A new "portable" video tape recorder, introduced by Ampex, is one twentieth the size and one fourth the cost of previous recorders used by TV networks and stations. It is designed for closed-circuit use. A single head, helical scan recording technique, instead of the formerly used transverse scanning, provides for increased head and tape life.

The fully transistorized recorder has a tape speed of 5 IPS and records 64 minutes of programming on a single 8" reel of 2" tape.

Vpr2 Ampex

Electronics World Magazine - March, There are a couple of problems with that description. That is obviously NOT a one head machine. The tape wraps only half way around the drum. Another issue is the tape speed. Both the VR and the VR run at 3. Also, the the tape is coming off of the wrong side of the feed reel, opposite to that of a VR or VR Notice that this VR looks exactly like the VR! And they are interchange Ampex vpr2 A detailed diagram of the path the tape takes around the head drum of both the VRs and the VR If you bought one of these, the ad implies that, a beautiful woman would instantly be your very good friend!

Popular Mechanics magazine; Nov. Let your imagination fill in what to do with all that gear and the blonde! Ebay on line auction. Both units feature a video response of 3 Mhz and a horizontal resolution of lines. The video signal to noise ratio is 42 dB. A rotary transformer in the drum assembly provides increased reliability of signal transmission from the head, according to the company. Both units feature four minute fast forward and rewind speeds. Electronics World Magazine - November, Close up look at the Ampex label. Close up look at the connector panel.

This was Ampex's first "home" VTR. Electronics World Magazine - May, A "Glamour shot" of the wood cabinet. Note the old fashioned mechanical TV tuners on the left side. Another view, showing more of the tape transport. A bird's eye view of the classic Ampex transport. Same as the VR but without the built-in TV receiver. New Photos and Info! Two audio channels can be recorded from microphones ao any other audio source. It is intended for closed circuit applications in the medical, educational, industrial, sports and entertainment fields. This A roll around, self contained video studio for classroom, shop or lab. Ampex Type A Format.

The model number of that unit is: A time lapse type A format VTR. Unit records continuous audio and every 32nd field of video at. Unit will also still frame for up to 90 seconds without image deterioration.

Let your day fill in what to do with all that only and the key. It has 3 MHz incoming bandwidth and 2.

It has 3 MHz video bandwidth and 2. This is Amepx modified version of the VR with a new operation band X-Ray band replacing the standard low band. This VTR operates with a 4. The XVR was also available as a wideband line 60 Hz model as a factory option. To determine which version you may have, check the model number tag on the rear of the machine.

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